Dreaming of Hugging

Imagines of hugging or embracing one another are vivid dreams that feel real and carry a hidden message.

The act of hugging during dreams can be a powerful signification that symbolizes joy, acceptance of protection, happiness, and joy between two people.

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When we kiss, hug, cuddle embrace and even holding hands, our bodies release an ” feel good” hormone. The body releases a chemical known as oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin. When these hormones are released in our bodies, we experience feelings of happiness, relaxation as well as increased mood and security. Your dream may be suggesting some positive thing, however what exactly is it?

Hugging Dream Meaning

If we are able to hug someone we dream about, we’re usually expressing or releasing an subconscious emotion that has been stored up in our minds. Hugging can be a metaphorical message that is interspersed between the two energies.

Depending on the person that the dreamer is embracing, the meaning of the symbol that is changed depending on whether you’re hugging an ex-loved one, a deceased beloved person, or a lover, or even being held in a hug from behind.

#1. Did You Hug Your Ex In Your Dream?

The dream of hugging your ex-partner is believed to be a positive dream symbol of the acceptance, forgiveness, as well as unending love. The hug is much more in common with the person who is dreaming and not necessarily the person who is dreaming. Someone who is looking to be reunited or misses their ex may have fantasies that are similar to this.

The image that is commonly referred to as “hugging” becomes a symbol of moving forward mentally after you take the time to think. It could be several months or even years after the hug can appear as a sign of unresolved feelings that are recognized within. The ex will be hugged when an event has taken place and the new version of you is at peace.

#2. I Hugged My Crush In My Dream!

The dream of your crush could be more complicated than you imagine. Crushes are more than just an attraction but as something more that is projected in the dream.

Article: Find Out Why Your Crush Appears In Your Dreams.

The thought of hugging the person you love in your dreams suggests a myriad of possibilities. The desire or infatuation for being “close” with your crush could be reflected in your dreams. A different meaning could be related with the dreamsters animus as well as animus which is the feminine or masculine part of the psyche, which is seeking an unconscious connection that isn’t fully comprehended but.

#3. Cuddling Dream Meaning

Cuddling, hugging or unlinking the person we dream about is more sexual in its subtext that is connected to desires, getting closer, blending two energy sources and creating a subconscious connection. If you consider touching every time we cuddle, hug, or hold hands, the body releases “feel good” hormones. Cuddling in dreams can be symbolic in the sense that you will feel this positive energy flowing to you. In addition, the desire or desire for physical intimacy or security, love and affection could be expressed in “cuddling” a need or desire for it in your daily life.

#4. Spooning Dream Meaning

The act of swooning is a type of cuddling in which two people lie on their backs on the bed. The dream of spooning is a metaphor for a desire or need to be close with the individual. Did you put a spoon on the bed? Dreams of beds are powerful signs that connect with the more personal, intimate aspect that the person dreaming. Dreams of swaying give you peace and assurance that everything will go right.

#5. Hugging Our Dead Loved Ones In Dreams

You may be shocked however, hugging dead relatives or friends in dreams is normal. The dream world of hugging is a kind of like getting gifts from dead relatives since you’ve received something unique. What is this specifically?

Since the dead aren’t able to communicate with us, they are often seen in our dreams, giving us messages encoded in code hugging the dead can be an exchange in energy from two different sources. Sometimes, they will hug us just to say “hello”, or they simply want to say “hello” however, other times it’s is a little different. It is possible that the hug is more of a fusion of subconscious energies that heal us, but also exchanges information inside the hug into the realm of the ether. If you consider the majority of the gifts they offer us, they are usually made of coins, money, jewelry and boxes, encoded with symbols that help us understand the meaning; why would the hug be any different. It could be seen as if your body is an memory card, and the hug could be akin to downloading information.

Do You Dream Of Receiving Affection?

In contrast to cuddling or hugging When we imagine receiving love, it is an optimistic dream that represents the transfer of energy. They are here to offer your love, support and direction during certain times in your life. It is an the unconscious connection is not visible, but feels.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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