Dreaming of Electricity

Electricity is an unfathomable entity that is both transparent and invisible simultaneously. The thought of electricity draws your focus to the changes in energy, conscious shift or even a danger.

The powerful symbol can be used metaphorically to either’shock or bring illumination to the person who is dreaming. Based on the context, electricity could change its meaning to a either a positive or negative interpretation. After the switch has been switched on, be prepared for a waking.

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The fear of being electrocuted by the lightening or live wire could have two meanings. Live wires are an indication of danger to the presence of someone or something close to you who could be a danger to.

These are warnings to act with care. If you were struck by a wire, it is a sign of negligence or letting someone affect your. Being hit by lightning suggests uncontrolled energy. emotions build up and can lead to aggression.

The strike can bring you to attention to your the personal perspective you have. In the words of Carl Jung he believed anything that is lightening hits something is thought to be to be a transformation.

Electric Chair

The thought of being in an electric chair reminds the user that their actions carry consequences. You’ve been detained and heard by a judge, and sent to sit in the chair. The chair can also represent the idea of forced change, because you are being in a prison without your consent as a image of the dead and resurrection. The old methods no longer are effective, but there could there be certain resistance.

Transformation & Kundalini

Kundalini is a term used in Hinduism is a type that is a divine source of energies (or shakti) believed to reside in the base of our spine. The electrical energy in dreams could be a an association with the energy shifts that one may feel during the process of awakening.

The divine force is composed of feminine, creative and endless wisdom. The snake that is coiled at the root , and travels through the spinal column through all seven chakras prior to enlightenment.

  • Conscious shift
  • Energy Healing
  • Divine Purpose
  • The ability to discern or psychic energy
  • Higher frequency of vibration

Lightening Dream Symbolism

A sudden release of tension significant changes could be positive or negative. The sight of lightening from the skies (Gods) suggests a an awakening or sudden realization. The uncertainty and unpredictable nature of lightning can make you fearful that you will be punished.

The result of this incident is likely to be swift because electricity moves at 6,696,000 miles an hour. If the lightning hit someone you know, it could signal the possibility of danger or emotions, emotion or anger. These can be strong instinctual drives that are passed down from generation to generation and may be related to puberty.

  • Changes to come
  • Sexuality (puberty)
  • Released tension
  • Eureka
  • New or updated knowledge

Emotional Charge:

You’re a great conductor. If you’re in the vicinity of water at the time of lightning strikes the water, you’re likely to be struck by electricity. Water draws your focus to the emotional aspect of the person who dreams. It could be a manifestation of emotions which release.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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