6 Benefits of Burning Green Candles

6 Benefits of Burning Green Candles

In this article , I will discuss the advantages of burning green candles as well as the green candle’s significance in the spiritual realm.

Humans have been burning candles since the long ago. From European beeswax to insects, fruits, and even plants, these are all substances were used by humans in the past, and which humans continue to use in the present day.

Candles are a significant element in Christian rituals and ceremonies, as well as in various rituals of voodoo. Each candle, which has its distinctive color, has immense energy.

It could be an event, celebration, home decoration or candle-lit parade or protest, funerals candles are the main element of everything. Candles that smell are also extremely fashionable nowadays.

What is the meaning spiritual of a candle that is green?

Green candles symbolize of wealth, money and prosperity. They also symbolize fertility as well as nature and the pursuit of success.

Dark green candle

Dark Green candles, obviously dark green , people use these candles to connect to nature. To D.I.Y.

(Do It Yourself) candles You can make them using paraffin wax, however If you prefer to go natural, you can use Soy candle or plant nectar for the scent and natural Henna (Mehendi) hue to create dark green candles.

Light green candle

Candles that are lighter green have green and parrot-colored shades. Humans burn them to connect to angels as well as Archangels particularly Archangel Raphael Archangel Raphael, who is your guide in your journey and provides peace and prosperity.

You can create your own D.I.Y. candle using soy candles. You can also make use of chlorophyll powder or green tea powder to create a the light green hue in your candles.

Seven days green candle

The ancient Egyptians used candles made of green to create spells in which humans use the candles for seven days every day. It could be a spell to attract health, money or even a new baby. We will look at the seven-day routine for health and attracting a fresh life(it may be the case of a new child or the attraction of a new life).

Seven Day Ritual for Health

There was never a single person or woman who was not afflicted with any illness throughout their lives. These are steps you can follow to perform a ritual seven days using the help of a green candle:

  • The word “health” is carved on the candle’s green surface using an ax or other pointed instrument. It is essential to clean the needle prior to carving the word “health”.
  • Cleanse the candle using Lavender oil.
  • Burn the candle, and repeat three times “What is ill inside me, may leave.”.
  • Repeat the process for seven consecutive days simultaneously.
  • Be patient, as you’ll be performing the ritual using an unlit lit green candle. It could require some time.

A seven-day ritual to welcome the birth of a baby or to begin the new chapter of life

Everyone has to go through life’s lessons, and then the new chapter begins, however, to get noticed quickly, you can take the aid of this amazing Green candle.

You can also try to draw newborn babies in case they are infertile or have issues with pregnancy. To attract the baby or start a new chapter in your life using candles of green, follow the following seven-day routine:

  1. Three candles are needed to cut out the word “baby” using a needle that is sharp or any sharp surface. Clean the tool.
  2. Cleanse the candles using vegetable oil. You can also add the scent you like from your favorite fruit or flower to enhance your experience.
  3. Imagine what you would like to achieve and repeat the following words three times “O Lord, please hear my plea and fill my life with abundance and fertility.”
  4. Be confident and follow your daily routine. Repeat the routine over seven consecutive days.

7 Benefits of Burning Green Candles

1. Heals heart chakra

Seven chakras exist within our body. Each rainbow color represents a chakra. All the rainbow colors(V.I.B.G.Y.O.R., V is for violet, I is for Indigo, B is for blue, G is for green, Y is for yellow, O is for orange, R is for red) chakra system uses all these colors. For instance, the third chakra, which is located at the top, which is also known by the name of heart chakra, is the color green. If the heart chakra of yours is opened, then you are able to discern the most profound things.

To heal the heart chakra, if the heart chakra is closing it is recommended to light an emerald candle and begin meditation.

2. Connects to nature

The color green is the most refreshing and vibrant color, and nature makes use of this color in its own way..

When we’re at the core of our being after working and living within a concrete jungle, when the greenery is all around us and keeps us energized and refreshed. It is said that in order to be connected to nature, it is necessary to burn candles of dark green.

3. Interacts with Angels as well as Archangels

Angels are our guides and a source of comfort in this sweet life. They totally alter our outlook on life and protect us from harm.

They are the helper and messengers of God and anyone is fortunate to be able to connect with them. To communicate to them we need to light a candle of light green and sit in meditation.

The color green also represents Archangel Raphael, who is one of the Archangels most well-known for helping to heal your mind, spirit and body.

4. Used in Feng-shui

Green candles play a crucial part within the Feng Shui system. If the room within your home is filled with negative energy You can bring balance to your energy by lighting three candles near the entrance.

They also complement the five elements that are required in Feng-Shui that were red and orange fire elements, as well as purple, black, blue and green paired to complete the elements.

To increase your chances of success for better luck, you should use floating green candles that face the North-East direction of your room.

5. Promotes fertility

We are aware that green is a symbol of fertility, as Venus is also a green color. It’s not as efficient than burning the red candle, which represents his twin brother Mars which is linked to red.

The color green symbolizes Mother Earth as it also symbolizes fertility, similar to the green plant, trees, as well as the bushes.

It is essential to always light a candle in a dark, green color to draw nature’s attention or be connected to nature. It’s just as it reflects the plants.

The green color is also a representation of its fertility Mother Earth. When Mother Earth is fertile, it shows greenery. If Mother Earth is not fertile the image depicts barren landscapes or brown hue. To attract fertileness, you must burn candles on Friday since this is the time that Venus is in its orbit. Venus.

6. Brings stable love

The green candle can be used to draw lovers. Burning a green candle not only brings romance but also love that lasts for a long time and is durable.

It’s unlike the red candle which can produce hot, intense and intense love. The love will last only a short time If you are attracted by the flame of the scent of a green candle it will bring a solid, balanced, and lasting love. The couple forms an enduring bond before moving their relationship on to the next level.

7. It brings prosperity and success

A green candle’s light can bring prosperity in all aspects of good fortune, well-being, and prosperity. Every person on the planet wants to be successful in the place they desire all over the world.

One has to perform the spells that will bring success using an white candle and three green candles 10 basil leaves, an incense stick, stone of fluorite, green papers, and a photo of someone who is determined to succeed.

  1. Relax in a peaceful environment.
  2. Set the green candles in a square, and place the white candle next to you.
  3. Incense sticks are burned, then place the green fluorite crystals spaces between them.
  4. Perform the spell by lighting all candles, as well as the incense stick , and then repeating” I am successful.” Three times.
  5. Let the candles all burn for 10 minutes.

Money spell using one green candle

You can bring wealth into your or your loved ones’ lives by casting an omen using just one candle that is yours, or his or her name, and knowing their zodiac sign and executing the steps below of the amount to draw wealth:

  1. Find a peaceful and quiet location.
  2. Use the green candle to create your name and zodiac sign
  3. Then, light the candle and pray to receive money from the higher spirits.
  4. Let the candle fully burn
  5. Keep in mind that the Universe will grant your wishes only if you don’t have wishful thinking. Therefore, you must be able to believe in the outcome you would like to achieve with your money. For instance, if you’re planning to request an increase from your boss or receive an increase in your salary, you are the only one who will be able to get the money, i.e., you know exactly how you’ll receive the cash.

What are your thoughts on the spiritual significance of the green candle and the seven benefits of burning these candles? Comment below!

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