Dreaming of Lotus Flower

The Lotus flower may not have an important role in Western culture, but in religious traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, as well as Jainism it

Common Nightmares and Their Meanings

A nightmare is usually an intensely vivid dreams that trigger feelings of despair, fear and sadness. The nightmares are common among children, however, they can

Dreaming of Drinking

What is it that makes you have a dream about drinking? Dreaming of drinking is symbolic in that it is connected to the feeling that

Dreaming of Pinecone

Through the course the recorded history of humanity, the famous picture of the Pinecone symbolized enlightenment, higher consciousness, and the Third Eye. Before the time

Dreaming of Finding

Did you discover something you were looking for in your dreams? There’s nothing you’ve found. It just came to you! Whatever you see in your

Dreaming of Volcano

Simply put the definition, a volcano is an opening on the surface of the Earth. Most often, it is found in a mountain that has

Dreaming of Door

Doors are considered to be one of the oldest dream symbols that date as the ancient Egyptian times. In various traditions, cultures, religions mythology, folklore

Dreaming of Adoption

The idea of adopting doesn’t always suggest that you’ll adopt a child, but rather it is a symbol of receiving something from another country or

Dreaming Of My Throat

Because the throat is situated behind the mouth, your dream makes use of this image to represent expression and communication. Because of the position behind

Dreaming Of Your Abuser

Do you fantasize about your ex-partner? Although you might have ended an abusive relationship years ago, the person who abused you might still rear its

Dreaming of Owl

The dreaming of owls is thought of as one of the most potent predictions that has a secret mystery that can only be opened by

Dreaming of Two Headed Snake Symbol

The double-headed snake is often misunderstood as a symbol of the cycle of renewal, rebirth, change and power. Because the snake sheds skin only to

Dreaming of Electricity

Electricity is an unfathomable entity that is both transparent and invisible simultaneously. The thought of electricity draws your focus to the changes in energy, conscious

Dreaming of Beetles

It is a good idea to consider yourself fortunate if you have were in a dream about the beetle. The fascinating insects appear in our

Dreaming of Tunnel

Tunnels are fascinating dream symbols, and some believe they connect the dreamer with their subconscious. My personal experience has shown me that the subway tunnel

Dreaming of Dead Bird

The dreaming of birds is thought to be symbolic, bringing our attention to our personal spirituality, freedom, and the process of change within our daily

Dreaming of Wheel

The significance of the wheel is so profound wisdom that it is difficult to sum into a handful of paragraphs because of its complexity. A

Dreaming Of Getting Lost

The desire to be lost could result from fear, anxiety and confusion that result in searching for something that you are looking for in your

Dreaming Of A Rattlesnake

Rattlesnakes show up in your dreams to warn you about things you might have caused in your dream. They are a warning to avoid doing

Dreaming of Island

Are You Dreaming Of An Island? An island can be defined as an area of land that is surrounded by water and is or detached

Dreaming of Cloaked Figure

Are you dreaming about a black, hooded, hooded figure without a face? There is an increase in the number recently that shows a black, hooded,

Dreaming of Woods

Have you ever dreamed of going deep into the forest? Did you realize that the majority of dreams of the woods are typically frighteningly haunting?

Dreaming Of Jewelry

Humans have enjoyed decorating themselves throughout the years. Bones, shark teeth, feathers, flowers , and reeds decorated the bodies of our ancestors up to high-end

Dreaming of Poisoning

The dream of poison is a negative symbol which symbolizes toxic people, environments or aspects of us that harm us. The presence of poisonous substances

Dreaming of the Anima

In the night, he fantasizes about his Anima who is bipolar in the sense that depending on the relationship you have with her, could reveal

Dreaming of Hugging

Imagines of hugging or embracing one another are vivid dreams that feel real and carry a hidden message. The act of hugging during dreams can

Dreaming of Kundalini

Kundalini is a type of the divine feminine energy, also known as life force that is located in the spinal column at its base. It

Dreaming Of Running Away

Dreaming of running away is so popular that it is among the top searches in the globe. What is the reason that running away is

Dreaming of Baboon

What are the meanings of baboons in dreams? Have the world’s biggest monkey appeared from the blue in your dreams? It turns out that this

Dreaming of Celebrities

Have you ever heard that the dream of a famous person is among the most popular dreams that people have. In reality, hundreds of thousands

Dreaming of Death

There are two things that that are guaranteed. Taxes and death. Why do that millions of people each month go online to discover the reason

Analyzing Your Dreams

What Is Dream Analysis? The study of dreams is a therapeutic method that is widely used in psychoanalysis. Austrian neuroscientist and the pioneer of psychoanalysis.

Dreaming of the Cross Symbol

Spiritual Significance Of The Cross Did you know that before that the Christian religion adopted the famous sign of the cross, it was utilized as

Dreaming of Garden

What is it that makes you imagine the garden? Because dreams communicate with us through metaphors and symbols, the garden you see in your dreams

Dreaming Of A Witch

The dreams of witches are usually warnings about female threats or negative aspect of you that remain undiscovered. The close connection between the witch and

Dreaming of Pearl

Did you know that people all over the globe have been enthralled by pearls for a long time? You are lucky if you think of

Dreaming of Cancer

Being told that you’ve got cancer in your dream can be extremely disturbing even when you get up. As with many people, you’d be skeptical

Dreaming of Earrings

Did you know that the practice of ear piercings dates to as early as 3,000 BCE. A mummy named Otzi was discovered frozen in frozen

Dreaming Of Caves

If you come across a huge underground passage , it is symbolically significant in dreams. It is possible to believe it is just the earth’s

Dreaming Of Knives

Dreams that involve knives are symbolic and draw your attention to the things that are being taken from our lives. The knife image is usually

Dreaming of Being Naked in Public

The most popular fantasies is that they focus on not wearing clothing in public. The scenario of the dream usually occurs at work, with people

Dreaming of Bread

If bread appears in your dreams, it has symbolic properties that connect us to our body and mind as well as emotional and psychic energies.

Dreaming of Cemetery

In popular culture, many horror stories, spooky Halloween films and novels are set in a cemetery. They are nevertheless a part of our landscapes. They

Dreaming Of Spiders

If a spider appears in your dreams, they carry positive and negative aspects according to its behavior. On the other hand, you could discern this