Dreaming of The Dead Asking You For Something

Many mysterious events occur when our heads are buried at night, and some of these experiences are not be scientifically researched.

Each night, when we enter the realm of dreams, we are the main character in an unplanned theme triggered by our subconscious mind. in this dark space we can be known as an experience astral travel, the sensation of being exo-body experience and have romantic themes, and suffer from nightmares that are terrifying.

guardian angels together

What happens when the dead come to us through dreams? And then begin to request something? It’s a bit confusing, isn’t it? Did you realize it is believed that the receiving of gifts from dead people can be an indication of a positive sign.

Make sure you buckle your seat belts as you just received a message coded from the beyond that was specifically addressed to you.

Dead Ask You For Something In Dream?

The particular kinds of dreams are usually categorized under the heading of ” visitation dreams” although this is not proven to be true. kind of pseudoscience or repressed memories stored in the unconscious but what they do not reveal is that whenever they appear, they will always request particular things, usually asking for money, food clothing, water or clothes. It is not a coincidence.

Additionally, if we are waiting for the science to understand this bizarre phenomenon, we could be missing important data that must be utilized to improve your

Why Are The Dead Only Asking You?

You are fortunate to be alive as you may have a precognitive capability or an increased sense of awareness that is able to detect these during eye movements that are rapid asleep R.E.M sleep. At this point, your brain may be more relaxed and more susceptible to contact, as if the signals from your “antenna” are fine tuned more than the average person.

It is not possible to prove this, however it is possible to be possible that within this “unknown area” we could be able to access the so-called middle space between the earth and another dimension. It is a place where both dimensions are connected for a brief period of time before separating. Based on their experience, they appear to have some kind of knowledge about the future and the events that could take place in the moment.

Visitation Dreams: How To Decode What They Ask You

Before jumping to conclusions, you must first understand how our subconscious communicates to us. Often in dreams, the questions they ask us is not what it actually is, but it can be translated into a metaphorical sense.

Dead Asking You For Food In Dream

Did you know that whenever food is featured in your dreams,it’s thought to be very symbolic. Why? In a metaphorical sense, food is a source of nourishment for our body, mind and soul. It is an expression that is also found in the Bible to refer to another thing. It is possible that they are communicating their feelings through food.

The dream of receiving food is a sign of acceptance, the possibility of success and connection to the person (coded metaphorically through the kind of food that is being served). If you see a dead person who is hungry, it could be a sign of neglect and lack of feelings and love.

If our loved relatives are in need of food, it could be a sign of there is something unspoken between the two people. If someone is hungry or hungry, they are depriving them of something. Does it have to do with your feelings, your past experiences or even relating to similar behaviors and traits that are shared by both individuals involved? In reality, it is the person who dreams that needs food.

It is also possible to consider if something has happened recently that would make them experiencing this feeling.

Did They Ask For Water In Your Dreams?

When we have a dream about water, the dream connects us with the subconscious side of the person dreaming – water is one of the four earth elements, a powerful symbol that represents emotions.

Why would they want to ask you to drink water? Maybe they are trying to get you to look into feelings and emotions that connect the two people. Need to be fed emotionally. Have you forgotten about them? Perhaps you require emotional assistance from them.

Dead Person Asking For Clothes In Dream

The clothes we wear in our dreams are an interesting symbol that is more metaphorical than anything else – a representation of things we wear to impress our friends, keep us warm and secure.

If they’re seeking clothes, something has to be addressed with regard to them, or even parts of you display similar unconscious traits inherited from your parents.

Dead Asking For Money In Dreams

Money is often seen as a dream as something valuable and importance. Money is a good sign of fortune However, if they’re seeking it, they may be indicating something that is required.

  • Insufficient protection
  • Losses
  • Depression
  • Insanity and lack of progress
  • Vulnerability
  • Self-esteem is low.

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