Dreaming of Lots Of Snakes

Each month, hundreds of thousands of users surf on the internet to discover the significance that lies behind the most ancient ever documented dream symbols.

Snakes are mysterious symbols that are recognized for their appearance in many different ways in order to convey a message to the person who dreams. The iconic image appears in a variety of shapes and shades, and are known to bite, limit, or even chase you. What happens when you see a lot of serpents within your dreams?

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The sight of a lot of snakes in your dream has both positive and negative elements but what decides whether it’s an appropriate or negative symbol is the context of your dream.

The intricate nature of snakes entices dreamers to look deeper into the deeper meanings and connects to unconscious actions such as urges, feelings and emotions that are being buried. The sight of snakes everywhere is a signpost to healing and inner transformation Failure to make this connection hinders the dreamer’s ability to grow spiritually.

You must now think about a inquiry. Do you feel intimidated by this powerful presence?

Lots Of Snake Dream Meaning

Are you wondering about the significance of the cold blooded snake that is a symbol of destruction, is also used to symbolize healing? The answer lies in the snake’s characteristic of skin shed which symbolizes immortality, a rapid change in activity, indicating the transition from illness to cure.

Similar to dreams, we should be aware of seeing a lot of snakes as metaphors that are related to healing the wounded within. The dream gives you an indication that it is a mirror of something happening in large quantities or an abundant life.

The sight of a lot of serpents is a signification that is typically unconscious to the person dreaming, but can lead towards the awakened state. It is a signal to draw in these energies that have been buried within.

  • Creative fire
  • Divine feminine energy
  • Energy of the psychic or sexual kind
  • Higher consciousness and spiritual enlightenment
  • The instinctual drive and the intuition
  • Energy is blocked

Lots Snakes Everywhere Dream: A Bad Symbol?

Incredibly enough, after examining Google’s search results for “seeing snakes everywhere” we discovered that the majority of dreams center around simply observing the snakes. This is quite unusual considering that the majority of snakes appear to strike or bite the person dreaming if they’re not. It appears that the sightings of numerous snakes has nothing to do with have to do with a threat but instead something more important.

The majority of snakes can be found in the dreamers ‘ home, which refers to a shift that is taking place within the psyche or mind of the person who is dreaming. Each floor has a distinct significance, for instance the sight of snakes in your basement is connected to your subconscious, while your bedroom is a place where you can be intimate.

The sight of snakes everywhere appears as a negative signification when the person who is dreaming represses or ignores these instinctual drives. The dream could also show what isn’t working and draws the attention of this issue.

How Did You React?

  • Overwhelmed?
  • Curious?
  • Nervous?
  • Avoiding?

Lots Of Snakes Dreams: Healing

You might have seen the snake on the rear of an ambulance “The Rod of Asclepius” Perhaps you have noticed an image of Caduceus on a doctor’s coat. The origins of this are as old as to Moses 1400 BC employed the bronze serpent that was erected on the pole to heal those who had been bit by snakes.

It’s not an old-fashioned symbol it is also a symbol of the Greeks considered snakes sacred and employed to heal rituals using the snake’s venom was believed to be curative and the shedding of their skin was believed to be an sign of renewal and rebirth.

Let’s look back further back to the ancient India and the explanation of the Kundalini. It is an ancient Sanscrit word that refers to the awakening of energy and consciousness that is tangled at the spinal base. It is remarkably similar to our modern-day healing symbol. It’s not surprising that Carl Jung believed that snakes are a magical serpent that symbolizes wisdom and is an symbol of healing.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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