Dreaming of Things That Come True

Did you have a vision which you ignored completely and then discover that two weeks later, your dream was realized.

The question of why we dream has fascinated philosophers, psychologists and scientists for a long time. In spite of the scientific research into the role of dreams, we’re still unsure the reason why this happens. What do experts have to say about this?

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Psychoanalytical analyst Carl Jung believed that dreams are a method by which the brain attempts to convey important information to an individual through symbols. Sigmund Freud however, believed the idea that dreams are a way to express unconscious desires and thoughts, as well as wish satisfaction, and motivation.

Additionally, science has its own interpretation of dreams, suggesting that they could be a reflection of our feelings or even it’s a “practice test” in case we face the possibility of danger in reality.

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln had a dream that predicted the death of his son. What about the fighter Sugar Ray Robinson had a dream about taking down his opponent just days prior to the fight.

Can Dreams Come True?

If you believe that dreams aren’t possible, what is the reason why millions of users each month go online to find out if dreams are being fulfilled. It could be a coincidence however we can’t ignore the possibility that people have been experiencing what they refer to as ” precognitive dreams” which is the ability to predict the future of a particular event or circumstance particularly through extrasensory methods.

It is believed that the majority of dream interpretations are not based on any significance spiritually and have no connection to life-changing circumstances. Sometimes, these dreams be triggered by an incident that makes us wonder what the reason we experienced this dream.

Dreams that foretell life-changing events are more vivid or vibrant that is a deep impression in the dreamer’s mind – a sense of a deep sense of knowing or intuition.

Dreams that are likely to be fulfilled are typically more vivid and vibrant than other dreams that are experienced. Dreams that are psychic tend to be more observant to pick up both positive, negative and indifferent results.

How Dreams Come True

Perhaps we should look back to the 5,000 years BCE and learn a lesson from the early Egyptians because they were the first to possess an idea book.

Dreams are often used as a means for them to hear messages from the gods, and to guide them through their lives. A respected person like priests, can be sought out to help comprehend the significance of the dream.

Perhaps the modern human has lost touch with the soul , which is a desire to be observed. The people who write down their dreams in a dream journal will observe an odd pattern that shows over time that dream messages are communicated to us through a symbolic language. Most likely, the dreams that are fulfilled tend to be more detailed, vibrant and feel like they was just in the past.

The dream you have may be communicating with you through the bite of a snake as a possible enemy waiting to strike or a negative event that could occur within the next few years. Maybe a plane taking off will take you to a brand new phase or location within your own life.

The next question to consider is: Do you truly believe you are free to choose? Do not wait for others to answer your question. Get an imaginary journal and look at what the future holds for you!

Why Dreams Might Come True?

  • to warn individuals or situations
  • Unexpected danger
  • Personal growth and advancement

Dreams Come True Quotes

“The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.” ” Dreams aren’t effective until you act on them. The best method to make your dreams become reality is to make them a reality.”

“Do not follow wherever the path might take you. Instead, go to the place to the point where there is no way and leave the trail.”

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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