Dreaming Of Broken Glass

Do you have dreams of glass breaking suggest that you’ll be the beneficiary of seven years of poor luck? Luckily, your life won’t be affected.

Dreaming Of Horses

If horses appear in your dreams, they symbolize the dreams of the dreamer’s energy, vitality, stamina as well as power and prestige. The majestic animals

Dreaming Of Cooking

The significance of dream cooking The idea about cooking is believed to be a positive sign of good luck, indicating that you are feeding the

Dreaming of Cannibals

Do you have dreams of cannibals? Dream cannibals mimic similar patterns to zombies since they feed on humans. However, dream cannibals aren’t actually cannibals, but

Dreaming Of The Dead

If you are unable to see the signs in your everyday life, they could be within your dream. Dreams of family or friends who have

Dreaming Of Shooting Stars

If you have seen the shooting star during your dreams, it came to you because of reasons. Shooting stars are an expression used to describe

Dreaming of Caterpillars

The dream of a caterpillar is among the most powerful signs that symbolizes your life’s cycle, and also to inform you that you’re currently going

Dreaming of Cobras

Spiritual Meaning Of The Cobra In Dreams Have you ever dreamed of an famous snakes on the planet? If the cobra appears in your dreams,

Dreaming Of Goats

Dreams of goats usually point the dreamer to positive luck and balance and agility, urges, masculine energy, and the ability to endure tough times. However,

Dreaming of Bears

Did you know that 98 percent of the grizzly bear populations in the U.S. lives in Alaska. This leads us to the next question. What

Dreaming Of Rabbits

Did this adorable furry animal appear in your dreams at night? Rabbits appearing in your dreams are thought to be extremely symbolic and have a

Dreaming Of A Witch

The dreams of witches are usually warnings about female threats or negative aspect of you that remain undiscovered. The close connection between the witch and

Dreaming of Silver

In our dreams, silver is frequently associated with objects like necklaces, rings or coins because of a particular reason. It could be due to the

Dreaming of Money

Dreams of money are not always linked to the financial gains, but instead an image that is usually associated with the individual’s freedom, energy and

Dreaming Of Kittens

Do you realize that we are wired to see babies as adorable and have an instinctual desire to care for them. Kittens aren’t any different

Dreaming of Lion

Are you the King of the Jungle or are you its prey? If the king of the jungle appears in your dreams, it has been

Dreaming Of The Moon

If the moon is shining in your dreams, it sends an extremely powerful message of the divine energy within you. The force of gravity that

Dreaming of Your Doppelganger

You may be acquainted with this German term “doppelganger”or what we may refer to as”body double” or ” body double” or ” look-alike” which is

Dreaming of Wizard

Wizard Dream Meaning Wizards are appearing in more dreams than ever before, likely due to the popularity of popular films like Harry Potter or the

Dreaming Of Angels

Do you have dreams of angels? The angels who dream are positive signs of wisdom that symbolize and guidance, as well as protection confidence and

What Do Babies Dream Of

While it may not seem as if it does, newborns sleep for a total of 9 hours during daylight hours, and an average of 8

Dreaming of The Animus

The men who occasionally show up in dreams during the night time be linked to your lust? Perhaps the person you are meeting isn’t your

Dreaming of Squirrels

Do you like seeing squirrels in dreams? The dreams of squirrels have some sort of mixed significance because, on the one hand they symbolize the

Dreaming Of Forest

” In the middle of our walk of life, I found myself within a forest dark, for the straightforward pathway had been lost“. Dante, The

Dreaming of Chimpanzee

You may be amazed at how this wild ape which is only found in the vast forests of Africa appears randomly in your dreams. Chimpanzees

Dreaming Of Cows

The Meaning Of Cow Dreams If a cow appears in your dreams, they connect you to the feminine – mother earth. Cows are often depicted

Dreaming of Fingernails

Have you ever dreamed of having fingernails? The dreaming of fingernails symbolizes the short-term development, wisdom, and security within your daily life. What did your

Dreaming of Twins

Cute, cuddly and filled with fascination, babies are fascinating to be honest. Take this and multiply it by two! The dream of a baby is

Dreaming Of UFO

UFO’s that are unidentified in your dreams are fascinating symbols that have something that is hidden inside. The symbolic nature of dreams concentrates on the

Dreaming Of Luggage

The dreaming of luggage or a suitcase are symbolic as they are personal possessions of the person who is dreaming that usually remain undiscovered. The

Dreaming of Wedding Ring

Have you ever thought of the perfect wedding ring? In our fantasies, the wedding ring can be an incredibly powerful symbol of the infinity of

Dreaming Of White Snake

The white snakes are so rare that the odds of encountering one in real life could be one in 100 million. Why are you dreaming

Dreaming of Clown

The highest grossing horror film “IT” has yet terrorized the young people this time around. It is based on the horror novel written in 1986

Dreaming of Eyes

Eyes in dreams can be thought of as a symbol linking us to our soul. Like many other ancient cultures, the eye is believed as

Dreaming Of Holding A Baby

The moment when a baby is held in the arms of a parent can be a wonderful moment. Babies born today not only bring a

Dreaming of Possession

Before you invite the priest over to your home, let’s break down what it means to be possessed in your dreams. Dreams of being possessed

Dreaming of Arguing

Are you experiencing a problem and you are unable to express what you are feeling to the person? Perhaps this person has left your life

Dreaming Of Strawberries

Strawberries are a delicious fruit that is well-known for its distinctive scent and vibrant red color, scrumptious texture, and sweet. If this delicious fruit appears

Dreaming of Weight

Weight Dream Meaning The idea of dreaming about your weight is a common symbol that can leave the person who dreams confused in the following

Dreaming Of Climbing

The pursuit of dreams can bring your attention to the challenges and advancements, achieving goals the goals or expectations within your own life. In your

Dreaming of Sewage

Dreams of sewage are highly symbolic and connect the dreamer to their subconscious emotional state. Underground systems are not known or unattainable for the dreamer,

Dreaming of Tidal Wave

Tidal Waves: The hidden meaning behind dreams Dreaming of tidal waves or any other type of massive wave suggests that the dreamer’s peace and harmony

Dreaming Of Moths

Moths can be highly symbolic and extremely powerful omens when they appear within your dream. Like butterflies, they undergo the process of metamorphosis. These stages

Dreaming of Breastfeeding

Did you know that in the world of fantasy, milk from a mother was regarded as a miraculous fluid that could heal people and provide

Dreaming of a Warning

Are your dreams a warning regarding the direction of your life? The dreadful feeling of waking up from a nightmare that is incredibly disturbing typically

Dreaming of Smiling

Imagine a smiley face Dreams of smiling are a positive image that symbolizes an increase in the mood, tranquility love, and a new discovered happiness

Dreaming Of Your Abuser

Do you fantasize about your ex-partner? Although you might have ended an abusive relationship years ago, the person who abused you might still rear its

Dreaming Of A Window

The Eyes Are Windows To The Soul ~ William Shakespeare Windows in dreams that are symbolic, containing both internal and external forces that are being

Dream Meanings

Check all of our dream meanings here There is no way to know the exact reason for the act of dreaming. It’s possible that dreams

Dreaming of Paranormal

A lot of people have reported bizarre, unrelated events that occur in the night, or right when you get up from a sleep. Many of

Dreaming of My Childhood Home

Are you ever unsure what it is that you are thinking about the house that you were raised in? Dreams of childhood home are often

Dreaming of Water

Dreams of water can be thought of as the universal symbol for the subconscious mind, or what is beneath the surface. This powerful and popular

Dreaming of Lotus Flower

The Lotus flower may not have an important role in Western culture, but in religious traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, as well as Jainism it

Dreaming Of Frogs

Like the butterfly, Frogs are thought to be highly symbolically in dreams. They provide us with luck, resurrection, and transformation. These sudden shifts or changes

Dreaming of Tree

One of nature’s greatest gifts is now surfacing in your dreams, bringing peace, spirituality, and the promise of eternal life. The reason the tree is

Dreaming Of Turtles

The turtles you dream of symbolize your inner strength determination, perseverance as well as spiritually. The fascinating and symbolic message have just appeared to reveal

Dreaming of Kidnapping

You’re frantically fleeing as a mysterious man begins his way to capture you. Whatever speed you go, he’s coming closer and closer to you, your

Dreaming Of Rats

If rats are a nightmare that is troublesome, they are signs that warn you of something buried and risky in your life. When we say

Dreaming of Losing

Do you fear losing something that is important? The thought of losing something that is important to us is a sign of emotional distress when

Dreams and Dreaming

Dreams have always been a mystery from when time began. Through the ages, there have been many theories about the reason for dreams. Many believe

Emotions in Your Dreams

In the mysterious dream world where up is down , and left is right What does it tell us about how we express our emotions?

Dreaming of Being Killed

Dreams can sometimes be violent In reality, killings and murders are common in dreams, yet no one speaks about it. Dreams can be complicated enough,

Dreaming Of Cockroaches

The thought of cockroaches is considered to be negative omens and should be eradicated (identified) immediately. When these creepy, grotesque insects appear in your dreams,

Dreaming Of God

When we see the symbol of God in our dreams, we must examine this image cautiously as it has many meanings for each person. Dreams

Dreaming Of A Rattlesnake

Rattlesnakes show up in your dreams to warn you about things you might have caused in your dream. They are a warning to avoid doing

Dreaming Of Diamonds

Symbolic Meaning Of Diamonds In Dreams The diamond you imagined in your dreams has more value than a real diamond. As with all dream symbols

Dreaming of Basement

As per Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung the basement is the location where we go to lose our soul, only to re-discover it later.

Meaning of Dreams

History of Dreaming: In the past the use of dreams was to heal and also for communicating with the Gods. It was an act of

Dreaming of Wasp

To be a bee or not? A lot of people struggle to distinguish between the two. wasp or a wasp, but in dreams, the wasp

Dreaming Of Stones

Stones are often featured in dreams as a symbol of being grounded, staying close to the surface of the earth, and your personal stability. Because

Dreaming of Earthquake

Dreams of earthquakes are vivid and can be a sign of a personal shake-up or major shift, or any kind of disturbance in your life.

Dreaming Of Being Bitten

The fear of being bitten, whether from a spider, dog sharks, snakes, or even a dog are a sign of warning in relation to aggression,

Dreaming of Jinn

What is a Jinn? Jinn (often al-jinn or Djinn) are amorphous spirit composed of air and fire that have their origins in the pre-Islamic Arabian

Dreaming Of Oranges

What are we aware of about oranges? First of all, they are beneficial to the human body, as they provide us with a an excellent

Dreaming of Crescent Moon

A crescent is a symbol or emblem that represents a stage of the lunar phase during the beginning of the quarter. The moon is a

Dreaming of Mermaid

The Mermaids, also known as semi-divine or divine creatures which are mentioned in mythologies and folklore that date as far as 1000 BCE. They have

Dreaming of Boa Constrictors

Boa constrictors aren’t just the typical snakes that appear in your dreams, but rather a specific species of reptile that is specialized in sucking the

Dreaming Of Quitting Your Job

The thought of quitting your job are more frequent than you imagine. The idea of scolding your coworkers and bosses could be commonplace and you

Dreaming of Kundalini

Kundalini is a type of the divine feminine energy, also known as life force that is located in the spinal column at its base. It

Dreaming Of Dolls

Due to the blockbuster film of Hollywood “Annabelle” dreaming of dolls is increasing lately. The way the dolls show up in your dreams will tell

Dreaming of House

Dream houses represent the person who dreams about themselves. Each room is an array of emotional functions, memories from the past physical body, and the

Dreaming of Crow

Certain birds have an unpopular reputation, no matter the actions they take. Are your superstitious beliefs making you fearful because you have had a vision

Dreaming of Ear

There is a reason that, for some strange reason, whenever ears appear in our dreams, the circumstances appear to be a bit bizarre or very

Dreaming of The Circle Symbol

The circle shape is considered to be as one of the most powerful universal symbols that has a long meaning. It is a shape that

Dreaming of Zombie

Ever wondered how zombies would appear in your nightmares? If you’re not gaming Call of Duty: Zombies on PlayStation for the entire night, I wouldn’t

Dreaming Of Garbage

No matter what you call it, trash, garbage, or even refuse. All of these images are rejected by human beings. The idea of dreaming about

Dreaming Of Running Away

Dreaming of running away is so popular that it is among the top searches in the globe. What is the reason that running away is

Dreaming of Zoo

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Zoo? When we imagine the zoo, it is an image of wild creatures in our lives which

Dreaming Of Hair

What’s on your mind? Hair is thought to be highly symbolic in dreams since it is a representation of how you think, your self-image, wisdom

Dreaming of Woman

Who is the woman of your fantasies? Our minds aren’t able to create new characters out of the blue. However, the people who appeared are

Dreaming of Geometric Shapes

The first recorded evidence in Geometry was discovered in the the ancient Mesopotamia around 3000 BCE or in modern-day Iraq which was composed of obtuse

Dreaming of Hurting

You may be surprised to learn that hurting loved ones through our fantasies is a fairly typical subject. In spite of these abominable actions ,

Dreaming Of Tigers

If tigers appear in your dreams, they carry an extremely symbolic message like that of the Lion however with more cat-like energy. The powerful animals

Dreaming of Demon

A demon can be described as a devil or evil spirit particularly one believed to be possessed by a person or be a tormentor in

Dreaming Of A Bull

Few symbols throughout the history of mankind have shown the raw, powerful energy of life as powerfully as the bull. If the bull appears in

Dreaming of Phoenix

According to legends from the past according to legend, according to legend, the Phoenix was an immortal mythical bird that burns and then resurrects from

Dreaming of Keys

What is the significance spiritual of the keys in your dream? Through the years of studying my dreams and those of others, I observed “keys”

Dreaming of Beetles

It is a good idea to consider yourself fortunate if you have were in a dream about the beetle. The fascinating insects appear in our

Dreaming of Mushrooms

Are You Dreaming Of Mushrooms? There is an equidistant line between nutritious, psychedelic, or poisonous mushroom, when they appear randomly in your dreams. These powerful

Dreaming of Things That Start With Y

Yacht A boat in your vision signifies new happiness, wealth and prosperity throughout your day. The pricey boat could be connect to your spiritual path

Dreaming of Drinking

What is it that makes you have a dream about drinking? Dreaming of drinking is symbolic in that it is connected to the feeling that

Dreaming of Elevator

Elevators are fascinating dream symbols that are metaphorically connecting to our personal and external world. A mysterious symbol that reflects the way we interact with

Dreaming of Bus

One of the most convenient ways of transport that people regularly is buses. The term ‘ Bus” comes from the Latin word “Omni bus which

Dreaming Of Watermelon

Have you ever heard that the early Egyptians depicted watermelon as a subject in illustrations on hieroglyphs found in tombs? They also were able to

Dreaming of Cloaked Figure

Are you dreaming about a black, hooded, hooded figure without a face? There is an increase in the number recently that shows a black, hooded,

Dreaming of Snake

Did you realize that the most ancient dream symbol that has been documented is the serpent. Perhaps you’ve observed the coiled serpent engraving on hieroglyphs

Dreaming of Biblical Things

Biblical Dream Analysis Welcome to Dream Dictionary new Free Online Biblical Dream Interpretation Service. By submitting your dream, you will receive a thorough and precise

Dreaming of Butterfly

The most stunning and powerful dreams symbols is your personal transformation. Dreams of butterflies typically appear at specific moments in our lives when we’re going

Dreaming of Eagle

The sight of an eagle is an extremely rare sight nowadays. If you have seen an eagle in your dreams, consider yourself fortunate. Eagles in

Dreaming Of Hiding

“No matter where you go, there you are.” Confucius The dreams of hiding quite frequent and extremely beneficial once they are decoded. The purpose of

Dreaming of Spiral Symbols

The spiral was considered by the early times as one of the most significant forms that connect us to the divine as well as The

Dreaming Of A Boat

The symbolic meaning of dreams about boats Are we really seeing one of our fantasies? What about water? Is this really water or is it

Dreaming of Fire

If fire appears in our dreams, it could be a sign of warning or reflect the dreamer’s experience of an inner change throughout their lives.

Common Nightmares and Their Meanings

A nightmare is usually an intensely vivid dreams that trigger feelings of despair, fear and sadness. The nightmares are common among children, however, they can

Dreaming Of Mountains

” The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” -Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu The dreaming of mountains are symbolic representations of your