Dreaming Of Your Boss

It’s enough to be given instructions on what to do in the office however, when you’re at home, the last thing you’d like to be looking at the boss. It’s true that the idea of your boss in your dreams is more frequent than you imagine, but when they do show up, in your dreams, they can be strange.

Bosses can show up in your dreams for various reasons, but it is crucial to know how you reacted to them. A person who was dismissed by their boss could represent something completely different from the one who promoted them.

guardian angels together

This is the reason that the online searches can be anything from ‘hugging my boss’ to dreaming about my boss’s death’. Based on the nature of your dream, the present or previous relationship with your boss may change the significance.

It is crucial to realize that your boss could represent parts of your personality that you can identify with, or that remain undiscovered. The dream you have may utilize the image of your boss as a way to connect to someone else or other people within your own life.

Boss Dream Symbolism:

  • authoritative
  • Power over you
  • Move forward
  • Guidance
  • either angry or pleasant

Eww My Boss and I…You know!

In the course of the day , we may have more interaction with the people working at the office rather than at home. We build friendships with them in the same way what we have with our family members and family, but it could be against your wishes.

Dreams are a fun method of revealing our subconscious emotions towards others usually in a intimate manner. It is not unusual to kiss, hug or even lie down in bed with your manager. Do you think this means that you are sexually attracted towards your employer? No, it’s not true.

These dreams remind you that you may be connected at a higher level or have a connection similar to one another but nothing more. You may admire or wish to take on his or her traits that need to be expressed in. If they’re not as appealing or humorous, for instance it is normal to feel drawn to those traits.

But people who frequently dream of a romantic relationship with their bosses isn’t common. Sometimes, these thoughts may be surfacing in dreams since they are thought to be unconscious desires.

  • hugging
  • Kissing
  • Sexual interactions
  • flirting

My Boss Is Dead

Does this mean that your boss will die? It’s not likely. Dreams of death can be thought of as a positive dream symbol. The dying of a dream usually signifies the end or a rebirth, then a new beginning or a new beginning.

The relationship that you were in with your boss could change the significance of the dream. If you have an uneasy past or had difficulty being a good person, your dreams are a symbol of the end of your past. When we grow as individuals, these dreams will not have any effect on the person we are (hence becoming dead).

Ex Boss Dreams

The idea of dreaming about your ex or former boss is very frequent. When you think that you’d never see them again, they pop up within your dream. They usually appear whenever you are experiencing a similar scenario that is similar to the past or you know shares similar characteristics of the person.

This will also be tied to your previous relationship with the person. For instance, if you’ve had a an unpleasant encounter with your former boss, and you haven’t changed your mind, or are the same person who was victimized, the same person will continue showing up.

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