Dreaming of Kundalini

Kundalini is a type of the divine feminine energy, also known as life force that is located in the spinal column at its base. It is the primary force that awakes usthat is often inactive however once activated, this force can cause us to change our mental emotional, spiritual, and mental state.

It is possible to ask how Kundalini has something to do with dreams? It turns out the feminine power is prone to hide itself and transform into different symbols and images however, people who are not aware of the powerful message.

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Sometimes, she takes shape of something gorgeous or even terrifying She is said to shift from positive to negative in the hope that you will give her the respect that she deserves. What is the reason? Because she is trying to bring out something powerful within your… only if you let it.

You believe you’re crazy, don’t you? Well keep ignoring her and watch what happens!

Kundalini In Dreams

Carl Jung understood the underlying nature of dreams. They transmit an incredibly symbolic message that aims to connect aspects of our personalities The indivuationprocess of self-realization that can lead to internal transformation. Jung also observed that the psyche is androgynous comprised of masculine and female counterparts, or energy sources.

When the chakras of the root become blocked by fear, lack of spiritual awareness mental blockages, different forms of trauma that cause mental imbalances can negatively affect feminine symbols within your dream.

In a bizarre way, we are made to play the lead in the story deliberately chosen for us to enjoy. Sometimes, these dreamscapes are full of excitement or romance, and sometimes they are a battle with our fears and anxieties or memories that we’ve buried. In the event of her restraining presence, she can unleash an array of terrifying themes, emotionally disturbing dreams, vivid nightmares.

How The Kundalini Symbolically Emerges In Dreams

  • Snakes, snakes coiled, cobra two snakes or bites from snakes
  • Flying, love, and relationships
  • Forms that appear as shapes that resemble spiral or wheel
  • Toilets that are clogged or dirty or bathrooms (blocked the root chakra)
  • Electricity
  • Rainbows
  • Unclean or dirty house or rooms
  • Mother Nature
  • Birds, tigers, and spiders

Kundalini Dreams: Trust Her Intentions

In a world where everything is available in our reach, we could be tempted to believe that an awakening spiritually. It’s not something that we can purchase at the local mall. It isn’t something you can buy in the present and then forget about it later you must be committed to this journey.

The study of dreams allows one to participate in a deeper way to understand the powerful power that is within. Yes, one could take the path of a dream by going into the mountains to meet an expert, or practicing Kundalini yoga or perhaps drinking the dreadful brew of Ayahuasca, but it could be detrimental to the individual.

It’s like gifting an individual the gift of a Ferrari that just received their license. The pressure of forcing this seal to open could put someone in an euphoriac state. psychosis because the ego is still trying to hang the reins of life.

How A Snake Bite Leads To A Transformation

It is possible to think of her as a powerful and strong goddess. Her energy is energizing and powerful. The process of awakening the goddess within is a sacred and ancient art form that has to be taught with understanding with love, affection, and intent.

Similar experiences were experienced while working with animus and anima (inner female and masculine energies in the psychological sphere) Integrating will not override the mainframe, however by gradually moving to her in sync when you establish an enlightened relationship over time.

Engaging With the Feminine

Each night, before going to bed, request the feminine divine to speak to you in your dreams. If you are willing to trust and open yourself to her, she will guide you to inner transformation and completeness. Although your dreams may be frightening and vivid, they are filled with real treasure and information waiting to be discovered and awaken.

Be open to the world and be excited about the path that was has been paved with positive intentions. Don’t resist the advice she offers you, and embrace it with all your heart. She is aware of what’s most beneficial to you, and she will hold you with her arms as a mother and a child. She wants for attention, provided that you pay attention.

Ways To Start The Kundalini Process

  • Practice shadow work
  • Yoga, meditation, Qi Gong
  • Analysis of dreams
  • Learn to recognize emotions and feelings
  • Work with children
  • Expressing Yin energy

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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