Dreaming of The Stomach

Stomach Dream Meaning

The stomach or abdomen typically connect the person dreaming with their subconscious emotions, or is directly related to your health and fitness or your diet.

In the ancient Chinese medicine the stomach is believed to be the body’s central energy and the source of intuition and sense. An extremely important organ, it can be thought of as an additional brain within the body, it is a symbolic representation of something that’s not visible, but feels.

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As with all dream symbols, the stomach is a metaphor to the person dreaming, connecting to a more “gut” level where emotions are expressed. This is the reason why many have reported being shot in their stomach , expressing emotional trauma and pain.

Symbolic Meaning Of Stomach Dreams

The dreamer is prompted to determine if this is a dream related to their health or an unconscious emotional mental state. What can you determine? Most stomach dreams that include an attack directly on the area, such as punching, shooting or stabbing are akin to something inside. If this is the case, the person who is dreaming about it should examine their personal relationships or feelings that cause dissonance within.

Additionally, stomach-related dreams could be linked to intuition of the dreamer or is under attack. The dream is a signal to be vigilant and be aware of these emotions, such as your hair swaying over your head, relying on the feeling of imminent danger or the dreadful prospect of death. Are you ignoring your instincts?

The thought of having the operation on your stomach could be a positive dream sign that suggests resolving or overcoming issues related to emotions and intuition.

Flat Stomach Dream Meaning

Being aware of our weight could seep its way into our sleep in the night. Many dream of an ideal stomach, which could be an unfulfilled desire. Are you looking to shed the belly fat?

The thought that someone touches your stomach is a sign of luck and prosperity. The person who touched it and the reason the person touched it could change the meaning, but the dream can be positive signs.

A feeling of stomach pain during your dream indicates that things have become abnormal in your life. An unbalanced growth in the stomach area is making anxiety. If you’re concerned about your health, you can seek advice from a doctor.

The feeling of having stitches in your stomach is a sign of an internal wound that has not completely healed. It is an indication that the most serious has passed and is covered. Now is the time to get your body back in shape.

Bizarre Dreams About The Stomach

The thought of the baby growing inside your stomach could indicate that there will be that you are about to see a new development within your own life. Similar to most pregnancy dreams that are connected to growth within the dream you are experiencing could suggest that you are aware of it , and it could make you feel scared.

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If we have dreams of stomach cancer, it becomes metaphonic of something that is eating away at you. It could be a reference to unresolved or repressed emotions that are causing stress within your body, mind and your soul.

The idea of a stomach ulcer in your dreams is a sign of trauma that can be related to your feelings or intuition. If the problem isn’t addressed, it can cause more discomfort that will not disappear until a self-examination is completed.

Dreaming of a stomachache or an infection is a symbol of the love and affection, survival, reward, and motherhood. The fact that your stomach is bleeding in your dream indicates vital energy is flowing out ( see blood dreams).

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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