Dreaming of Epic Events

What Classifies As An Epic Dream?

These dreams are special and profound that once you’ve had one, you will recall it as if it was just a few years ago. The majority of people will have a dream of epic proportions at least at least once in their life but very few discuss it.

What an Epic Dream Feels Like

guardian angels together
  • awake feeling as if you could take over the world
  • The dream is as if you’re in a state of lucidity
  • A dream that will be in your mind for the rest of your life time
  • A state of euphoria
  • The moment you wake up can alter your perception.
  • ability to bring out emotions that you have had never experienced before


I had an amazing dream last night. It was just so vivid that I don’t think it was a dream that was lucid, or an extremely realistic one. It was an eruption of a volcano which was about to happen. I wasn’t sure when but I did see the volcano from the high point of a building in my dream, and was surrounded with boiling ocean water. I was looking around and I saw people running. So I decided to run as well.

When I ran, I felt the muscles stretching even in dreams! It was terrifying, but interesting. It was no surprise that when I woke up my legs started to hurt like I had actually been in a dream!

Then, we walked into the tunnel, which was adorned by marble columns as well as stunning carvings. The crowd continued to run in a straight line The next thing I realized, I had dropped something in my vision. When I returned to find it, I noticed that there were far too many people to get through, so I kept going.

I was sitting in front of this mall-like structure. When I entered I was instructed by an unknown person to turn left and I did it. I climbed through an escalator, then ran down a hill on a second floor, and was in a convention hall. Many of the people I had previously seen whether real or not were seated at tables.

The scenery changed and I was seated in a forest near an old wooden home with my fellow travelers in the form of a circle. A statue was erected near the end in the woods.

The statue suddenly changed direction! It extended a hand to my friend. In panic, I turned and saw an old lady coming towards me. I woke up the next morning. It was so real.. It was so real!


I had an unforgettable dream that i will never forget. I felt so free when i awoke and i wish it could last longer, but it began like this: I was in a medieval village with stone floors. Four orphans asked me to assist in robbing the house, and i didn’t know why, I was thinking, but i also agreed and dressed as a man wearing glasses and a beige cloak and set out to find an area to rob.

and we came across one that had a door slightly open. We snuck inside and were extremely careful to ensure that nobody was inside the house. When the signal was clear , we tried to steal everything we could. Then somebody walked from the bathroom, and before we could spot him, we were gone in a flash.

The moment we left the orphans fled, there was a policeman who was watching us and wanted to arrest me, however I told him that I’m not going to be caught if i I fly away, so that’s what I did, and i soared away myself, and wow was this stunning sunset that i was flying towards as I got further away, i saw an ancient Greek ruins in a field, but the view was so stunning that i felt a felt a sense of satisfaction inside my chest.

When i got to the ruin, i met my high school friend She said that she was trying to keep her dad from seeing her because he’s mad at her and could strike her or do something else lol. I told her that i would assist her in talking to her father, so I flew off to him, and assisted in solving the issue so that the dad was no longer mad and i got up.


I wish I had more epic fantasies… They’re amazing. I’ve had only two so far, and only one of them was well-organized to the point of actually being a sensible tale however the other was a blast in its spontaneity and kept me wondering throughout.

It’s certainly interesting to claim that you’ll be able to remember them throughout your life. I certainly do, and when I look back, I actually remember more than actual events that took place in real life!

It was a bit odd… however, it was awe-inspiring. I typically dream about a lot each night, and mostly about everyday things, but the two dreams that really have made my day. In the epic, sensible dream I had, I actually passed out in the end. I must say the moment I got up , I thought that was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!


The only thing I can really call epic was to me a little over one year ago. In my memory, as I stood in the field of my friend, I saw colors that you and I as human beings couldn’t possibly see. A huge meteor storm exploded from an immense black sea. When the meteors struck our atmosphere, lightning would illuminate the sky, and I would be able to see these hues.

The prettiest and most vivid reds, purples and greens filled the sky. The meteors began making an their impact and are still glowing from their journey. I glance to my left and see a huge ship. It’s so huge it could not fit on our world.

The “ship” appeared to be sinking or falling, to the bottom of the Horizon. I can remember it moving ever closer. The sensation I experienced when I awoke was one that I would never again experience. It was like I’d witnessed the final minutes of the earth’s existence, and was going to disappear. I was saved from my own personal demise.


Iv experienced more than one of these dreams , but my first vivid memory and dream is by far the most incredible one i’ve ever had and i can recall it as if I had just awakened from it.

I dreamed that I was in a dark area and a light glowed over me like a tube . I were sitting Indian fashion on the floor , with an extremely old-fashioned document that was opened to a blank page in red and black. A deep, strong voice spoke to me and told me to go through the book of life I looked at it and thought I couldn’t read it. Then i awakened.

I was unsure of who I was or the people around me. It was my very first memory and i’m not sure what a child of four could have a clue about the story of life.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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