Dreaming of Komodo Dragon

Do you have dreams of the Kodo dragon?

The Komodo dragon isn’t just the biggest living lizard however it also poses the possibility of posing a human threat due to its poisonous bite. The reason the Komodo dragon is so powerful is its close relationship with the dragon.

The dragon is believed as an representation of the evil and evil, both in the romantic and Christian tradition. In the Orient the dragon has an alternative interpretation that reflects supernatural power and strength, wisdom, and knowledge that is hidden. In many cultures, it is considered to be the symbol of wildness and chaos. Like our fantasies, the komodo dragon could be both positive and negative based on the way people interact with them.

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Article: Komodo Dragon Hidden Meaning

If this lizard is seen in our dreams, they are extremely symbolic and carry an important message that is encoded to warn us of an imminent threat that is lurking to.

Because the Komodo dragon is in the reptile category, it is viewed in the same way as alligators, crocodiles snakes, and Lizards. In addition, the dragon could appear as a destructive force. Anger or rage can build up, causing irreparable harm to the person who is dreaming.

Komodo Dragon Dream Meaning

The way you interact in your interactions with Komodo dragon can reveal the motivation of your vision. Most likely, the reptiles bite or attack dreamers and thus act as an alarm.

The possibility of being attacked or bitten in your dream suggests that the threat could be from someone who is related to your subconscious instincts or fears, as well as your primitive side.

Was the bite triggered or unintentionally? What was the exact location that the bite occurred? Was it a new location or was it a place that was familiar to you? What was the presence of people in the vicinity? These are indicators that can will help you determine if the threat is external or internal. This is the reason why many the dreamers are pursued by the komodo dragon within their dream. When a dreamer is scared of something, it informs them of not facing their fears , and when they finally do the dragon dies.

If you kill the komodo dragon in your dream , it’s an excellent signification that indicates you have conquered something that has held you back for a long time. Like the dragons that we dream about it is an unconscious force that must be defeated or it will devour your. The dream you are experiencing is a hint of your dominance over something that has ruled your life for many years. Are you aware of the meaning of this dream?

Komodo Dragon Symbolism

  • Like the snake with a tongue that is forked. A forked tongue is to lie or to be untruthful or deceitful. A spoken tongue that is forked could be a reference to communication, as saying something, but meaning something else.
  • Dragons are a symbol of evil. dragon is an representation of evil, within both the medieval as well as Christian tradition. Perhaps your dreams are an attempt to play with words? In the ancient times of China dragons were an extremely strong symbol of the supernatural of wisdom, strength and undiscovered knowledge. In many cultures, it’s the symbol of wildness and chaos.
  • This is the reason that they need to shed their skin frequently to ensure the proper growth. The process of shedding skin can result in a transformation of your life. They possess a unique capacity to grow their tails back, which indicates regrowth or the beginning of a new chapter within your own life.
  • Because reptiles believe in the sun, they are symbolically, they absorb masculine energy into your life, balancing masculine and feminine energies. If the energies you are absorbing are not conscious, they could be a threat to bring awareness to them.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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