Dreaming of Chakras

Dreams often communicate with us through a language brimming with mysterious symbols, hoping that we are conscious of the things that are not within us. They often reveal how we really feel, what we really want to do and solutions to issues, and helps us to understand the source of our suffering so that we can heal properly.

After studying more than 50,000 dreams I had in my life, I observed an odd pattern which could be linked to the chakras. Chakras is the term used to describe seven major energy points that are located in your body. They are believed as spinning discs, or (sanskrit) “wheel” of energy that run at the base of the spine all the way to the top on the top of your head. The chakras are the centers that control our thoughts and feelings, as well as sensations, perceptions, emotions, and our intuition.

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Chakras In Dreams

It is possible to wonder if chakras have anything to do with dreams. Typically, a blocked, overactive or imbalanced chakra can influence our physical and emotional well-being. An off-kilter chakra could be the reason for insomnia, frequent themes, or vivid nightmares. The subconscious will try to inform the person in dream of to the location where this past emotional pain is by employing various symbols and colors in the area that the chakra. The famous picture of the snake(s) is widely seen to appear in dreams that relate to healing or a blocked chakra. Windows, doors, elevators or even windows that open indicate that the energy is flowing.

The universe’s energy is available to our physical self as well as our spiritual self when the chakras have been aligned. Sleeping patterns will not only be more tranquil, but also our dreams will become more vibrant and symbolic. If you’re actually dreaming of your chakras, it symbolizes protection, spiritual awakening, or the feeling of centeredness.

Your Dream Reflects Your Chakras As

  • well-balanced
  • Overactive
  • underactive/blocked
  • Opened or fully active or fully

Crown Chakra Dream Meaning

Name: Sahasrara Color: Purple

7th chakra, Crown

The crown is located on the top of the head, and is the source of spirit of enlightenment, wisdom universal consciousness, as well as the ability to receive higher guidance. When the crown chakra is aligned, we are likely towards being more open and receptive to spirit and connect to the universe. When the crown chakra is open the dreamer can contact with the spirit world or connect with deceased family members. The dreamer will receive information and warnings to be announced soon.

If the crown is unresponsive or blocked, the person might experience a lack of open to ideas of others or lack of direction or lack of knowledge.

Crown Chakra Dreams

  • injuries or being shot in on the forehead.
  • imagines being lost in space, driving around or in the city
  • haunted theme with the attic of your home
  • hair growth or hair loss
  • the top levels of the buildings

  • Receiving gifts from dead

Third Eye Chakra Dream Meaning

Name: Ajna Chakra

Color: Indigo

Location The forehead is in the middle.

The French philosopher Descartes claimed that this region was regarded as to be the “seat of the soul” where all of our thoughts are created. The Third Eye is frequently associated with dreams of visions, psychotic phenomena, capacity to see auras and chakras as well as precognition and other out-of-body experiences.

If the third Eye chakra is inactive or blocked, you lose your sense of direction in your life, and you become anxious, and unable to make choices. Third eye chakra is typically associated with visions, nightmares, intense dreams, projection astral, sleep paralysis, and O.B.E.

Third Eye Dreams

  • being attacked or chased inside your home
  • problems in the forehead area
  • Sleep paralysis or nightmares
  • Baby with only one eye
  • Three eyes appearing in your dream

Throat Chakra Dream Meaning

Name:Vishuddha Chakra

Color: Blue

Location: Throat

The chakra of the throat plays a significant part in our dreams, and in fact, the most troubling dream themes are centered around this specific region. When we dreams, the throat chakra is connected to the way we interact with others, our creativity and self-expression. The throat chakra manifests in the form of blue and also as a symbol, it typically connects to the tongue, mouth and neck. It is the middle channel connecting your mind and body. Instability can cause problems with communication and creativity.

Throat Chakra Dreams

  • teeth missing, broken or falling out of your mouth
  • Stabbing the neck
  • pulling or other things that get stuck in the mouth
  • Inability to speak or need help, shout
  • cellphones
  • dentist
  • mouth bleeding, sores, pain
  • Necklaces or neckties
  • blue snakes

Heart Chakra Dream Meaning


Color: Green

Location: Chest

Heart chakra, also known as the 4th primary chakra that is located in the middle of the spine at the the heart level. In our fantasies, our heart chakra is the center of our empathy, compassion and love. It is also the place where forgiveness, love, and compassion reside. If this chakra is unresponsive or blocked it is unable to forgive, let go of past traumas and be free of emotions.

Because the heart is subject to many traumas throughout life , it is often revealed in dreams as a color of the color green (not to be mistaken for greed) and the place where the repressed emotions and unresolved feelings is the chest.

Heart Chakra In Dreams

  • Shot in the chest or heart
  • chest pain, heart surgery
  • hospitals

  • Dreams of the inner child
  • Ex-relationships or themes of those who have caused us pain
  • green snakes

Solar Plexus Chakra Dream Meaning

Name: Manipura

Color: Yellow

Location Diaphragm or upper belly

The solar plexus, or manipura in Sanskrit which means “city of jewels” that is a symbol of the power of your own. In our fantasies, it is believed that the solar plexus is associated with our ego, personality and identity, which is a sign of the freedom to choose, as well as the authenticity. When this vital part of your being is blocked you are more comfortable, prone to establishing boundaries, focusing and manipulating, or even show an overpowering personality.

Dreams that are related to the solar plexus are often hidden as yellow hues emotional stress, digestive themes.

  • fantasizing about the SUN dreaming of lemons, gold or yellow shades
  • symbols that flourish and grow
  • either naked or in a trap
  • Masks, or shadow sides
  • inability to run
  • throwing the ball up

Sacral Chakra Dream Meaning

Name: Swadisthana

Color: Orange

Location: Lower Belly

The sacral chakra is known by numerous nicknames, including”the “creation chakra” or “love chakra” It is the center of our feelings, emotions and also stimulates pleasure. It is believed that the sacral chakra in dreams is the center of our feelings, emotions and enjoyment. When your sacral chakra seems out of in alignment, you may experience emotions of anxiety, fear and loss of creative energy sexual disorder, shame, and addiction.

The sacral chakra is able to transform into reptiles, animals, the color orange, and even be attracted.

  • snake(s) biting or attacking
  • controlled or uncontrolled controlled or uncontrolled
  • Bedroom
  • Lucid dreams or flying
  • Animals are attacked by the animals

Root Chakra Dream Meaning

Name: Muladhara

Color: Red

The location is at the base of the spine.

The most potent energy center that is situated at the base of the spine, it is responsible for regulating our emotional and spiritual equilibrium. It is said to be called “the root of all things” and at the base, it is connected to our fundamental requirements. Because the chakra of the root is the one responsible for grounding and stability, it is believed to manifest in our dreams in a variety of ways.

When this chakra is blocked, it holds lots of stagnant energy which is not able to be released through the body, mind and soul connection. Most often, it is based on anxiety, when this chakra is inactive chakra is blocked, we are more likely to experience anxiety, depression and nightmares, as well as emotional disconnection and anger.

Root Chakra Dreams

  • toilets that are clogged, dirty toilets or dreams of poop
  • violence, murder or anger
  • monsters, chased dreams, falling dreams
  • fantasies of being trapped or stuck
  • colors of blood, red or colors of blood, red or

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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