Dreaming Of Getting Lost

The desire to be lost could result from fear, anxiety and confusion that result in searching for something that you are looking for in your life.

A frequent or vivid theme, dreamers frequently find themselves lost in foreign locales or driving around in the car, or getting lost in a shopping mall.

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Your unconscious puts you in this position of discomfort until you become conscious of the repressed emotions throughout your day-to-day life. It’s not an easy job because these feelings or memories remain unremembered to you.

How To Stop Recurring Dreams

Lost Dream Meaning

The emotions and emotions that surfaced in your dream may be similar to the emotions and feelings you experience in your daily through your daily life. Do you feel a sense of a lack of confidence, feeling lonely and confused and trying to locate someone to talk with?

Perhaps you be lost in your dreams make you reflect about your relationships, work and emotional support or even your fears that you aren’t aware of. Maybe being lost is a theme that prompts you to seek assistance in a specific situation within your own life.

Common Lost Dreams

Walking & Lost Dream

Walking reveals to the dreamer the thought processes that are involved in trying to understand the situation in a specific area of your life. Walking is a reflection of your journey or movements in your life that you may not be able to locate familiar terrain.

Foreign Country or City Dream

Any foreign language can be a clue to things you don’t know and require clarification. It could be related to a brand new project you’re undertaking? Maybe this is related to the emotions you feel in a relationship or a past hurt that must be addressed? Names of city that you are lost in could contain clues. For instance, Seoul Korea, might be a search to find your heart’s center.

Lost & Late Dream

These are typical thoughts that draw your attention to the fact that you are not prepared for your life. Losing your schooling is very common when you’re not able to comprehend the subject that you are taught. This can also be the case with friendships.

Driving & Lost Dream

Dreams connect the dreamer to their purpose or direction in life. There could be some difficulty or confusion to locate your way. Your future may be a worry as you lack direction.

Trying To Get Home Dream

Sometimes we get lost in our search of to home. The dream you have may indicate your level of comfort outside the walls you’ve built in your life. The house represents your mind/psyche expressing that you are not emotionally comfortable in a particular aspect of your life.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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