Dreaming of Closets

The thing that makes dreams of closets highly symbolic is the notion that they are connected to the psychological state (psyche refers to the human mind, soul, as well as the spirit) of the person who is dreaming.

The concept of the so-called “closet” can be thought of as an sub-compartment that is part of our mind something that is hidden and is stored away. The house is an imaginary sketch of what’s been constructed over the years from the dreamser’s memories behavior emotions and experiences belong to this place.

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The closet is however an area or a part of your life experiences that are kept hidden or shut off from your everyday life. The thing that makes the closet in your dreams so significant is the fact that it could reveal things about you that you are scared to acknowledge.

You are the only one who knows what’s within your wardrobe. Do you need to keep it out?

Closet Dreams Meaning

Dreams often employ metaphors or idiomatic phrases to help get their message across, for example, ” a skeleton in the closet” or “hiding in a closet” which suggests a hidden source of something shady or embarrassing inside. In other instances, dreams about closets could actually be a sign of the talents or characteristics that require to be displayed.

The things that are often observed or observed in the closet can help the dreamer discern the things that need to be cleaned up or fixed or reveal. The positive dreaming omens of closets tend to be clear or empty because the previous problems have been cleared. The negative associations associated with your closest friends are locked away due to feeling stuck or in a position of being unable to communicate your feelings.

Clothes In The Closet Dream

The thought of dressing in a closet symbolizes the persona or identity that they present before other people. Clothes are a component of the mask, or persona one wears when in public, a symbol of sexual confidence, confidence and self-worth or a feeling of self-worth devaluation. In general, the clothes in a closet reveal to the dreamer what they may be hiding or needing to reveal. See Symbolic Nature Of Clothes.

Haunted Closet Dream Meaning

A haunted house in your dreams is an indication of negativity in relation to the dreamers inability to communicate what they feel. Something that’s been hidden in a closet for so many years has to be exposed to be identified and repaired.

  • Previous emotional traumas
  • Memories that remain kept secret
  • Feelings of guilt or resentment
  • Past experiences, traumas, fear and despair (P.T.S.D) hidden away

Dreaming Of Wardrobe Meaning

In our dreams, we usually imagine a wardrobe that is big, broken or old, red, moving, or filled with clothes. Closets and wardrobes are alike however the setting appears different in dreams. The state and the contents inside is a reflection of thoughts, emotions, emotions and experiences that have been repaired or damaged.

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