Dreaming of Car

Cars are a common sight, yet extremely symbolic symbols of dreams that connect you to personal change and personal goals and the current lifestyle.. The

Dreaming of The Devil

The dream of the Devil typically reveals the subconscious aspects of your character that seem inconvenient or sinful. Although we are not aware of these

Dreaming of Deformity

Are you dreaming of being deformed? Awaking from a disturbing dream of being deformed not just makes you feel agitated throughout the day, but also

Dreaming Of Clothes

The clothes worn in dreams are symbolic which represent the persona of the dreamer as well as confidence and how they be able to relate

Dreaming of Zebra

What is the meaning of a zebra in your nighttime vision? The first thing that comes to mind when you dream about animals, is whether

Dreaming Of Cows

The Meaning Of Cow Dreams If a cow appears in your dreams, they connect you to the feminine – mother earth. Cows are often depicted

Dreaming of Being Barefoot

Barefoot dream meaning The feet we see in our dreams are extremely symbolic as they let the dreamer discover clues about themselves that are normally

Dreaming of the Ankh Symbol

The most well-known symbols that is engraved across the Egyptian tombs, pyramids, as well as hieroglyphs, is an Ankh symbolizing”the “key of life” or “breath

Dreaming Of Bridges

Since when time began,, bridges serve a vital role in our daily lives. Its principal purpose is to allow people as well as animals and

Dreaming Of Quadruplets

Did you know that the chance of having a set of identical quadruplets is one out of 15 million. Because of the rareness of this

Dreaming Of Trains

Trains appear in our imaginations as we go through significant transformations in our lives. Trains’ movements run in parallel with our lives, in the event

Dreaming Of Foxes

If a fox is seen in your dreams, pay attentively as you’re dealing with a symbolically based, but fraudulent animal. They are wild animals that

Dreaming of Snake

Did you realize that the most ancient dream symbol that has been documented is the serpent. Perhaps you’ve observed the coiled serpent engraving on hieroglyphs

Dreaming Of Being Trapped

The feeling of being stuck or trapped can be an awful feeling that usually occurs in haunted houses or in a box, or in a

Dreaming Of Snow

The term snow is used to describe “solid precipitation that occurs in a range of tiny crystals of ice at temperatures that are below 0

Dreaming of Epic Events

What Classifies As An Epic Dream? These dreams are special and profound that once you’ve had one, you will recall it as if it was

Dreaming of Backwards Motion

What is it that we mean when we reverse our thoughts in fantasies? If we’re going backwards in our dreams , it could be interpreted

Dreaming of Earthquake

Dreams of earthquakes are vivid and can be a sign of a personal shake-up or major shift, or any kind of disturbance in your life.

Dreaming Of The Desert

In the field of geography, a desert is a type of landscape or region that receives little rainfall. In your dreams , the desert appears

Dreaming of Lion

Are you the King of the Jungle or are you its prey? If the king of the jungle appears in your dreams, it has been

Dreaming of Bears

Did you know that 98 percent of the grizzly bear populations in the U.S. lives in Alaska. This leads us to the next question. What

Dreaming of Laughing

Did you know that in the majority of instances that the so-called “sleep-laughing” is a harmless physiological phenomenon, a kind of behavioural reaction to dream

Dreaming of Kissing

Kissing Dream Meaning? Do you realize that kissing triggers an emotional reaction in your brain? The so-called “love hormone” actually has an scientific name: the

Dreaming Of Oranges

What are we aware of about oranges? First of all, they are beneficial to the human body, as they provide us with a an excellent

Dreaming of Nose

Because the nose is one of the five senses that the body has, it is thought to be very symbolic in dreams and often has

Dreaming Of Stones

Stones are often featured in dreams as a symbol of being grounded, staying close to the surface of the earth, and your personal stability. Because

Dreaming Of A Window

The Eyes Are Windows To The Soul ~ William Shakespeare Windows in dreams that are symbolic, containing both internal and external forces that are being

Dreaming of Bed

Do you realize that the past of the beds could be traced as far as 7700 BCE which is which is the Early Neolithic age.

Dreaming of Being Shot

Did you know that thousands of people per month use for answers on Google to discover to the reason they were killed during their dream.

Dreaming Of Baby Dying

If you see babies in your dreams, they could be seen as symbolic and carry an unspoken message about you. In reality, dreaming about the

Dreaming of Arguing

Are you experiencing a problem and you are unable to express what you are feeling to the person? Perhaps this person has left your life

Dreaming Of Bats

Bats are often portrayed with an unpopular image because of Hollywood’s portrayal of bats in movies. They are often seen as symbol of death, filth

Dreaming Of Mice

Contrary to Rats who are secluded beneath (unconscious) in areas of infestation Mice are more aware to the person dreaming. Mice aren’t as dangerous and

Dreaming of Your Ex

10 Reasons Why You’re Dreaming About Your Ex Are you confused as to the reason you’re still dreaming about your ex? It turns out that

Dreaming of Affairs

Affair Dream Meaning Are you involved in a romantic relationship in your dreams? Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve even imagined your spouse or

Dreaming of Your Dead Mother

When you think that dreams were a bit bizarre, try throwing your mother’s death into the mix. Every month, thousands of people browse the internet

Dreaming of Face

The Meaning Behind Face Dreams The face you see in your dreams shows the innermost part of the dreamer’s personality, revealing the real character, health

Dreaming of Being Late

The most popular dreams centers around the dreamer racing to take a flight, or to pass an exam, graduate or even to attend a wedding.

Dreaming of The Police

“You are entitled to keep your mouth shut. What you say could and could be taken into consideration in the legal court. You are entitled

Dreaming of The Circle Symbol

The circle shape is considered to be as one of the most powerful universal symbols that has a long meaning. It is a shape that

Dreaming Of A Bull

Few symbols throughout the history of mankind have shown the raw, powerful energy of life as powerfully as the bull. If the bull appears in

Dreaming Of Holding A Baby

The moment when a baby is held in the arms of a parent can be a wonderful moment. Babies born today not only bring a

Dreaming Of Bees

Bees can be very symbolic when you see they are buzzing during your dreams. But, the meaning could change based on your experiences with bees,

Dreaming Of Your Dead Father

Did you know that thousands of people use the internet every month for answers to the question of that their deceased father has mysteriously appeared

Dreaming Of Sharks

Sharks are often seen during our sleep as a symbol of dangers, threats, or warnings that are lurking around us in our daily lives. The

Dreaming of Intruder

The dream of an intruder is an unwelcome symbol of an intrusion into our outer and inner worlds. Because our home is usually depicted by