Dreaming of Tongues

When you thought that you couldn’t get any more bizarre, we will discuss the significance behind tongues. Because dreams are known to use metaphors to represent symbols and metaphors, tongues are connected to your expression, speech and the way you communicate with others.

The problem is that tongues often show in our dreams whenever there are unresolved issue that are related to conversations with others. This is the reason they are often very vivid and often feel like an unreal experience. The most frequent tongue dreams typically revolve around being able to swallow our tongues and hair growing from it swelling tongue, and the pulling of hair.

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The dreams you have may cause you to feel a bit grumpy throughout the day, but despite the way they seem, they can actually be very beneficial for you. Your tongue is home to a variety of nerves that assist in detecting and transmit signals from taste into the brain. The tongue, when metaphorically speaking, connects to your unconscious behavior or emotions, which can cause problems.

Tongue Dream Interpretation:

  • Language and communication
  • expression (emotional/psychical)
  • unconscious thoughts
  • Repression (need to communicate or express)
  • Healing
  • Talking

Tongue Dreams Analysed

Tongues help us connect to the inner parts of us The tongue is a way to be a representation of how we feel. It is easy to assume that the meanings of the tongues is the same meaning to all since no one shares the same life. It is necessary to determine the meaning of your dream using metaphors, places and people around you and the context of your dreams whether this is an internal or external issue.

Most of the time, if you’re experiencing a problem with your tongue at home or in a mirror, it could be a sign of an internal reflection or is related to the way you feel, which is not conscious.

Personal Reflections:

  • Recent tongue slips could have gotten you in the wrong spot.
  • an ongoing issue in which you’re unable to articulate your feelings
  • using deceitful language, to evade or lie
  • keeping one’s tongue
  • Recent tongue lashing with a sharp criticism or scolding
  • loss of ability to express your thoughts Insecurity or doubt issues

Swollen Tongue Dream Meaning

A swollen tongue can be an extremely common dream that focuses your attention on the inability to communicate emotionalally to other people. A tongue that is swollen could be a metaphor for something that is growing (swell) and must be lowered or, in the case of you be addressed immediately.

It could be a persistent issue that hasn’t been resolved because of fear, insecurity or lack of respect. The dream you have will give you clues that will help you pinpoint where the problem may be. The way you felt in your dream is a reflection of the way you feel about the midst of this issue that you have repressed in your life.

Pulling Hair or Hairy Tongue Dream

The dreams we have send us bizarre images that usually shake us up and draw your focus. There is nothing more powerful than hair appearing from your mouth, or pulling hair out. The hair is usually a symbol of things that are able to grow indefinitely if you don’t take action to stop it.

The thought of having a mouth that is hairy draws your attention to the embarrassing things you may say to someone else that could land your in hot water. You need to think about your actions and behavior around others.

The dreams about taking hair from your mouth often lead to unrepressed emotions and feelings. The concept of pulling is a metaphor for trying to get something out of your. The sensation is a reflection of things in your life that make you feel uneasy, disgusted, and pent up, and trying to escape.

Tongue Falling Out In Dream

Did you regret saying something? If you feel your tongue is being sucked out of your dreams, it is a sign of your inability to properly communicate, or keep your mouth closed.

A tongue that strays in our dreams is a fascinating metaphor to consider how they communicate to others, their insecurities and anxieties. This could mean that you might be too lenient and not able to stand and defend yourself? Are you being told to remain quiet? Are you a timid person?

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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