Dreaming of Money

Dreams of money are not always linked to the financial gains, but instead an image that is usually associated with the individual’s freedom, energy and

Dreaming of Elephant

Through time and throughout religion, elephants have been a symbol of power as well as wisdom and strength. The largest mammal in the world, hiding

Dreaming of Incense

The background of Incense began over 6000 years ago. It was first utilized by early Egyptians. Incense’s history is akin to rituals and spirituality. It

Dreaming Of Crabs

Crabs’ strong connection to the Moon and water can direct you to the feminine energy. It is a potent element that can be unnoticed to

Dreaming of Being Ignored

Millions of dreamers surf on the internet to discover the reason why they’re not being heard in their dreams. The uncomfortable dreaming can cause a

Dreaming of Seeing A Third Eye

The sight of a third eye in your dream could be thought to be extremely rare, but an incredibly powerful dream symbol that symbolizes wisdom,

Dreaming Of Dolls

Due to the blockbuster film of Hollywood “Annabelle” dreaming of dolls is increasing lately. The way the dolls show up in your dreams will tell

Dreaming Of Beans

Did you dream of beans? You’re lucky if you were in a dream that was about beans. A typical dreamer may not be aware of

Dreaming Of Moths

Moths can be highly symbolic and extremely powerful omens when they appear within your dream. Like butterflies, they undergo the process of metamorphosis. These stages

Dreaming of The Animus

The men who occasionally show up in dreams during the night time be linked to your lust? Perhaps the person you are meeting isn’t your

Dreaming Of Mountains

” The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” -Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu The dreaming of mountains are symbolic representations of your

Dreaming of Being Pregnant

These bizarre dreams are typical for both men and women, and they convey an important message. The dreams of pregnancy can be a reflection of

Dreaming of Abandonment

Do you ever dream of being abandoned? The most disturbing vivid dreams we can have is when we are abandoned by other people in our

Dreaming of Protecting

Dreams of protection are complicated symbols that typically revolve around the protection of children, babies and loved ones or a random person. In reality, you

Dreaming of Symbols

Each night, we are forced to stand to the dream world as we are compelled to be the protagonist of the film we don’t want

Dreaming of Feet

Have you ever wondered why the the feet of spiritual gurus and gods are revered across the globe? They are an essential part of the

Dreaming Of Going To Jail

Guilty as accused! Sometimes, when we are sent to jail in our dreams, we realize that this sentence is long overdue. Maybe you’ve omitted the

Dreaming of Dragons

The thing that is common to dragon dreams, whether they were a nightmare or not, is that they shed light on the dreamer’s journey to

Dreaming Of Hair

What’s on your mind? Hair is thought to be highly symbolic in dreams since it is a representation of how you think, your self-image, wisdom

Dreaming of Zombie

Ever wondered how zombies would appear in your nightmares? If you’re not gaming Call of Duty: Zombies on PlayStation for the entire night, I wouldn’t

Dreaming of Your Doppelganger

You may be acquainted with this German term “doppelganger”or what we may refer to as”body double” or ” body double” or ” look-alike” which is

Dreaming of Black Cat

Did you have the knowledge that Black cat belief in Western culture is a tradition that dates all the way back Ancient Greece. If we

Dreaming of Fighting

The most popular dreams we encounter is fighting, often to the point of death. Fighting is a powerful dream image that draws your focus to

Dreaming of Weight

Weight Dream Meaning The idea of dreaming about your weight is a common symbol that can leave the person who dreams confused in the following

Dream Meanings

Check all of our dream meanings here There is no way to know the exact reason for the act of dreaming. It’s possible that dreams

Dreaming of Paranormal

A lot of people have reported bizarre, unrelated events that occur in the night, or right when you get up from a sleep. Many of

Dreaming of Coronavirus

Dream dictionary has studied thousands of dream-related symbols throughout the years online. We’ve noticed a pattern when the outbreak is of a specific virus that

Dreaming Of Your Boss

It’s enough to be given instructions on what to do in the office however, when you’re at home, the last thing you’d like to be

Dreaming of Airports

Airports in dreams are symbolic images that represent the new beginnings, changes, and new adventures that you’ll experience throughout your daily life. In contrast to

Dreaming of Black Snake

Do you have dreams of the black snake? One of the oldest dream images ever documented is the picture of the snake, which is believed

Dreaming Of Fruit

Fruit is available in a variety of shapes sizes, colors and shapes. Each one has unique characteristics that can benefit human health. The dreams you

Dreaming of Breastfeeding

Did you know that in the world of fantasy, milk from a mother was regarded as a miraculous fluid that could heal people and provide

Dreaming Of Dolphins

You’ve been here to learn about the porpoise that dreams are! I’ll see myself out right now. Dreaming of Dolphins could be symbol of a

Dreaming Of Garbage

No matter what you call it, trash, garbage, or even refuse. All of these images are rejected by human beings. The idea of dreaming about

Dreaming Of A Piano

Did you know that the word “Piano” has several meanings in the Italian language? All deduced from context: It is the following: S often, slowly,

Do You Dream Every Night?

Why do I get into a dream at once? There are people who have a long time without recalling their dreams, but then suddenly the

Dreaming of Doctor

The thought of visiting a doctor in your dreams could be a bit confusing because of the kind of appointment, the information given or even

Dreaming of Masks

Since the COVID-19 virus has destroyed its all over the world, masks are now the latest uncomfortable and inconvenient standard. The new reality has brought

Dreaming of Woman

Who is the woman of your fantasies? Our minds aren’t able to create new characters out of the blue. However, the people who appeared are

Dreaming of Clown

The highest grossing horror film “IT” has yet terrorized the young people this time around. It is based on the horror novel written in 1986

Dreaming of Geometric Shapes

The first recorded evidence in Geometry was discovered in the the ancient Mesopotamia around 3000 BCE or in modern-day Iraq which was composed of obtuse

Dreaming of Komodo Dragon

Do you have dreams of the Kodo dragon? The Komodo dragon isn’t just the biggest living lizard however it also poses the possibility of posing

Dreaming of Jumping

The thrill of jumping in your dreams can be an extremely stimulating experience that can leave the person who dreams feeling refreshed in the morning.

Dreaming of Wolf

The reason the wolf is an exceptional dream symbolism is the closeness with Mother Earth and the wild instinctual behaviour. The wolf is a powerful

Dreaming of Spiral Symbols

The spiral was considered by the early times as one of the most significant forms that connect us to the divine as well as The

Dreaming of Eagle

The sight of an eagle is an extremely rare sight nowadays. If you have seen an eagle in your dreams, consider yourself fortunate. Eagles in

Dreaming of Lots Of Snakes

Each month, hundreds of thousands of users surf on the internet to discover the significance that lies behind the most ancient ever documented dream symbols.

Dreaming Of Haunted House

Have ever had a vision of a haunted, creepy house in the past? You might be surprised to discover the meaning behind it. Like the