Dreaming of The Devil

The dream of the Devil typically reveals the subconscious aspects of your character that seem inconvenient or sinful. Although we are not aware of these traits, which is why they manifest through our nightmares as the devil.

Contrary to God who symbolizes purity and light The Devil is a an image of darkness, a lure within the dark corners of your mind. The Devil is an omen in your dream that inspires you to look into the resentment of their personality and the limitations you have.

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The thing that Carl Jung described as the shadow of the human is often manifested in the form of the Devil to make you be aware of the destructive power within. Recognizing and confronting whom or whatever the Devil symbolizes in your life, you will effectively cause your Devil within your dreams to be less powerful.

The so-called Devil is usually composed of negative traits that which you can either deny or ignore like self-centeredness, anger, violent tendencies, the quest for power as well as sexual desires just to mention just a few. The reason why the Satan in your dreams makes you nervous is because you may not have any control over the negative factors that are affecting your life. If these undesirable characteristics are not known, it could cause a lot of harm for mankind.

Devil Dreams: Good vs Evil

The devil is a symbol which would like you to see the bad or unloved characteristics inside. What is this specifically? You will receive symbolic clues to which direction you should take a look.

The idea that you are being attacked by something invisible entity suggests that the person is not aware of the factors that influence their lives. It could be related to sexual or greedy tendencies which cause harm, but you cannot discern the cause.

The Devil has a message for you to think about your bad habits, such as manipulating, deceit, and slyness to achieve what you need.

Did You Kiss The Devil?

As strange as it may sound, kissing the devil in a dream is actually quite normal. The act of kissing can be symbolic representing some kind of connection, union or desire for the person or thing. Kissing the devil can have multiple meanings that relate to acceptance and awareness of these characteristics, being drawn by the darker side, or joy in doing bad things.

Devil Dreams During Pregnancy?

Strange dreams during pregnancy are not unusual, and in actual the changes in hormones within the body can alter the intensity of your dreams. Do you think this means that you’ll be having a baby like Rosemary’s? No, it’s not. Are You Experiencing Unusual Baby Dreams?

Blue Devil Dream Meaning

Blue is a powerful symbolic color, which often represents tranquility and stability, as well as inspiration or even wisdom. The idea of dreaming about a blue devil indicates the peace within you may be at risk from external or internal forces.

The image of the blue devil represented a battle and the color represents cold far from warmth happiness, joy and personal change.

Biblical Meaning Of The Devil In Dreams

In the course of your life, you may be enticed to commit a sin and be tricked into commit a crime against your will. The devil you see in your dreams represents a ‘temptation’ that is being offered right before your eyes. Similar to the biblical tale that tells of Adam as well as Eve being evicted from Eden Garden of Eden to live on the earth, they did not follow God desires by following the devil’s advice as they ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.

If you’re being required to perform something against your wishes or choose to carry out an illegal act, the devil can rear his ugly head whenever you attempt to justify the act. Your actions must be just as like if you were Robin Hood by stealing from the wealthy to donate to the less fortunate.

The dissonance is forming in the bottom of your brain because you realize that it is not right to steal when you’re doing it to satisfy your own “greed”. The devil was created by you to be an image of corruption character, the evil nature and wrongdoing that is not accepted in the real world.

The thoughts, feelings and rationales for behavior are buried in the subconscious, hidden in the shadows, hidden from the light of day with his cape that covers his eyes. He’ll come out to feed you if you’ve been not paying attention to it for long enough.

Devil Dreams Meaning

The devil is “chasing” youbring your attention to running away from the issues you’re ignoring. The nature of your dream and the person who is in it are clues to decode the dream. The devil in him is no longer an issue in your dream.

Fighting the Devil in your dream is a symbol of the struggle between good and evil. The dreams are positive because you’ve come to accept the darkness within you and the winner will determine the result.

The idea of becoming pregnant with the devil’s baby is common when women are expecting. They are simply unconscious worries over the fate of the baby. If you’re not pregnant, then your dream could be a sign of something dark and sinister happening inside of you. It might be thoughts, desires or even negative behavior that you carry in your.

The appearance of the devil as an normal human, it is a symbol of his secret nature. Every evil act is committed by humans and not by the devil. It could be that he is disguised and pointing fingers at those in your vicinity who aren’t like the people they appear to be. This could mean that your own quirks are hidden.

The Collective Devil Within Human Nature

You may not have met the devil, but the devil is a part of us. His work is visible through the actions of our lives (e.g. World Wars 1 & 2, Holocaust, 9/11 and Iraq and Syria conflict). We are left with millions of dead, separated from our spiritual connection to the Self or God.

While the devil’s role appears within your dream, he does have the power to manifest through a thought, resulting in something as horrific as the Holocaust. It is necessary to fight his shadow by accepting the horrible characteristics that exist present in everyone. When the devil is recognized, its power and becomes an energizing force.

Common Devil Dreams Forum

I had a vision in which I was fighting the devil. I was in the middle of my room and the devil came up to both my brothers and me, in human form, so I became angry and punched the devil in the face . In the dream. I then instructed my brother to go find our mother, I’ll take care of this jerk for now, and my brother went in to find her. After that, the devil transformed into a strange demon bird, and threw me down after I woke up.

Devil Dreams

“I was falling into blackness and soon could see a figure just beneath. I continued to fall, getting closer to. It was a naked white man with blonde hair. He was gorgeous, so beautiful and a little giggling this devilish smile. The eyes were closed. He was still falling and moving closer to the body, it was quite large. I felt like a tiny small speck of dust as I fell further and further. As I came closer to the body , I was sucked into it, passing through the skin layers, I slipped into his arteries more and deeper until I was within the capillaries.

At the end of every capillary, there were circles. Within the circles were souls, all stuck in the hell that they made. While I was walking, I noticed an acquaintance of mine. My late gram pa Moses. He was in the circle, in pain and completely unaware of me. I sat and watched him for a while before deciding to leave. I’m not certain if it was me contemplating or someone else thinking, we need to leave. We won’t be here long and we must leave before he even realizes we are there. I began to rise, from blood vessels, capillaries and blood vessels. I was tempted to gaze at his face to see the adorableness of his face. His gruesome smile was slightly larger than it was before. He was back in the dark again”

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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