Dreaming of My Childhood Home

Dreaming of My Childhood Home

Are you ever unsure what it is that you are thinking about the house that you were raised in?

Dreams of childhood home are often thought of as symbolic, and in reality they are a piece of your history that has created the person you are today. In the old house in your dream , you are told an account that is full of forgotten memories and secrets that are hidden, unrepressed emotions, and a glimpse of the things that remain undiscovered to you today.

Childhood Home Dreams

Dream houses are not an actual house they are merely an element of the mind or an inner structure of the dreamer. In essence, inside the walls of your childhood home , in your dreams you are in an element of your past which is being relived at the moment. Your subconscious mind has placed you in this place to fulfill a purpose. What is that specifically?

Most often, repressed emotions and memories that are not fully repressed or talents that have been forgotten are a part of this space that must be looked at. Sometimes, these childhood homes want us to save our child within us from a painful past to allow you to recover. But you’ll need to enter and look for them.

How To Find & Heal Your Inner Child In Your Dreams

The good news is that your dream will give you sufficient symbolic clues and metaphoric clues inside these rooms that will help you you discover the meaning behind it.

Childhood Home Dream Meaning

The mood and the context of your dream , it will be able to determine the possibility that your dream may contain elements of a difficult childhood or is a reflection of a time of fun and innocence. In many instances, the person who experienced a difficult childhood or who has forgotten memories may have dreams about the house of their childhood being smashed into pieces, burned and even destroyed. The symbol of house of childhood dream would like you to get over the past or locate some thing that has been lost, to live an enjoyable life.

Or, someone who travels back to their childhood town or home could be collecting items from the past that has been long ago forgotten. The items that need to be discovered can be useful in your growth as an adult.

#1. Dreams Of Destroyed Childhood Home

The house that was destroyed in your fantasy may be a reflection of your personal beliefs, attitudes, systems, beliefs and ideals you’ve carried with you from the time you were a child.

The destruction can be deliberate or it is the consequence of external factors that are that are responsible for this shift in perception. But, the fact that a house is being destroyed does not necessarily mean that it’s a bad sign or a sign of transition and change – to get rid of the old and allow for an enlightened and balanced life.

#2. Dreams Of Childhood House Broken Into

Metaphorically speaking, if we consider the house that connects to our psyche/mind and our house of our childhood as past or old you, it appears that there is a threat that is either inserted into the innocent property of yours or something that was secured has been breached.

The floor they smashed into and the things they took can provide clues to on where to look. The term “break in” becomes metaphoric for something or someone that is stealing something valuable or innocence, such as a violation from you. The character could represent events or experiences you have recently encountered in your life. Or, it could be a connection to your inner child who needs to be protected.

#3. Dreaming Of Childhood Memories

The desire to dream of childhood memories takes memories of a time that has been forgotten, a time of fun and innocence. A symbol that appears that inspires dreamers to lead a happy life, have fun doing things in life and not take it too seriously.

#4. Healing Your Inner Child

Discovering the child in you does not mean that you’re a child or do not want to grow to be. It’s more of an aspect of a person’s childhood. It is what an individual was taught as a child prior to puberty, that has formed the person the person they have become today. Due to trauma, the child is stunted, and their growth slows down and slows the process of maturing. These are referred to as mature adults and sufferers of Peter Pan Syndrome.

Mia Harper

Mia Harper