Dreaming Of Broken Glass

Do you have dreams of glass breaking suggest that you’ll be the beneficiary of seven years of poor luck? Luckily, your life won’t be affected. Broken glass is a symbolizing aspects of your life which were perhaps fragile, but is now damaged. But, depending on the circumstances of your dream, the meaning may change as different dream symbols may are applicable to the same person.

Broken Glass Dream Meaning

To understand exactly the meaning behind broken glass, we must examine what glass symbolizes. Glass is often thought of as an indication of vulnerability, fragility, bristles and something that is visible. The symbol of glass appears to break in dreams, and it draws your attention to the areas of your life, both mentally and physically that are damaged or damaged.

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Remember what kind of glass broken in your dreams. Also, any object that is depicted as broken is exclusive to you, and it will also mean something completely different from someone else’s. Broken glass is visible through glasses, spectacles window of a car or house windows. Each symbol suggests an entirely different interpretation.

Glass is a material that shields us, a bit as a barrier within our lives. Does it mean you’re getting past some kind of barrier? The dreams could be precognitive or something that has occurred recently. If you see broken glass in your dreams, the place and the your surroundings give you clues.

Broken Glass Dream Symbolism

If you find that your glasses are broken (eyeglasses) are you having dreams of your eyesight, vision, and the way you see life has been damaged. It is a metaphor for blurred vision or distortion in the way you see things around you. It is something you will use every day and must be used to function effectively. The condition of your glasses will show you the size of obstacles you have to conquer.

If you see a cracked glass that is in your hands, it draws your attention to the communication process or work.

Walking or walking on broken glass could indicate that you are likely to be faced with a problem in the path of your life. In Jewish rituals, walking on broken glass is a symbol. It could be a symbol of joyous events or even destruction. The way you look at things as well as what you observe and the way you look could be metaphorical representations.

Broken Glass Dreams

If you see broken glass lying on the floor suggests broken promises or problems to come up in your life. If you find that any of your windows in the house are damaged, you should pay focus to the inner aspects of your life. The floors and the house are linked to your brain or your unconscious mind. The thing that was once a shield or was a barrier been weakened.

If your car’s windshield is damaged or broken, it may be connected to your path or drive in your daily life. There is a problem with moving forward. Your view has been blocked.

  • Rear-view – Behind you
  • Mirror Side – something to the side of you
  • Window in front obstructs view to vision
  • Back widow – Referring to the past or even what’s in the background is an issue

If you find a damaged bottle, it is based on the type of bottle it was and what inside it. Dreams can be positive as well as negative symbols. Anything you hold is a sign of openness (feminine) and is able to provide you with nourishment.

If you notice that your mirror is broken, it is focusing your attention on your personal or image reflection. A nightmare that is negative, indicating problems that require to be fixed.In the past, in Greece the practice was for people to search for “mirror seers”, these were psychics who predicted their fates through analyzing their reflections. They would put the glass in water and then watch the person appear. If the look was discolored, it could be a sign of bad luck. If it was clear, it was positive. The dream could be a hint at the emotional aspect of the person who is dreaming.

Breaking glass with your tongue or teeth shattering into glass draw your attention to the issue of communication. This could be the case with the glass covering of your cell phone shattering.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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