Dreaming of Feet

Have you ever wondered why the the feet of spiritual gurus and gods are revered across the globe? They are an essential part of the acupuncture system that connects to various organs and meridians.

In many religions it is believed that the soul and body are interconnected and even manifest within the soles of our feet. In Psalm 119:105, the author says “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”. In the Bible, feet are frequently linked to desires.

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What is it that makes feet so symbolic in our fantasies is its ability to not just to carry us through all over the globe, but also also provide us with stability and balance. It is possible to interpret “feet” similar to how the ancient Chinese connect them to the whole emotional support systems. Feet are a part of your body, a mirror within you that reflects your ideals, attitudes security, and movements.

  • Goals or advancement
  • Delays or setbacks
  • Life, accidents and relationships
  • Motivations and desires

Fun Feet Facts:

Did you know that the first shoe was invented 3,500 BC. Each foot is 1.5 times the weight of your body when you walk.

How To Understand Feet Dreams

Strangely enough, feet appear to appear in negative situations like getting bitten by snakes, or needles that are stuck in their. The meaning of the dream can give you specific clues that will help you identify the significance.

The dream can be interpreted in a metaphorical way and determine if there are any feelings that are arising in your life right now. For instance, if you dream about “chicken feet” it is a reference to your subconscious fears, weaknesses and anxieties within your life. The chicken feet are symbolic of you being a chicken in life.

Washing, Massaging & Rubbing Feet Meaning

These are positive dream images that suggest healing or helping the person’s foot that you’re touching. Could it be someone whom you offer assistance and comfort to? Or, the rubbing could be a sign of your sexual side and your intimate feelings for the person.

The act of washing someone’s feet demonstrates your humbleness or kindness to the person. Keep in mind that Jesus was at the feet of his followers during the last meal, demonstrating his piety and service to his fellow man. If you see someone massage or washing your feet, show respect for you in this world.

Black, Worms and Dirty Feet

Black or dirty feet are mysterious dream symbols that could be used to interpret spiritually, as distortions or difficulties within your own life. The positive symbol may represent your grounded energy, linked to the roots of the earth as a metaphor for being grounded in the way we stand. Roots sprout from the earth , connecting to the living cells that are changing.

Dirt and dirt in dreams are often reflections of hold backs (suck into the mud) could be related to the process of moving forward. It is difficult to navigate on the right track, or losing sight in the moment which has led to delays.

If you’re pulling the worms off your feet, this is often related to subconscious anxiety and fears. The symbol of being small and insignificant the lowest of animals. Or, you’re taking something that is not significant from you, which affects your equilibrium. Snakes and snakes are a common cause of injury. to a return when you realize your anxieties.

Feet Peeling, Bleeding & Cut Off

The thought about your feet bleeding is a sign of a loss in motivation, mental pain and problems in your life. It is an internal ailment which is now visible externally, causing a decrease in motivation and energy.

The feet that peel are a sign of things that are not secured. A symbol of the feeling of sensitivity that is associated with thoughts or beliefs, but not the thick skinned.

The vivid dreams of cutting your feet off are a complete absence of progress. It is possible that you are unable to be a part of something, which is a sign of being unable to maintain your balance when walking. Any kind of injury on your feet could signal an increase in speed or a challenge to your beliefs.

Needles, Worm & Snake Bite Meaning

The symbolism of a snake is a symbol that can be complex whenever it bites,, it is trying to draw your attention to the enemy, your aggression or even your subconscious fears. The kind of snake, the location and the people around you could aid in understanding the significance.

The attack can knock you out off balance, causing you to lose your balance and impede your progression (path and movement). The way you respond to the bite will affect how you’re managing the problem. If the bite is venomous, suggest that it affects your psychological state and affect the central nervous system.

The subconscious fears of ours can prove extremely powerful. They can’t let go of our lives until we confront them. The snake urges you to look into self-sabotaging habits to live a more balanced life.

Needles are symbolic that can be used to indicate physical and emotional discomfort. You can look up the exact location of the needle and also the acupuncture charts of pressure points. For instance, a needle injected onto your big toe could be a connection to your thoughts. But depending on the kind of needle, it could represent healing or an internal illness.

According to psychoanalysis, any puncture to the body could be a symbol of phallic meaning. It could be a metaphor for tiny pricks that create irritation, or to the use of drugs.

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