Lucid Dreams Explained

Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreaming is the act of dreaming and being aware that you are in the process of in a dream. The state of lucid dreams also known as “lucidity” sometimes starts at the beginning of the dream. The person who dreams realizes that the dream isn’t happening in the physical world however, it is happening in the dream. This understanding can be observed when one is floating, flying, or even meeting the deceased relatives.

In certain instances, one could be lucid during a dreams, only to realize that it is possible to control the setting. Lucidity may vary from low to high. If the dreamer is on an elevated level, they may be aware of the entire specifics of their dream.

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There isn’t any danger while you are moving in a free will, possibly influencing your dream’s settings. But the state of low lucidity is very different. In the lower frequencies of lucidity, one might be able to flot or move around, but you will feel like you are within the dreams.

Why Lucid Dream:


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of floating or flying in your dreams, you’ll know that the thrill was thrilling. It’s like you were at the top of the world. You can feel like you’re superman, soaring through the clouds, and gazing at the earth below. The moment you wake up after this feeling can change your mood and make you more optimistic throughout the day.

Many report they have dreams full of excitement and imagination, that they are becoming more imaginative in their daily life. It’s almost like a drug consuming your body while you experience the sensation of euphoria. You could manage your nightmares by altering your settings in a glance.


There are a lot of positive and beneficial benefits of Lucid Dreaming, but it may not be it’s cracked up to be. To determine if Lucid Dreaming is good or not, it is essential to be aware of the significance of dreams. Many people find that dreams and the images they contain are powerful tools for connecting the conscious and unconscious. D

Reams of interpretation has been used for a long time, but has been an ancient method of helping many cultures be aware of their hidden shadows. The internal conflicts we face could cause us to have a lot of trouble in our daily lives and a dream could be the sole tool to alert us. The act of adjusting your settings to help you in the short term may result in some changes in the near future. The symbols and dreams that are in them are a language that is not widely understood which we must take seriously.

Learn to Lucid Dream:

The art of lucid dreams isn’t something you can simply learn in a single night. It takes time , but once it is done it can be extremely satisfying. Be assured but don’t allow it to deter you, even when it’s not working. The art of mastering your lucid dreams could take weeks or months of training. Once you have the ability to dream lucidly, your dreams will cease to be any more. Lucid dream techniques.

Benefits of Lucid Dreaming:

  • Strengthening your problem solving skills
  • Be able to face your fears face to face
  • Being more imaginative
  • A great way to increase your confidence levels
  • Be more aware of your surroundings and with
  • Discover a new way to think
  • Learning more about our subconscious mind
  • Healing aspects

Lucid Dreaming Steps:

Step 1Repetition:

While working or at home, you should be able to practice repetition. You’ll have to ask your self “am i dreaming right now?”. After a couple of times for an hour, it could be clear to you that you’re not thinking about it. The repeated thought process can help to keep this information in mind while you are thinking about it.

Step 2Record Your Dreams:

It is essential to learn how to keep track of your dreams whenever you awake. The importance of keeping a journal for your dreams is essential as it enhances and enhances your ability to dream. When you can recall the specific events and images that you see in your dreams, you stand an increased chance of reaching the state of lucidity. Spending time going through your dreams prior to bed can help you develop an awareness of while in the dream state.

Step 3Control Your Sleep:

The key to controlling your dreams is paying attention to your sleeping schedule. Altering your sleeping habits will increase your odds of having an lucid dream. Researchers have discovered that Lucid Dreaming process is most effective after a short nap following waking up from a deep night of sleep. Interfering in your sleeping schedule can trigger Lucid dreams as well.

Step 4 – Believe:

Begin to believe that your dream is real and the meaning of them. If you believe that the dream is simply a dream will struggle to comprehend a the dream. It is important to understand the meaning of dreams and the power of mysticism behind these symbols. Do your best to stay optimistic and confident. You should have the desire to feel calm and clear.

Step 5Meditation:

Since the beginning of time, meditation has been directly connected to the inner peace of humans. The art of meditation is an excellent method to increase your awareness of your conscious and subconscious worlds. Engaging in mindful meditation for every day for at minimum 10 mins per day may increase the likelihood of lucid dreams.

Step 6 – Conscious Mind Awareness:

The most crucial step is to train the “Conscious Mind”. It is important to begin with becoming aware of the everyday surroundings as well as the objects that surround them. Anything in your daily routine that you normally ignore, must now be considered. Everything from the smallest detail that you would have previously ignored, such as billboards to stop signs, is now a priority. It is imperative to observe every of detail.

This refers to the shape, color and emotions of objects, so when they appear in your dreams, it will be connected. If you are dreaming about an object you have studied in depth in your daily life, you can apply the same concept to your dream to determine what’s real and what’s not. When you convince your brain that it’s just an illusion, the fun begins.

Increasing your awareness throughout your day can help you achieve greater control over your goals. It is not necessary to your attention on every aspect of your life, as it could make you insane. Start with a few small observations every day that you normally not take the time to look at in depth.

How To Stay In Your Lucid in Dreams:

The most difficult part of dreaming lucidly is trying to remain in the dream. The correct technique described below can transform an armature dreamer into an skilled one. If you are trained correctly, you could stay for up to 30 minutes in a lucid state.

  1. Relax –Relaxing is essential in order to stay longer in your lucid dream. The majority of the time, we get exuberant and fall back to sleeping. To be able to enjoy an extended period of lucidity you need to calm your mind.
  2. Hand Movement –Once you are in a relaxed state, try and keep the hands of yours together. This can prolong your dream as it is continuously stimulating the conscious brain. By using this method, you could last anywhere from 10 or 30 minutes while in state of lucidity.
  3. Focus Focus Focus on your hands in your dream that is lucid. Do not lose sight of them, just keep them before you. Concentrate on your desire to live your dream. Continue to repeat loudly “attention or focus” and you’ll become more tune with your dream for a an extended period of time.
  4. Spelling Test –Think of a spelling word or answering a simple math problem. This can help you engage the logic part that is in your mind when you are losing focus on the vision.
  5. circles –Going through circles can help to anchor your attention in your dream, which will then lead you to a brand new dream world.

Types Of Lucid Dreams

Forum Member:

“I have been flying for several years, until a brief break of 7 to 8 months, when I was able to only fly once. My first flight was about 10-12 years ago when I took part in a triple jump in my dreams , was unable to come down even after the normal 7 to 8 Mtr. leap. The distance of my leap kept growing and I was flying fairly consistently after constant growth. I fly with my hands spread out like wings of an aeroplane though i thought it was not that high, but a bit lower than ground level. I fly through cities that i am familiar with, and I observe people. I know people on the ground, and even attempt to assist people. If I see someone who is in trouble.I need to make it clear that i am not attached to Superman or the triple jump sport like some might think. I’m always in a good mood when I fly. I am even happy when i think of this type of dream. I want to fly for throughout the night, but i do not know what trigger to triggers this dream. “.

Forum Member:

“In my latest dream, I realized that I could achieve what I wanted, and was dreaming. So I jumped on the fence then looked around and then began to fly. I was tempted to stay straight, but I kept flying upwards, and I realized that I was flying in various directions, without knowing which direction to take and my body made the decision for me. Then I fell into an emerald fountain. The water was frozen as well as there was snow. I’m still puzzled about how I realized I was in a dream, but I was unable to manage my actions, but only when I was flying. .”

Forum Member:

“I am a 42 year old disabled IRAQ veteran. In the last few years, I’ve begun flying in imagination. It was initially just a matter of leaping off the ground, flapping my arms a few times and floating upwards, then descending back down somewhere around 60 feet or so and possibly an hour away from landing. I can tell that the motion of flapping my arms is a shared occurring with other people who dream of flying.

Today, I can reach any height, and the majority times, if I reach a height that is sufficient upon landing, the dream will change and is always intriguing, yet a bit odd. It’s been difficult to discern these dreams, apart from the fact that I know I’m in a dream and I am able to control my flying abilities. I will keep trying to improve to master my flying skills and, if I am able to do it, I will keep trying to leave earth’s orbit faster and fly higher. Perhaps one day I will fly up to the moon or even further. Thank you to everyone who shared something as intimate as their desires “.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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