Dreaming of Dragons

The thing that is common to dragon dreams, whether they were a nightmare or not, is that they shed light on the dreamer’s journey to be aware of the danger that afflicts the dreamer. The dragon, however, remains in the midst of the dreamer that to eliminate this problem of them, it could require months or years to understand. However, I will say is that when you discover the cause of this in you and defeat the dragon, your life will not just be fulfilled but also have meaning.

Dragons as symbols are complicated symbols that include positive and negative elements in your dreams.

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Dragons are generally viewed as a force of chaos or evil that drive our souls towards destruction. The symbol represents the fiery, wild part of our personality. It manifests in anger Rage, Fury, Resentment and Vengeance.

If the dragon is not conscious to the person who is dreaming, it can cause harm in their lives. The dreamer’s ” Hero” primary goal is to engage in a battle with the dragon, by locating and destroying the danger with its sword. Although this calls for a lot of reflection on the dreamers behalf, in order to eliminate the negative force that is residing in one’s mind.

Dragon Dreams: Hidden Knowledge

Do you realize that the dragons have secrets of wisdom and knowledge? In your dreams? The core of the dream is the fierce and fiery behavior. To access this gold pot, the dreamer must integrate their own inner and outer world. Although this isn’t as simple as it appears. There’s a reason dragons are depicted as the most formidable and powerful creatures dating back to the beginning of time.

The dragon is fiercely guarded, is in control and has a swathe of power over its territory , or “the psyche” of the dreamer. The battle between darkness and light begins when you confront these unresolved feelings or emotions that have been dwelling within you for a long time. Inability to confront the inner dragon can result in your dreamer getting pursued by the dragon in the dream. After the dragon has been killed, the dreamer is awarded an extremely precious gold treasure.

How To Slay The Dragon?

One way we can defeat our inner demons , or “dragons” would be to be an HERO in your own life’s journey. As per Joseph Campbell “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself,” He states that anyone can be a hero. All you have to do is examine yourself and sometimes, this happens intentionally or accidentally. However, it requires a difficult change that is essential to success.

  • Letting go of grievances and anger
  • Love unconditionally
  • Reward your process
  • Pay attention to your negative thoughts or behaviors patterns. Pay attention to your negative behaviors or thought
  • Letting let go of past
  • Acceptance and forgiveness
  • striving to improve the lives of those who matter to you and cherish you.

Biblical Meaning Of Dragon Dreams

Dragons are mentioned, in name at least 35 instances throughout the Bible. The close relationship with snakes ( snake) symbolizes the unidentified destructive force A beast that can be poisonous (Deuteronomy 32:33) It is known to be extremely strong (Isaiah 27:1, 50:9). It is a solitary creature (Job 30:29) and is able to produce a wailing noise (Micah 1:8). It is a symbol of the unconscious (powerful and isolated) with poisonous elements that reflect the negative aspects of the individual.

Three Headed Dragon Dream Meaning

The dream of a three-headed dragon symbolizes the protection of unconscious parts of the dreamer “underworld” Cerberus in Greek Mythology; powerful negative force (beginning stages) of internal battle.

Size and Color Of The Dragon Dream

The size and the colour of the dragon in the dream can aid the dreamer in identifying the danger. For instance, a baby dragon can be a sign of a danger that has to be eliminated before it gets too big. It can devour you and take over your life. The color of the dragon in dreams like blue, red yellow, green, white, and purple could be related to our subconscious emotions. A green dragon could represent greed or envy, while the purple dragon could represent the chakra of the crown (spirit the world).

Article: The Color Of The Dragon & Chakras

How To Kill The Dragon?

In identifying as many clues to your dreams, you’ll begin your journey to defeat the destructive forces that engulf you. But this is that is not for those who are weak in spirit and will require a lot of self-reflection. Although slaying the dragon can have many benefits and rewards, you live a more healthy life and more balanced body, mind and your soul. Are you up to this challenge?

  1. Step One: Think about what the dragon symbolizes in your life.
  2. Step 2: Pay close focus on your motives, thoughts, drives and your instincts.
  3. Step Three: Change the game on your feelings. Find out the cause that is the dragon’s origin.
  4. Step Four: Follow your bliss.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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