Dreaming of Gold

Dreaming of Gold

If gold appears in your dreams, it is important to take it seriously because it has powerful symbolic qualities.

There are numerous websites that inform that whenever you think of gold, it is a symbol of power, wealth and influence. It’s valid in certain situations however, if you look deeper into the meaning behind gold, you’ll discover that this powerful substance reflects something far more powerful inside. It is so unique and powerful that could actually be a in it hidden aspects that relate to the afterlife, spiritual awakening and protection.

If gold is just an emblem of wealth and power in our dreams, why do we think it is likely to us to be a gift by the deceased loved ones of ours? The ancient Egyptians were aware of its real value and believed it to be connected to gods, the afterlife as well as immortality and power. It was believed as the body of goddesses and gods. Although gold is often used in dreams, can take on a variety of shapes and forms, it transforms into various images like necklaces and rings, coins nuggets, and jewels being given to you. What’s really happening?

Have You Ever Received Gifts From The Dead?

Gold Dream Meaning

To fully grasp the power of what gold is in your dreams, you must first to know the language your dream is speaking to you in. The dream you have will symbolically encode the significance of gold on the basis of its powerful properties, color as well as its value and historical. We know the fact that the gold metal is precious metal that is resistant to degradation caused due to moisture, air, and acidic environments. This implies that it represents a symbol from the past that was in use for a long time before you.

  • It is regarded as a rare and precious
  • In rivers, there is a connection that connects the dreamer with an emotional state
  • The color yellow or gold is linked to the dawn (masculine/yang energy/light)
  • The meteorites that created gold destroyed the earth for more than 200 million years after it was formed. It is believed that it comes from the abyss or the unconscious part of the dreamer.
  • If it’s worth something, the dreamer can see value or benefits for the person who dreams.

Spiritual Meaning Of Gold In Dreams

In alchemy, gold is among the 7 elements that symbolizes perfection on every level connecting body, mind and soul. It is considered to be the most advanced development in nature, it became the symbol of the human spirit’s renewal and renewal.

In astrology , gold is often used to represent as the sun connecting with inner transformation and renewal. The gold image in our dreams reveals the soul as one of the most significant levels of spiritual growth. The first one is the black (shadow part of the person dreaming) the result of a fault or sin; then it transforms into white – purity and forgiveness; after that red is vitality and passion.

The color yellow/gold could also be connected to chakras like the solar plexus the third chakra, also known as charka which is Sanskrit means ” city of jewels” that are responsible for the development of the ego, personality, the sense of identity, freedom from self as well as confidence and authenticity. In dreams, the gold may suggest that the chakra that is responsible for anxiety, fear, and emotional stress is now cleared.

Are You Dreaming Of Gold Coins, Jewelry, Necklace?

Whatever is visible on the human body during dreams of significant value and represents the discovery of an undiscovered treasure. The gold in our dreams represents our authenticity or a feeling of inner completeness and even the eternal aspect of ourselves or the inner core of us.

necklaces are believed in dreams as a way to connect the throat or to communicate, whereas the gold ring ( see circle) can lead to awakening. The dream of gold earrings is a way to connect to the form of the spiral, an incredibly powerful image which connects to the self (see the spiral).

The idea of dreaming about bars or coins of gold is the discovery of something inside that has worth. It could be a reference to your spirituality, wisdom, or information that can help you immensely.

Dreaming Of A Golden Snake

A golden snake appearing in your dreams could be a sign of the awakening of your spiritual power that has been slumbering in your body. Sun being masculine, while earth is the feminine The golden snake reflects the sun’s rays, like Inti the god of sun in the Inca culture. It also connects with the god of sun Ra who is believed to have a connection with the creation of the earth in the ancient Egyptian mythology. The golden snake that appears in your dreams encourages you to investigate your own inner energy that are being activated. Look up kundalini.

Receiving or Losing Gold In Dreams

If you’re getting gold within your dreams, it means that you’ve been selected or given something valuable. This could refer to your inner and outer worlds, and what themes, characters or places which emerge create a picture that leads you to the gold.

The loss of gold in your dreams could be interpreted as an omen of negativity that could lead to the loss of something that is valuable to you. Dreams like this could serve as a warning or hint to safeguard yourself from the people or things that drain this precious resource.

Mia Harper

Mia Harper