Dreaming of Lightening

Why is lightening so symbolic in your dream? Dreams of lightening contain both positive and negative elements or significance. The lightning bolt lightning is a an indication of sudden illumination as well as raw energy and strength that can be positive or destructive.

The phenomenon of lightening is one that is a metaphor for when the negative and positive draw towards one another, and create a spark. It’s like imagining the way you live your life that is about to alter.

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Have you ever thought about the fact that in in mythological text God is associated with lightning and thunder. It is also interesting that it’s mentioned in Abrahamic religions, indicating God’s power? God. According to Tao Te Ching is the oldest Chinese sacred philosophical textthat refers to lightning in terms of fertility.

Sigmund Freud, however, believed that its form and the way that lightning strikes do to the idea of a symbol called a phallic symbol, whereas Carl Jung believed it divine spark that frees the soul. If you’ve ever dreamed of lightening, be prepared for a shock to come.

Lightening Dream Symbolism:

  • Illumination
  • God’s spark or divine intervention
  • Chi energy
  • Life-changing, revealing
  • Fertility
  • The destruction of a building or the shocking news
  • Unconscious shift
  • Enlightenment

Lightening Dream Meaning

In dreams, the lightening of the moon is a symbol of both positive and negative elements that appear to be coming soon. The sudden lightening can have an abrasive force based on the object it is struck on, but it also has the power to change the person who is dreaming.

The force of the sky is a signal to inform you of potential sudden or catastrophic events, and also an indication of your the ability to discern. The more intense the lightening of your dreams, the more potent the message.

It is believed to be a symbol of the destruction of ignorance, but also a punishment for an unknown source. However, depending on the context, it can also be a signifying of an uplifting message from God, recognizing the one chosen – a an unexpected insight.

Lightening Dreams: A Good Or Bad Omen?

The enigmatic nature of lightening can be an elusive symbol and often you’ll be able to understand its significance months after. Like a eureka moment, which refers to the normal human experience of gaining a new understanding of the meaning of a previously unfathomable issue or concept.

It is a symbol metaphorical in nature that could be described as something that is buried within your subconscious that explodes with force. Uncontrolled release of eminence energies which focus on the emotional side that the person is dreaming. Like we said, the process of lightening happens when two opposing forces meet to produce an impact or force that is directed towards you.

Lightening Dreams: Inner Emotional Charge

Because it appears in the midst of a sky that is dark and gloomy , we are able to explore our unconscious feelings and suppressed feelings that are repressing the environment. An abrupt release of tension, which could cause destruction Something has manifested inside that must be let go.

Could this be a sign of an awakening or sudden awareness of your own life? Maybe fears of fate or punishment from your conscience. Perhaps it is a symbol of the retribution of an unknown source. It is possible to investigate the sexual tension or the build-up which may need to be revealed. There are numerous clues to guide you to the right answer.

Lightening Dream: Location Of The Strike

Location, the people and the mood at the time that the light was slashed are crucial symbols that can be interpreted literally. If the lightening stayed close to it , it could be interpreted as a warning or wake-up signal to pay focus on your actions and thoughts.

Home: If the lightening trapped your home, it will draw your focus to your mind or psyche which is a sign of the immense energy that has been released. It is a metaphor for the way that neurons utilize the two electric charges and chemical compounds called Ions to communicate with each with each other. Could this be a clue to a new way of understanding or even enlightenment? If there is a risk or anxiety that is associated with it, this could result at a moment’s notice or news that comes unexpectedly.

Tree: The dream of lightening hitting the trees can be a significant symbol of omens, that represents protection and life, spirit as well as heaven and earth. The death or end of something that is developing in your life, for example, losing love or or the end of a part of one’s persona, or even a relationship. It could also mean a change or rebirth of some kind.

The fire: A symbol of transformation and force, anger, and purification in your dream. Fire can be seen as both a positive and negative symbol, with the power to cause destruction (old growth) which is then smelted away to allow new growth to take place. It could be a metaphor for an everlasting flame. The act of igniting the fire symbolises the birth of a child and resurrection, as well as fertility.

What Does Lightening Mean To You?

What do you think about the idea of the possibility of lightening? It is helpful to realize that you’re your own best dream interpreter, and we can only give you some examples.

Certain religions like Christianity or Islam could interpret this as an indication of an act of God and his control over the natural forces. In the Quran it is a symbol of Allah (God) can be described as both the terror of it as well as the expectation of rain that comes along with it. The role played by winds in fertilizing the positively and negatively charged clouds is a crucial process that results in Rain formation -“He is the one who shows you lightning and hurls thunderbolts.”

The early Greeks considered that lightning to be a tool of that of Zeus. Because thunderbolts were invented by Athena who was the god of wisdom. The lightning was believed to be a signification of gods. Any area that was struck by lightning was considered as sacred.

The story of Folkloreit is believed that those struck with lightning were believed by numerous old Africans to have been victims of the wrath of gods. The so-called lightning bolts symbolize justice.

In India In India, In India, the Hindu God Indra is believed to be the god of rain and lightning, as well as the King of the Devas.

Lightening Up Your Mind

  1. Lightning strikes in one single flash is about five times more hot than the sun’s surface.
  2. The irrational fear of being sucked into a lightning strike is known as keraunophobia.
  3. Lightning comes in two forms: both positive and negative. Positive strike is four times more effective as negative strikes.
  4. The chance that you will be struck by lightning during your lifetime is one out of 3,000.
  5. A typical lightning bolt will produce enough energy to power the light bulb of 100 watts for up to 90 days
  6. Every second, there are between 50 and 100 Cloud-to-ground lightning strikes that strike the globe.
  7. The Empire State Building in New York is struck 24 times per year. It was struck eight times in just 24 minutes.
  8. The energy flows through a space the size of a thumb!
  9. Lightning strikes kill around 2500 people each year, so be sure to stay indoors during storms of lightning.
  10. “Lightning never strikes twice” is a lie, lightning can strike the same spot multiple times.

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