Dreaming of Finding Your Inner Child

Understanding the significance of our dreams is an extremely difficult task even for the seasoned dreamer. When we enter deep sleep, we are at the gates of the dream worldand there is no other choice than to go in. In this vast, unexplored territory we are able to experience a variety of vivid thoughts images, sensations, and thoughts that can be either relaxing or chilly.

The dream world is often hard to understand because they are an unrecognized language that expresses itself by using metaphors or symbols. The unconscious communicates to us through abstract images that may be unrecognizable or even unfamiliar to you. Dream symbols are made up of emotions, desires and experiences from the past which have either been suppressed or forgotten.

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The majority of us are affected by childhood traumas that hinder our progress towards becoming an integrated adult. The traumas that we experience can range from divorced parents and enduring physical or mental violence, financial stress or even emotional neglect. Sometimes, it’s as easy as seeing your most loved childhood toy put in the garbage.

Inner Child Dreams

The child inside you is the one that holds on to all the beliefs and coping strategies that you were taught as a child — the parts of you who listened when an adult said “maybe science wasn’t for you” or it could be parts of you who were taught to conceal emotions such as the feeling of guilt and sorrow. There is also the child who longs for the affection from your parents, but it wasn’t given to you. The child would like only to stand out, and often you will see them in your dreams.

When these memories are repressed, they will never completely disappear In fact, they remain in the shadows of your mind, waiting to be seen. The unresolved feelings can be manifested in different areas of your life, such as nightmares anxiety, fears depression, anxiety, and self-sabotaging patterns of life. The trauma has slowed or stopped the growth of the child inside, as you grow older, and stay at exactly the same. The majority of adults do not know this.

Finding The Inner Child

The primary goal of working with children is to connect with the fragmented or lost areas of our lives that were lost to us. It isn’t an easy job because the child is encased within their current behaviors of neurotic behavior as well as idiosyncrasies, dreams and phobias.

In addition, we also are living in a rapid-paced society where we don’t have the chance to reflect on our lives. There is a child in all of us who wants to be seen and ultimately saved by you.

There are people who are physical “grown up” on the surface, but within they are psychologically and emotionally damaged. They are, in essence, what is known as a ‘ wise child or a ‘ the peter pan disorder which is the inability to mature or engage in behavior typically that are associated with adulthood. The child who is not recognized in these behavior, it will remain in the shadows, rearing its ugly head

Steps To Find Your Inner Child:

  1. Then, we acknowledge that the fact that we are a child, and we must be aware of it. It is important to be in touch with the little girl or boy inside us, to know what they are feeling and what they requires from us at this moment. Do they need affection, acceptance, security and guidance? Sometimes, you can get into a state of meditative or write an email, or imagining in a calm and peaceful environment.
  2. After you’ve acknowledged your child inside, and let them know that you’re there to assist them. Be kind respect, love and affection when it is in need of your help.
  3. Reminisce about a time that you were hurt or closed emotionally to a specific event. It may help to examine photos of yourself as a young person.
  4. Keep track of your dreams with the dream journal using andreams diary,or by doing shadow work
  5. Talk to your child as if it were your own older self in the recuse. Engage in a lively dialogue through words of encouragement (I am so grateful for you, I’m listening to you Thank you, I’m sorry, I’m here to assist).

Dreams: Discovering The Inner Child

Through the years of studying dreams of people, I discovered that many people dream unconsciously about their child, but do not realize the possibility. The child is usually believed to be of the same age as you were when the incident was in the past, like time stops in that exact moment.

In your dreams, the child will usually seem unfamiliar to you, however the story will usually revolve around the dreamer’s protection the child, loving or hugging running or even in danger.

The dreams of your child can give you clues like places and people, emotions, water or houses reflect in a metaphorical way. It is also possible to reflect on the way your child interacts with you. Do you appear to be safeguarding the child you envision in your dreams? Are you scared or excited to be there?

I realized in my fantasies that I had to save a seven year old boy who had fallen into the sea and was drowning. I ran frantically to rescue the child, swimming in the ocean, I ran towards the child that was about to drown.

When I reached for the child’s hands and drag him toward me the areas where we swapped. I could see him drowning as the child was returning to shore while I tried to avoid to sink.

I was aware of the dream in which I came into contact with the child who drowned within. The water represented my unconscious, as the shore represented my conscious. I was forced to take a risk and go out to help myself. I was offered the chance to be a detective in order to determine what had caused my inner child to be in desperate need. When I was able to discern my child’s needs, the child no longer drowns in unison. I was able to overcome one of my fears that had held me back for a long time.

Benefits Of Inner Child Work:

  • emotional blocks are eliminated
  • becoming less shakier and less likable
  • Gaining personal power as well as the capacity to establish limits
  • making sure you take better care of your physical and mental health
  • having self-compassion and feeling at ease in your own skin
  • the ability to relax to enjoy life and stop taking it too seriously.
  • creating self-confidence and securing
  • more energy and life

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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