Techniques on How to Have Lucid Dreams

“All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream”. ~Edgar Allan Poe

A lucid dream can be defined as a dream that the person dreaming is aware that they’re actually experiencing. In lucid dreams the dreamer is in an influence over their narrative, settings, and characters in the dream. If you are searching on the internet for the most effective methods to lucidly dream, you’ll find a variety of choices.

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But most importantly, you should begin with the basics because Lucid dreaming requires time and effort. The most fundamental step to learning how to dream lucidly is to keep a journal in your bag. Take a look at a few of the fundamental steps to provide you with a great beginning to lucid dreaming.

Dream Journal

The act of writing within the dreams journal regularly on every day will increase the recall of dreams dramatically. People who lose their dreams are the exact people who don’t spend the time to keep track of their dreams. It is crucial to remember that we erase the majority of our dreams memory in from the moment we step up.

It is crucial to attempt to gather all the details of your dream you are able to remember, and then write the details down inside your journal. If you only remember something, note it down to increase memories for following night.

As time passes, you will be able to see different objects, scenes and situations in greater depth. Even if you wake up at the end of the night, you could take this time to think about the you dreamed about. Then, you can take this opportunity to open the door for with lucid dreams.

Wake Up From Sleep

Lucid studies have proven that once you have set your mind to wake up and then return, it triggers dream-like lucidity. This is because it is more likely that you will return to a state of lucidity because your brain is in a state of activity, however your body is seeking more rest. This method has proven to be quite effective for those who are just beginning to sleep lucidly.

Reality Checks

Enhance your clarity of mind throughout your day. It doesn’t matter if are at work at your desk or out walking with the dog asking your self “Am I dreaming” are one of the most fundamental reality tests to tune your subconscious to.

Make these checks into your routine and recognizing that you are awake and are not dreaming. Make sure you touch your mouth, shake your hands as you drink water. Watch your movements as you dream, and the symbols appear blurred.

Intentions Before Bed

Tell yourself prior to hitting the bed you will “I will become aware in my dreams” “I will become lucid when I dream” before you go to sleep. It will subconsciously remind you of your desire to dream lucid by displaying your awareness.

This method is also known by the name of Mnemonic induction of Lucid Dreaming or MILD. Mnemonic induction is simply “using memory aids,” or in this instance, using an adverb to transform the dream’s awareness into a habitual behavior.


Different types of breathing or mindfulness meditation can increase the chances of lucid dreams. When you’re focusing on the present moment while you meditate, you’ll be able to concentrate on the here and present moment when you are dreaming more easily.

Being more aware of the self in their daily lives makes it possible to distinguish between self and ego. When this happens, you will be more aware of your thoughts and self and thoughts will become more relaxed. It can also train you to manage your thoughts, for instance when you’re having a dream that is dream that is lucid, you can alter the setting.

Lucid Dreams Experiences

Steve. B

“I experienced an amazing vivid dream last night that I was running up steps and I then began to fly and was in complete control over the direction I was flying and the speed at which the speed I flew.

I was in such control that when I was flying by a tree, I was thinking to myself that I would like to fly through the branches. I was able to stop then turn around to return to the tree, weaving between those branches.

This was by far the most amazing dream I’ve had. However, I was overwhelmed by the control I felt and the feeling of complete satisfaction that I lost my focus and fell asleep. When I woke , my arms were both facing toward the ceiling of my bedroom. My face was giddy from ear-to- the ear throughout the daylong, and I’m still smiling while writing this, I’m remembering my dreams “.


“When I went to middle school, fell to sleep in my living room , and I can remember my dad playing around with the television. (Mom was in the corner that I didn’t have a view of however I heard her hopping about.)

He told me about a special signal or channel that was expected to be launched the same day. He then turned on the television and a film was playing but it couldn’t fit onto the screen. This was more like projection in which the projector was pointing towards the right.

Then I shut my eyes and went to sleep, but the film did not stop. I could still be able to see and hear everything. It was a decent film, but I don’t recall it any more. (Something concerning finding treasure I’m pretty certain there was romance in the film.) When I woke up, I realized I was in my bedroom in my mattress. I was still asleep and even if you closed your eyes, I could still be able to see the credits rolling in (but I didn’t pay attention to the credits because I don’t did anyway).

I couldn’t recall having seen the title of the film, so I shut my eyes (the credits were still playing) and tried to recall the title. Two words came to my mind in a strange way, however I wasn’t certain whether that was the name of the movie. The credits began to slowly fade as I was fully awake. I went into my living area to work on my father’s computer.

My dad was also there, and I asked him what the film we watched last night was titled. He seemed confused and I inquired about the channel/special signal and brought up the fact that the tv was on the television the night before. He couldn’t recall anything. My mom also didn’t remember anything. I used my computer to watch Yahoo movies.

I typed in those two phrases. The movie showed up, and the summary was in line with what I was seeing. The movie had just been released just a few days ago and was currently playing in cinemas. My parents inquired if I would like to see the film (they likely thought I was just wanting to watch it because I was so fascinated by the film) I laughed and replied, “Why would I do this? I’ve already seen it.”

Kirsty .O

“I had a lucid dream where i had control of the environment and believe me it was wonderful experience :like your own virtual world …. So moving to lucid dream is good for confidence and problem solving skill”.

Dave. M

“I have experienced similar experiences. When I was a child at around 7 or 8 years old, I started to experience horrifying real-life nightmares. These were terrifying vivid nightmares of things like mass genocide or Armageddon. I would awake from these nightmares crying, and when I returned to sleep , I would fall again into one of these nightmares. The dreams were so bizarre that my mom wouldn’t allow me to talk about them because she’d be terrified.

Then she’d tell my that when I got up from one of those nightmares, I’d need to repeat to me “Turn off the bad dreams and turn on the good dreams” and pretend that the dream was analogous to a TV that I could just switch the channel so that when I went back to sleep, I wouldn’t be able to have another nightmare.

I began doing it each at night before going to bed, until I didn’t need to chant anymore. When my dreams began to turn into nightmares, I could change them to whatever I wanted. I was always aware that I was in a dream that I was able to alter my appearance , my surroundings, everything, and it’s been that way since.

As I grew older, I stopped dreaming lucidly each night since I no longer require it however they do occur frequently without me even trying. There are times in my daytime life when I’m not able to discern if I’m dreaming or not.

In addition to experiencing these moments, I also sometimes get struck by strong instances of deja vu. It appears that as time passes it gets longer and longer amounts of time. I am able to begin to see things prior to them happening and, as long as I am focused on it and keep up to it may be a short time “.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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