Dreaming of Closets

The thing that makes dreams of closets highly symbolic is the notion that they are connected to the psychological state (psyche refers to the human

Dreaming of Buying

Meaning behind buying dreams Imagine the feeling you get whenever you make a purchase within your daily life. We feel good right? It turns out

Dreaming of Mountain Lion

What does mountain lions signify in our fantasies? In our imaginations In our dreams, LIONS are often thought as a symbol of the qualities of

Dreaming of Nose

Because the nose is one of the five senses that the body has, it is thought to be very symbolic in dreams and often has

Dreaming of Yelling

Why We Yell In Dreams? Analytical psychologist and expert in dreaming Sigmund Freud stated “Unfortunately the emotions that are suppressed don’t die. They remain unspoken.

Dreaming of Teeth Falling Out

If there were a race for the most disturbing dream-like symbol of the world, teeth dreams would take the top spot by a massive landfall.

Dreaming of Skin

In essence, dreams of skin are a way to show the barriers that separate you from the people that you share your life with. The

Dreaming Of A Man

What is the name of this mystery person who keeps popping up on your dream list? We are told about dreams that revolve around a

Dreaming Of Snow

The term snow is used to describe “solid precipitation that occurs in a range of tiny crystals of ice at temperatures that are below 0

Dreaming of Doctor

The thought of visiting a doctor in your dreams could be a bit confusing because of the kind of appointment, the information given or even

Dreaming of Anime

Is anime a thing? The term “anime” — which is pronounced “ah-knee-may” — is an abbreviation for the word animation. In Japan it is a

Dreaming of Buying a Car

Did you realize that automobiles are among the most popular dream images that people are likely to encounter. Google average monthly searches for “car dreams”

Dreaming of Road

The paths and roads that we don’t see within our imaginations are frequently ignored. What the average dreamer isn’t aware of that what lies ahead

Dreaming of Dead Grandmother

Have you ever dreamed of your deceased Grandmother? You’re not alone as thousands of people each month browse the internet to discover the reason the

Dreaming Of Trains

Trains appear in our imaginations as we go through significant transformations in our lives. Trains’ movements run in parallel with our lives, in the event

Dreaming Of Ducks

If it appears like the shape of a duck, is swimming like the duck and quacks as the duck and quacks like a duck, then

Dreaming of Tornadoes

A tornado is described as a localized, extremely destructive windstorm that occurs over land and is characterized by a lengthy funnel-shaped cloud that extends towards

Dreaming Of Bees

Bees can be very symbolic when you see they are buzzing during your dreams. But, the meaning could change based on your experiences with bees,

Dreaming Of Sinking

When we’re sunk in the dream, it draws our attention to areas of our lives that lack foundation, stability, or overwhelming emotions. Dreams that sink

Dreaming Of The Sun

If the sun makes an appear in the dreams of yours,, be aware that you could be going through a major change within your own

Dreaming Of Pigeons

It might be a surprise however, dreaming of the pigeon is thought to be an extremely positive sign of the times. Contrary to the negative

Dreaming of Bug and Insect

Bugs and insects are symbolic images of dreams that have many different interpretations. Based on the way they appear and what type they are, these

10 Dream Facts

Interesting Dream Facts The dream world has been a mystery for scientists as well as psychiatrists, philosophers and psychologists from the very beginning of the

Psychic Dreaming

Precognition is a term that describes the situation when you imagine something, and later it occurs in reality The ability or direct ability to anticipate

Dreaming of Mirror

Mirror and mirror in the mirror, who’s the most fair of all? I’m sure you’re aware of the classic fairytale story as well Snow White

Dreaming of Flying

Being able to be Superman in the dark could be a thrilling experience. It is a complete freedom when you fly through the air effortlessly

Dreaming of Box

The boxes we dream of are symbolic in that they represent our past memories, unseen feelings, or secrets we carry around in our lives. Why

Dreaming Of Being Robbed

I was noticing that other dream interpretation websites claim that being robbed in your dream could be a sign of financial loss. I hope they

Dreaming Of Husband Cheating

Many searches are made each month to discover the meaning behind dream about their husbands. The dreams are usually extremely realistic and vivid, revolving around

Dreaming Of Plants

The dreaming of Plants are thought to be highly symbolic images that are associated with the growth and development that you have discovered in your

Dreaming of Being Shot

Did you know that thousands of people per month use for answers on Google to discover to the reason they were killed during their dream.

Dreaming of Pig

When we hear the term “pig” it is synonymous with greed or being fat. The Pig in your dreams could appear for a variety of

Dreaming of Pinecone

Through the course the recorded history of humanity, the famous picture of the Pinecone symbolized enlightenment, higher consciousness, and the Third Eye. Before the time

Dreaming Of Numbers

Numerology has been a powerful symbol and have value spiritually and numerically. The Greek mathematician and philosopher known as Pythagoras 569 B.C was aware of

Dreaming of Dead Bird

The dreaming of birds is thought to be symbolic, bringing our attention to our personal spirituality, freedom, and the process of change within our daily

Dreaming of Your Dead Grandfather

Have you had a vivid dream of your deceased grandfather recently? The idea of dreaming about your grandfather is thought to be an extremely powerful

Dreaming of Wedding

Weddings can be a positive signs of unity of commitment, dedication, transitions and changes in life. But, there are negative associations associated with weddings which

Dreaming Of Jewelry

Humans have enjoyed decorating themselves throughout the years. Bones, shark teeth, feathers, flowers , and reeds decorated the bodies of our ancestors up to high-end

Dreaming Of A Jaguar

If you’ve stumbled across the image of a Jaguar in your imagination, think you’re lucky. The traditional view of traditionally, the Jaguar that we dream

Dreaming of Fighting

The most popular dreams we encounter is fighting, often to the point of death. Fighting is a powerful dream image that draws your focus to

The Human Shadow

Shadows are a mental concept that encompasses all the unwelcome, unrecognized or undesirable traits we don’t recognize in ourselves. In the words of Carl Jung,

Dreaming of Feet

Have you ever wondered why the the feet of spiritual gurus and gods are revered across the globe? They are an essential part of the

Dreaming Of Uncle

Do you have dreams of your uncle? In your dreams, your uncle could be a male role model who has played an important role within

Dreaming Of Your Boss

It’s enough to be given instructions on what to do in the office however, when you’re at home, the last thing you’d like to be

Dreaming of Poisoning

The dream of poison is a negative symbol which symbolizes toxic people, environments or aspects of us that harm us. The presence of poisonous substances

Dreaming of Lightening

Why is lightening so symbolic in your dream? Dreams of lightening contain both positive and negative elements or significance. The lightning bolt lightning is a

Dreaming Of Quadruplets

Did you know that the chance of having a set of identical quadruplets is one out of 15 million. Because of the rareness of this

Analyzing Your Dreams

What Is Dream Analysis? The study of dreams is a therapeutic method that is widely used in psychoanalysis. Austrian neuroscientist and the pioneer of psychoanalysis.