Dreaming of Falling

Dreams that fall are among the most common of all the dreams we have throughout our lives. According to research, the average person can experience falling in a dream as many as five times during their lifetime.

The vivid nightmares usually revolve around the idea of falling, slipping or jumpingor being pushedfrom high above the ground. Research suggests that the falling that occurs in dreams could be the result of the natural disorder known as Parasomnias. However, dream analysts believe it has to do with the fact that they are not grounded.

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Reasons For Falling Dreams

A phenomenon known as Hypnagogia is a normal and natural phenomenon that takes place in the transition between sleep and wakefulness. Similar to the experience by sleeping paralysis, falling asleep in dreams is regarded as to be a “hypnagogic state” known to cause the person to feel as if they’re actually falling.

The American Academy of Sleep they suggest that there are a variety of causes for these disruptions. One theory is that falling dreams are connected to the events happening in our daily life. When we have dreams of falling, we’ve lost control of some aspect of our lives which needs to be recognized. Perhaps a metaphor for the need to be grounded or lose contact with reality.

  • worried about being fired
  • Connecting to people
  • being unable to control the situation
  • Lack of confidence
  • You’re embarrassed to not be able to
  • you are not in charge of your destiny
  • hitting rock bottom
  • Insecurity
  • need proper grounding
  • spiritual foundation

Falling In Dreams & Waking Up

Hypnagogic jerks can be described as an involuntary muscle spasms that occur just before bed or simply walking up. Researchers have found that these constant and powerful, but sudden contractions occur in up to 70% of people who sleep. But not all of them can force you to go back to sleep. Most of them go unnoticed and you sleep through them.

Also called hypnic jerks, or sleep starts that can be accompanied by hallucinations, feelings of bright lights, falling and explosions in the head syndrome. Certain scientists believe that certain triggers like anxiety, stress anxieties, fatigue, caffeine , and sleep deprivation, can increase the frequency or intensity of hypnic jerks.

Another theory that is scientifically based is that the brain transmits electric signals to muscle to check for paralysis, however it isn’t yet triggered. But this is unanswered.

Another popular theory suggests an evolutionary view of falling dreams, arguing that the jerks may be an ancient primate reflex that triggers the muscles relaxing just before bed The brain interprets relaxation as a signal to alert to the primate’s fall off the tree. The brain is then able to respond quickly, transmitting signals to muscles.

How To Stop Falling Sensations

  • avoid caffeine
  • Do not sleep too much.
  • reduce stress
  • mediation
  • Avoid stimulants
  • Check your medications for any symptoms

Falling Dreams

#1. Losing Balance In Dream Meaning?

The nightmares of losing balance are symbolic in nature, reminding you of your own inability to equilibrium in your life. You may be in a state of instability because you require a solid foundation and a need to look into the areas in which you could be at risk or slip which could cause disturbance. The place you are in and the people around you could provide a clue as to what to watch out for.

#2. Pushed In Dream?

The most common type of dream is that we are being pushed by an unidentified person or an individual you already have in your life. The dreams symbolize telling that someone could be the cause of this loss of control, or even you.

If you’re unable to recognize the person behind the person who pushed you, it could be linked with the shadow part of your character. This is the side you’ve neglected or the undiscovered part that causes you to get into your own problems.

If you’re trying to please others, for instance this dream could be a good idea. If you were a person, you think they were the one responsible or an example of someone with these traits.

The dream could suggest that you could be pushed beyond your limits. It could be that you are pushed over implying that you are not be a good-natured. Someone could catch you by surprise.

#3. Lost Grip In Dream?

The struggle to hang on to your life’s precious moments in the dream is not uncommon. The dreams indicate the need to ground your daily life. There may be a feeling of a lack of control, and this can be affecting your life in a way that you are not aware of.

It is possible to look into various areas of your life that you feel like you’re just hanging on, or if you believe that someone is getting an advantage over you. It is possible that you require more help in your life , as you might feel a loss of control.

#4. Holding or Slipping In Dream

The idea of hanging on to your life in your dreams suggests you’re trying to solve a problem you have no influence over. It could be in your friends, a relationship and even family members. It could also be related to your feelings as you try to hang the line before falling.

The possibility of falling and sliding to your death can be terrifying experience. The possibility of falling to your death is that you’ll eventually “slip up” in a specific situation, which can cause emotional stress. Are you able to get back in your grip? Did you slip and fall to the ground? What was the location? What did you feel like when you fell?

Holding the line at the edge or standing on the edge of a cliff could pose danger. Does it mean you are living in a dangerous place or perhaps you make dangerous decisions, thereby you are on the edge. It’s possible that you require to ground yourself spiritually and physically.

#6. Falling From A Building Dream

Buildings are seen in our dreams as objects that were constructed before, metaphorically in relation to a brand new idea or idea. They may also be connected to your beliefs or relationships, concepts or projects that have been “built” by you in the past. The idea of falling from a building in your dreams represents the loss of control or abandonment.

#7. Somebody Falling In Dreams

It is possible to consider the person in danger as an illustration of losing them in a specific manner. It could be that you feel that the person is beyond the control of you, or that other factor has affected them. You may be experiencing anxiety from others who are around you.

The ability to determine who was in your dream, as well as your emotional condition and whereabouts can help you understand the dream. If you are feeling helpless, it could mean that you’re not in control of helping other people who are in danger.

#8. Falling Down A Staircase Dream

Steps represent a symbol in that they represent progress or improvement within our daily lives. If you fall down the stairs suggests that you might be experiencing a setback or a delay in this particular area. If it happened within your home, it could be a sign of your mental or psyche’s growth.

#9. Water falling on you

Dreams of falling into water draw our focus to our mental state. It could be a sense of loss of control or a frightened area of your body that causes you to be fearful.

#10. The bottom of the page is where it’s at

It could be a sign of the end or a change in your life. You may require to find the root of the matter. Are you concerned you’re at the bottom of your life? Does this have to do with your work or relationships?

The memory of how you fell to the ground could indicate the things that need to be addressed within your own life. If you fell on your back, it suggests that you require more help within your own life. If you fell on your hands , it means that you require more of a helping hand from those who are close to you.

If you’ve fallen in water, it indicates that your emotional broken and must deal with the issue as soon as possible.

Spiritual Meaning Falling From Dreams

If you were able to get back on your feet after falling, it is a sign of overcoming any obstacle that you have faced that you have faced in life. The moment you fall, then sliding yourself to safety demonstrates that you can discover a way to get out of the challenging circumstance. Learn how to avoid falling in your dreams ( r).


“People who fall the hardest, bounce back the highest.” — Nishan Panwar. “Just because we fell one time doesn’t mean we can’t get up and let our light shine.”

“When real people do fall down in their lives they pick themselves up and continue walking.

Dreams that fall from the sky should not be ignored, particularly if they occur frequently. The dream may be subconsciously pointing to our fears and beliefs about the world . Although all dreams that fall aren’t always negative, they can be they can be a signpost to us to be open to the change happening.

Sometimes, we have to reach the bottom before we can begin the next stage. These kinds of dreams help us become more aware of the actions and behavior within our lives.

The famous dream analyst Carl Jung stated that falling is a sign that you are excessively high in life, trying to impress other people. This could be referring to the way one compares to their neighbor as a measure of social class or the accumulation of material possessions. If you are caught in the dream, it could be seen as a sign of social, economic or cultural inequities.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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