Dreaming of Protecting

Dreams of protection are complicated symbols that typically revolve around the protection of children, babies and loved ones or a random person. In reality, you could be protected by someone else.

While your dreams may suggest that you’re safeguarding your self “physically” in fact it is quite the opposite. They are usually invisible forces that target what is personal and intimate to us. It’s often an expression of the unconscious.

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Your dream may give you a few clues that will help you determine what you are protecting yourself from. In essence, what you are safeguarding becomes the most important thing in your vision.

What Could You Be Protecting:

  • Past actions.
  • Unconscious behaviors or instincts.
  • Emotions.
  • Protecting your inner child.
  • Being a voice for those who are unable to.
  • Projections.

Your Internal Defense Mechanism

Before we get into the meaning behind the dream, we need to determine if the person who is attacking is actually you. The man in question could be an excuse to protect yourself from injury.

The defense mechanisms are described as the actions people employ to shield themselves from negative situations, actions, or thoughts. Because we are not aware of them, they become unnoticed by us.

These methods of psychological therapy can aid people in separating themselves and the perceived dangers or unwelcome emotions like the feeling of shame or guilt. If the thing you are trying to protect is not fully understood, then you have to look beneath the level of the surface.

Dreaming Of Protecting A Baby or Child

The idea of protecting a baby or child could be linked to the your own inner child. According to a variety of analytical psychologists, we all have a wounded or damaged child within every one of us that requires to be saved.

We are affected by our past traumas from childhood that hinders our growth to become an integrated adult. Then, you will need to engage in the process of inner child work in order to reconnect with the fragmented or lost areas of our lives that were forgotten.

The innocent baby or child is the part of you that’s been damaged. It’s good to know that that you have located the child and is the time to begin the process of healing. Your child will definitely need your assistance to protect yourself or him against an opponent.

Have recent events in your life trigger your inner child? Do you have a memory that you have to guard or protect yourself from?

  • Protecting your unconscious pain
  • Emotional defenses
  • Do not want to be injured or be being rejected
  • Feelings ignored

Dream Of Being Protected

It is not often that you get an Terminator in order to assist you achieve your goals. It’s not unusual for people to be secured by a mysterious man or a stranger.

“The “person” that is protecting you is a metaphor for other people or things that you encounter in your daily life. For instance, if you are protected by an security guard and it relates to the authority, direction and help.

It will be a mirror of things that happen in your personal life where you’re either secured (supported) emotionally financially, or psychologically.

Protection Dream Meaning

If you’re guarding the animals in your dreams, it will direct your attention towards your actions and feelings. If the animals are kittens, they will guide your attention to the feminine unconscious aspects.

The idea of protecting your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend could suggest that they aren’t willing to injured. They could be seen as being insecure or needing help and not being able to help them, as you have done previously.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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