Dreaming of Possession

Before you invite the priest over to your home, let’s break down what it means to be possessed in your dreams. Dreams of being possessed are quite frequent, yet vivid nightmares that can knock you awake. The dreams center around your loved ones being controlled by an entity or force which you do not have any control over or no control of.

Does this mean that you’re in fact being possessed? Answer: Yes. Yes you are …. We all are possessed however, never through any Satanor or a doll who is trying to take your life. The presence of your life is usually symbolic of something that you have no control over, and is often subconscious to the person who is possessed. If you feel possessed, your home, it is a reflection of an internal conflict that requires to be addressed.

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Possession Dreams

Dreams are a fascinating method of constructing certain symbols into metaphors, and then presenting them in a variety of bizarre ways to grasp the meaning. The more frightening the dream, the more likely you are to overlook the issue.

The reason for these dreams is usually due to your unconscious behavior which are creating problems in your family, life or relationship. In addition, analyzing certain of these behaviors can help you determine the root of the dream.

Possession Dream Symbolism

  • Outbursts or anger
  • Addictions
  • Fears of bullying or fear of being bullied
  • Alcohol or drugs
  • Negative thinking
  • Obsessions
  • People who have toxic relationships or relationships
  • Neurotic behavior
  • Past experiences

Wait…Did You Just Watch A Horror Movie?

Before we begin to look further, it is beneficial to know whether you have recently seen a horror film. Dreams can trigger revisit what you seen the night prior to. Films that are scary such as Annabelle or Exorcistincrease the likelihood of being possessed in your dreams.

Possession Dreams: Human Shadow

According to the analytical psychologist Carl Jung believed that everyone has a shadow , which is either buried or neglected. The dream you have could bring attention to the dark aspects of your personality which have influence over your life.

The shadow is the manifestation of all the suppressed or subconscious urges, actions and feelings that are buried within the desire to be seen. In spite of the disturbing or graphic subject matter of your dream, it is there to guide you to illuminate the dark corners.

  • Impulses to be aggressive
  • Mental images of Taboo
  • Experiences that are shameful
  • Sexual desires
  • Wishes that are not rational
  • Unacceptable sexual desires
  • Fears

The primary goal of your goal is to work on the weaknesses that you have throughout your life. Through shining light on the negative areas of your character the positive aspect of your life will weaken and eventually will leave your body.

Possession Dreams: Casting The Demon

Could it be that you have experienced a negative manifestation that you’re unable to let it go? In addition, being possessed reveals the hidden emotions that are completely entrapped. It is possible that you have difficulty expressing these emotions and they will manifest in different ways.

The way you were raised may have led your mind to keep these emotions throughout your life. The act of suppressing your emotions can save others from the pain of dealing with your emotions, but bottled your emotions inside could cause further damage.

The rage or anger that is raging within reflects the feeling of possession. It is the inability to be who you are, an individual you’re not. Your body is subjugated by an entity who has decided to possess your body. This dream shouldn’t be regarded as a “bad dream’ but rather an optimistic dream that sheds the light on the feelings which have taken control of you.

Your higher self is trying to address this issue to help you metaphorically get rid of the demon from the body (mind). If the issue isn’t resolved, the dream will begin to continue to occur, causing long-term physical and psychological harm to your health.

Common Possession Dreams

Families or Friends: Often times you may notice a friend or loved ones being controlled by Satan. The dreams may indicate an alteration in their behavior. They could be altering in ways is not right for them. It could be that something is affecting them or that they’re being held by an entity they are unable to comprehend.

Child Possession: It could be an intriguing dream symbol that could be a hint that the child might be you. The expression “inner child” is a reference to the child trapped in each adult who is stuck in the past due to trauma from childhood within their life.

The child is haunting you because you they have not been paying attention to this hurt and pain, and must be taken care of. You can help the child through the inner work of a child that is retracing your steps back to the moment you were affected by an incident. The child will keep haunting you until you recognize the child who is within.

Exorcism: The dreams you have may not be as bad in the end. If it is time to summon a priest, you may be acknowledging what is in your mind and it’s time to leave! It is time to be at peace with your demons , so you can continue with your life.

Doll Possession is a symbol which takes memories of your youth, or maybe you’ve just watched a frightening film. The idea of dolls that are possessed frequently prompt you to look into your childish side.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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