Dreaming Of Haunted House

Have ever had a vision of a haunted, creepy house in the past? You might be surprised to discover the meaning behind it.

Like the films of Hollywood’s supernatural genre typically depicting a haunted house which has been taken over by a demon Our dreams, however, seem to be a metaphor for these kinds of scenes. Although we’re not talking of a ghost but rather something much more frightening that is not visible, but is lurking in the shadows.

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Dreams often involve houses that connect the individual to their mind or psyche We know that this”haunt” is more psychological.

What better dream image than the ghost of a home to symbolize the aspects of our lives that afflict us and we are unable to perceive. The positive side is that the house will soon be cleansed when you realize the significance of this issue within your own life.

Dream Of Haunted House

The feeling of being haunted is an analogy for something that’s been haunting you in the past. The unsettling feeling is a reflection of the past, your unconscious feelings, emotions that are buried or memories that remain hidden in.

This is the reason you’re stuck in an uninviting home is a typical dream motif that symbolizes the inability to move on from the past.

Haunted House Dream Symbolism:

  • emotional traumas in the past
  • memories that remain in your mind
  • feeling of guilt, or of neglect
  • past traumas, fears, pain and horrifying events (P.T.S.D)
  • Traumatic incidents
  • Childhood problems ( inner child).

The haunted house is a signal to your subconscious, urging you to eliminate the negative energy as soon as possible. As a spirit that is not well rested, it can cause chaos until you take it seriously and then it will be able to rest in tranquility. What is the cause?

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The simple fact that houses appear to symbolize the psyche of the dreamer helps us determine the source of the nightmare from. Every room and floor interprets in a different way.

It is also helpful when you analyze the haunted house by paying focus on the mood you feel inside the home. Are you anxious or scared? Did the ghost appear to be masculine or feminine? Was it trying to convey to you?

Haunted House Dream Meaning

Do you realize that the haunted homes in your dreams can contain a important information that can serve a greater goal for your daily life. The theme gives you insight about your emotional wounds that must be removed.

Or, you can choose to be your own personal paranormal investigator by searching and separating any past fears or thoughts that remain in your mind.

The unidentified entity is alive and active in your mind and will never disappear unless you confront it. The closer you are to solving the mystery, the less threatening the haunting becomes until it is gone. The best way to stop the terror is to go into the dark areas of your feelings that you have left behind. What is it that binds you?

  • breakups or divorces; relationships issues
  • humiliating past experiences
  • Inadequacies or failures
  • anxiety or fear
  • the death of a loved one
  • In a state of insanity
  • Family relationships

Haunted House Common Dreams

Haunted Attic Dream

An attic haunting draws your attention to things that remain unnoticed or hidden, possibly connecting to a forgotten memory or a feeling. A room in your home which is not used often and is a place where dust accumulates, hints at things that have been neglected. The items and things you discover in your attic are exclusive to the person who is dreaming to aid identify the problem.

Haunted Living Room Dreams

Living rooms are the place where you can socialize with your family, friends and relationships. It is a metaphor for your personal space is deteriorated and affects your mental health.

Haunted Bedroom Dreams

A recurring nightmare in your bedroom could be related to sexual encounters or relationships and intimate moments. There have been problems related to issues you may not decide to reveal or not wanting to acknowledge. It is also the place in which you rest, sleep and unwind, hints at the subconscious, which is not known to you. A room that you grew up in would like you to think about the time of your life.

Basement Haunted Dreams

The most significant symbolic yet mysterious representations that is the subconscious. If you are haunted by this place, you must absorb all the information you can because it holds many clues to your past. These are memories from the past or feelings that were forgotten and were not considered. The symbol could draw your attention to your feelings and desires that may have had a negative impact on you.


If your bathroom is haunted, it will want to concentrate on your appearance and personal reflection. Bathrooms are associated with letting the things kept within, just as showers are about renewal and cleansing. The dream places you in this space to look at the things that need to be let go from the past, which is buried in the depths of your.


If you’re in the kitchen and it’s haunted, it draws your attention to the imaginative aspect, bringing you closer to the feminine. The place to eat which has been squandered.


A haunted room in your dreams is a metaphorical symbol that hints to the skeletons that you’re hiding in your closet. These are memories, feelings and desires that are hidden from view so that no one is able to be able to see. They are often linked to anxieties or fears kept from being exposed to the world.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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