Dreaming of Face

The Meaning Behind Face Dreams

The face you see in your dreams shows the innermost part of the dreamer’s personality, revealing the real character, health and mental state.

When a reflection or mirror displays the face of the person who is dreaming it reveals what’s happening beneath the mask you wear. What we experience on the inside will reflect back to the outside of our dreams. This is the reason we don’t look at the appearance of our face in dream world until something negative happens to draw your focus.

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Face Dream Meaning

Although your dream may give you the right amount of clues , it’s not enough to reveal the root of the issue you may not even be aware of. The way we look at our faces reveals our real reflection in the world as well as our perception of how people perceive us. This is the reason why dreams of either an unnatural or disfigured face is commonplace in our dreams. In dreams, emotions and feelings that are not conscious are being expressed.

#1. Dreaming Of Injured or Damaged Face

The ability to observe the face that is injured in the dream is a sign of emotions of the person dreaming. It indicates a failure to recover from the trauma of the past that affects the present moment. The face that is injured becomes an image that represents the current situation of the dreamer.

The damaged or injured face prompts dreamers to think about past traumas as well as identity issues, and resolving emotional issues.

#2. Distorted or Deformed Face Dream Meaning

The distorted appearance of your face is more like a nightmares, but these vivid dreams reveal the inner thoughts of the person who is dreaming. Negative feelings that are not conscious reflect a an unsatisfactory self-image and self-esteem. This can cause you to feel that something is permanent wrong with your character However, it can also be an opportunity to make changes and improve issues within yourself to feel more confident on the outside.

#3. Blurry Face Dream Meaning

Do you have a vision of a man with a blurry facial image? The man could represent parts of you cannot be identified with. The blurry face is an image of not seeing clearly or being unable to discern something. The place and the background of your dream provide clues to where you should take a look.

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#4. Face Painted Dreams

The idea of having your face painted is a way of the concealing and covering of your real self. The colors you choose could reflect the inner image of the person dreaming and strength. In other words, face paint could represent the dreamers’ inner power and personality. makeup symbolizes the dreamer’s current mood, attitude and feelings. (see colors dream meaning).

#5. Bonus Faces In Dreams

Do you realize that the brain isn’t inventing faces instead, we are able to see actual face of people we’ve met throughout our lives. It is possible to not be able to recall all of them however these images of faces are stored in our subconscious minds, and are displayed when we go to sleep in the night. The brain of the human can detect many thousands of people throughout our lives, and enough to provide an unending amount of faces.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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