Dreaming of Finding

Did you discover something you were looking for in your dreams?

There’s nothing you’ve found. It just came to you!

Whatever you see in your dreams can be an omen of good fortune that points to the future of fortune, ascension to the spiritual realm, prosperity and happiness.

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Since dream messages are communicated to us by metaphors, everything you see in your dreams must be decoded in order to determine the significance.

This is the point where it becomes interesting. It is likely that you didn’t recall your earlier fantasies, but you might have been looking for something in the mall, or packing for an airplane or about in a car. Whatever it is, your dreams are telling you that your quest is over and you’ll reap with the rewards.

Are you interested in knowing what you could have discovered the information you’re looking for? Based on the symbol that appears ” what you found” it will guide you to the answer.

What do dreamers discover?

  • Gold/silver jewelry or money
  • Gold or silver coins diamonds, silver or gold coins
  • Cell phone
  • stealing valuables
  • lost dog
  • Baby

  • searching for lost clothing
  • hidden rooms or dead bodies

Dreamers Tips: The feeling that you felt when you found it will be exactly the same feeling when you win the prize. If you aren’t sure the meaning of it, this could be an actual subconscious dream.

Have you ever dreamed of finding treasures?

The discovery of something important in your dreams will help the person dreaming. However, where exactly. Value could be applied to your outer and inner worlds the way you look and the location you discover it will determine if this is connected to any kind of spiritual growth or transformation in your daily life.

Do you think it is beneficial to have money in your dreams? Finding money in your Dream is regarded as among the many fortunate symbols that symbolizes newfound confidence, spiritual understanding and wisdom, love or wealth. The benefits of having money in your dreams tends to be with the person who dreams for the rest of their lives.

Why silver and gold are thought to be extremely valuable in the realm of dreams

In our dreams, we are often found to have silver or gold coins that actually have greater value and symbolic wealth than money. Why? Because dreams tend to employ Geometrical shapes to help to understand the meaning of dreams of the dream. In your case, you have come across this circle. In dreams, the circle is often regarded as the primary symbol of inner completeness.

The prospect of finding a gold coin in your dreams brings inner harmony and the iconic gold image – symbolizing the power that are the power of earth (feminine energy) and the sun (masculine energy). It is believed that the gold coin is a symbol of higher consciousness, enlightenment and growth, wealth, as well as spiritual awakening.

The dream of having a silver coin bridge to inner fulfillment and the connection to the moon has you drawn towards this coin that you have been searching for all your life. Silver is a symbol of the inner transformation, growth and wealth. It is also known for its feminine characteristics and is associated with purity.

Did you spot diamonds in your dreams?



In your dream, you see the life-giving light which connects you to your sunlight (see gold) A powerful symbol of inner purity and spiritual strength. Finding a diamond in the dream of yours is signification that indicates you’ll reach the level of spiritual awakening or understanding that you’ve been searching for. When you’ve gained this knowledge within, the shining light will be visible before others.

The most common symbols we see in our dreams

If you see the cell phone within your dreams, it is a sign of a new relationship or connection between two people. It could be connected to your personal relationships or maybe an unconscientious message you are picking up in your dreams.

If you see the image of a dog in your dreams, it is a sign of finding an elusive male or female partner in your life, or is a reflection of your inscrutable instincts or behavior that you have observed. People who are hoping to find the perfect dog


is a positive signification of the growth of your inner child or is a reference to discovering the child within you. Dreams of your inner child. If you find clothes in your dreams , it could bring you closer to your newly self-image and identity the eyes of other people.

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