Dreaming of Peeing

The dream of bodily fluids is a lot more frequent than you imagine. The grotesque dreams put people in positions of shame as well as disgust and vulnerability that frequently reflect on areas of our lives. However, for the most part it focuses your attention on ‘ letting go’ things you hold in. Although these thoughts may seem, they are an aid to recognize what we’re being held within.

Subjects who fantasize about going to the bathroom often awake in the late hours of the night because they actually have to go.

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Urine Dream Symbolism:

  • pent-up issue has been published
  • Release physical or mental issues
  • keeping something in for too long
  • the loss of vital energy or loss of vital energy; or
  • Loss of control or inability to keep things the position it is

Releasing Toxic Energy

The image of peeing can be translated metaphorically to feelings or emotions that are not conscious to us. The act of releasing urine can be a good dreams symbol that connects the person dreaming to the relief of the daily life of walking.

If you are thinking about the breath of relief you get when you go to the bathroom after putting something in for a long period of time. In essence, your dream is expressing the level of comfort you were once accustomed to.

The release may reflect emotional blocks or emotional traumas, or the natural flow of your energy (chi) that has been stagnant. These could be past events or events that stopped your progress from moving forward.

Blood In My Urine

Peeing is often associated with negative thoughts. These can include ‘blood in the urine’. Does this mean that you are likely to discover the presence of blood within your urine? No! The dream is about the loss of energy vitality, strength and the virility.

The disturbing dream motif seeks to draw your attention since you’ve ignored something all day. In a metaphorical sense, if you find the presence of blood within your urine,, it could indicate an illness which is related to your emotions, thoughts and emotions.

What exactly could it be? The dream you have will be unique for you, and can provide clues like locations as well as people and feelings that were expressed at the time you witnessed blood. The dream may appear as a nightmare, but its primary goal is to assist you. It is important to determine the issue lies and then fix it.

  • emotional trauma
  • Lack of direction
  • Lost spark of creativity
  • fatigue
  • financial loss

Urine On The Floor/Bed

The act of peeing in the street is thought of as an unfavorable dream symbol, pointing to the dreamers inability manage their lives. Doing something randomly that should be done in private is a metaphor to behavior, speech or control of impulses.

What you are doing that is beyond your control right now can be causing inconvenience to other people. Release pressure and tension to those around you when you are not able to contain it your own. What is the reason? The floor also represents to the place where people walk, and you’ve made it an issue.

The bed is often a bridge to their relationship, intimacy and enjoyments. The act of peeing can be an analogy for releasing the emotions that have been bottled up around the feelings or experiences. If you’re someone who’s had problems being a child and wetting your bed, it could be a sign of some unresolved issues.

I Am Pissed Off Now!

It is oddly enough that dreaming about other people who urinate on you could be commonplace and even annoying. The dreams draw your focus to those who like to make fun of you or make use of you as a form of a punching bag. It is possible that you are an empath, absorbing negativity from others. An indicator to stay in the present and be mindful of who you are listening to.

A baby that pees on you could not be an unlucky symbol. Babies symbolize the development of your child or the growth you experience within your own life. Sometimes, it could mean that the Inner child must be let go.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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