Dreaming of Ouroboros

“The name Ouroboros also known as the serpent that eats its own tail comes in the Greek word that means “tail devourer,” which is believed

Dreaming of Crescent Moon

A crescent is a symbol or emblem that represents a stage of the lunar phase during the beginning of the quarter. The moon is a

Dreaming Of Head Lice

The thought of having head lice in your dreams is a very uncomfortable and vivid experience that leaves you feeling uncomfortable throughout the day. The

Dreaming Of Rats

If rats are a nightmare that is troublesome, they are signs that warn you of something buried and risky in your life. When we say

Dreaming of Coworker

Why Are You Dreaming Of Your Coworkers? One of the last things we would like to do when on vacation is think about the people

Dreaming Of Needles

Did you know that the fear of needles, which is noted within the DSM (medical literature) is often referred to as needle fear. People who

Dreaming of Python

The Pythonidae are commonly referred to as pythons, is one of the biggest non-venomous snakes which are found in warmer regions of the world. In

Psychic Dreaming

Precognition is a term that describes the situation when you imagine something, and later it occurs in reality The ability or direct ability to anticipate

Dreaming of Bus

One of the most convenient ways of transport that people regularly is buses. The term ‘ Bus” comes from the Latin word “Omni bus which

Dreaming Of Tattoo

The idea of getting tattoos has been increasing lately, and there are thousands of search results per month. Could this be a sign of an

Dreaming Of God

When we see the symbol of God in our dreams, we must examine this image cautiously as it has many meanings for each person. Dreams

Dreaming Of Quitting Your Job

The thought of quitting your job are more frequent than you imagine. The idea of scolding your coworkers and bosses could be commonplace and you

Dreaming Of Talking To The Dead

When you think that dreams were not complicated enough, you discover the dead who is talking to you while you sleep. The particular kinds of

Dreaming of Toxic Mother

“Aren’t you beautiful? Aren’t you beautiful? You’ll be as beautiful as your mommy!” Do you recognize the same pattern? Perhaps it’s time to talk about

Dreaming of Wasp

To be a bee or not? A lot of people struggle to distinguish between the two. wasp or a wasp, but in dreams, the wasp

Dreaming Of My Child

When we think of our children, they usually depict them as if they are at risk, in risk, kidnapped or even murdered. These nightmares could

Dreaming of Drowning

The Meaning Why We Are Drowning In Our Dreams If you’ve never had a nightmare of drowning in the past, you may consider yourself fortunate.

Dreaming Of Being Robbed

I was noticing that other dream interpretation websites claim that being robbed in your dream could be a sign of financial loss. I hope they

Dreaming of Smiling

Imagine a smiley face Dreams of smiling are a positive image that symbolizes an increase in the mood, tranquility love, and a new discovered happiness

Dreaming of The Hamsa

What Exactly Is A Hamza? The palm-shaped ornament known as “Hamsa” can be seen throughout across the Middle East and North Africa and is mostly

Dreaming of Tongues

When you thought that you couldn’t get any more bizarre, we will discuss the significance behind tongues. Because dreams are known to use metaphors to

Dreaming Of High School

The idea of returning to high school a few decades after graduation are dreams of symbolic meaning that can have both a positive and negative

Dreaming of Cliff

A Cliff is described as a vertical or high natural rock wall. Cliffs are prevalent along coasts and in mountainous regions, escarpments, and along rivers.

Dreaming of Losing

Do you fear losing something that is important? The thought of losing something that is important to us is a sign of emotional distress when

Dreaming of Your Dead Grandfather

Have you had a vivid dream of your deceased grandfather recently? The idea of dreaming about your grandfather is thought to be an extremely powerful

Dreaming of Dog Bite

According to research, there are around 4.5 million bites from dogs that happen within the United States alone each year. Based on these numbers alone,

Dreaming Of Being Bitten

The fear of being bitten, whether from a spider, dog sharks, snakes, or even a dog are a sign of warning in relation to aggression,

Dreaming of The Same Person

The mind is already a bit hazy, however what happens when you continue to dream about the exact person over and overagain? It is said

Dreaming Of Husband Cheating

Many searches are made each month to discover the meaning behind dream about their husbands. The dreams are usually extremely realistic and vivid, revolving around

Dreaming of Colored Snake

Have you ever dreamed of the color of a snake? Snakes are considered to be one of the oldest and yet enigmatic dream symbols that

Dreaming of Superhero

Do you have dreams of super-heroes? The recent trend of dreaming about superheroes is increasing because of the flood of superhero films being pumped into

Dreaming of Test

Dreaming about test results are not uncommon for those who have finished the high school years or university years many years after. Most likely, the

Dreaming of Buying

Meaning behind buying dreams Imagine the feeling you get whenever you make a purchase within your daily life. We feel good right? It turns out

Dreaming Of Hiding

“No matter where you go, there you are.” Confucius The dreams of hiding quite frequent and extremely beneficial once they are decoded. The purpose of

Dreaming of Killing A Snake

What is the reason do we kill snakes in our nightmares? Did you know that it’s normal for pregnant women to imagine taking down the

Dreaming of Wizard

Wizard Dream Meaning Wizards are appearing in more dreams than ever before, likely due to the popularity of popular films like Harry Potter or the

Dreaming Of Goats

Dreams of goats usually point the dreamer to positive luck and balance and agility, urges, masculine energy, and the ability to endure tough times. However,

Dreaming of Waking Up

Have you ever experienced an dream in a vision before? A lot of our dreamers at dream dictionary would like to understand the significance of

Dreaming of Water

Dreams of water can be thought of as the universal symbol for the subconscious mind, or what is beneath the surface. This powerful and popular

Dreaming of Tornadoes

A tornado is described as a localized, extremely destructive windstorm that occurs over land and is characterized by a lengthy funnel-shaped cloud that extends towards

The Human Shadow

Shadows are a mental concept that encompasses all the unwelcome, unrecognized or undesirable traits we don’t recognize in ourselves. In the words of Carl Jung,

Dreaming of Colors

Dream colors are crucial in aiding you in understanding the dream. They are often interpreted as emotions or moods that are linked to the symbols

Dreaming of Breaking Up

What is the reason we don’t want to live our fantasies? One of the most disturbing nightmares we could ever have is that of breaking

Dreaming of The Stomach

Stomach Dream Meaning The stomach or abdomen typically connect the person dreaming with their subconscious emotions, or is directly related to your health and fitness

Dreaming of Falling

Dreams that fall are among the most common of all the dreams we have throughout our lives. According to research, the average person can experience

Dreaming of Road

The paths and roads that we don’t see within our imaginations are frequently ignored. What the average dreamer isn’t aware of that what lies ahead