Dreaming of Elephant

Through time and throughout religion, elephants have been a symbol of power as well as wisdom and strength. The largest mammal in the world, hiding in the tropical forest link us with Mother Earth and to our spiritual self. When they appear in our dreams, they give us a powerful message that is unique to the person who dreams. The elephant is presented as a metaphor, a symbol to your society and how you see the huge creature. To fully comprehend the meaning of an elephant, it, you must understand the fundamentals of the elephant.

Elephant Dreams

The meaning behind the elephant will direct your attention to your inner strength; or the absence of it. The symbol has decided to appear to you for reasons that indicate your subconscious. The way the elephant appears in your dream could alter the meaning of your dream. The elephant’s foe is the snake, can this be connected to the anxiety about healing?

guardian angels together

Keep in mind that elephants are thick skinned animals that hint at those with destructive power. Could this be the power you have? Think about the tusks too which could be a the phallic symbol.


Acceptance Awareness






Stamina & Perseverance


Peace and Stillness


Protection and Guardianship

Uncontrolled Rage

Understanding The Elephant:

  • The elephant is a highly intelligent animals They are also recognized for their sophisticated problem solving.
  • They can grieve the loss of their loved ones and visit the place where they passed away many years later.
  • According to research, they are self-aware and extremely social
  • The trunk of an elephant is used to grasp, breathing and feeding, dusting, drinking, smelling defense, sensing, and communicating.
  • The elephant ears serve to cool the body since they are one-sixth the size of their body
  • Elephants consume a variety of plant matter, including leaves, grass and woody parts of shrubs and trees as well as fruits and flowers in the event that they are available.
  • Elephants could be able to sense a storm from about 280 kilometers away
  • Similar to humans, their power and aversion to anger make them one of the most deadly animals on the planet. These acts are usually followed by a rumbling motion. This is the case for elephants both captive and wild in stressful situations.
  • Popular culture Dumbo

Common Elephant Symbols

Elephant Trunk If you saw the truck of an elephant in your dream , which direction was it pointing? According to Feng Shui , an elephant’s trunk that is raised upwards is a sign of good fortune and fertility. However, fertility is represented when the trunk is lower. If the trunk wasn’t threat in your dream, it suggests it is a positive sign.

The Elephant’s Ears – The ears are connected to listening. Similar to Buddha, Buddha the ears of Buddha are shown large because he listened to more than the time he spoke.

Baby Elephant – Joy, new life and new beginnings are on the direction. You must be protected by your family and an unbreakable bond.

elephant attack The power of immanence combined with rage has the capacity to cause some damage to other people. The potential aspects you inherit have the ability to crush other people. It could be an internal force that is not recognized that was ignored and pushed to the limit all the time? These nightmares are a sign that something that is beyond control could be extremely dangerous.

The Elephant in Water Dreams that connect to the emotional part of the person dreaming. If the dream is located in mud, it could be a connection to the grounding of your energy.

elephant feet – Depending on the context, it could be an idiom to fill in large shoes, or carrying a large amount of responsibility.

Elephant Stampede – These dreams could suggest an unrest that goes against the grain. If you’re in danger, the way, it indicates the degree of danger you’ll face to this potentially dangerous situation.

The Elephant in the Room If you’ve noticed an elephant in a room, it is a sign of being most unusual on the block. The one who stands out the most everywhere they travel.

elephant tusks According to certain dream sources , anything that has the capability of piercing could be a phallic vision. The ivory tusk, which is pure, symbolizes the power, rarity and strength because it can move anything that is that is in its path. It is sought-after by many, but with the risk of injury.

The Captive Elephant Dreams like these are likely to be related to internal struggles that you may be experiencing. Your amazing qualities trapped and must be released. An elephant that is starved is connected to neglect of a person (self changing)

The Killed Elephant The majority of times, death is interpreted as a rebirth. However, in the context of how you look at the elephant, it could be negative. The loss of something significant and special. When you, or anyone else was killed, the elephant, it will be able to determine it was your own or the fault of someone else.

The Riding Elephant They are good signs that indicate you are in control of your emotions in check.

Elephant In Religion/Spirituality

Bible: Protect yourself from evil spirits as well as the enemies from the serpent.

Buddhism: In Buddhism the Elephant is considered to be an image of Siddharth Gautama (Buddha) his self. The elephant is a symbol of enlightenment in addition, the ability to control the wandering mind. According to the legend of Buddha when his mother was pregnant, she dreamed of an elephant of pure white that gave birth to a lotus on his his trunk. Three times she circling her, the white elephant came into her the womb. She was able to see from this profound vision that her baby would be pure and powerful.

The characteristics of the elephant mirror those of the Buddha depicting a serene, sensitive, gentle, noble gentle and sane being. The gentle giants are loyal to their family members and their families, with big ears to listen and consider skin as nothing harms them.

Buddha observation of the elephant’s characteristics is similar to those who seek to attain enlightenment. “If you are unable to find a suitable companion to walk with, then walk on your own as an elephant in the forest. It’s better to walk in solitude than with people who can slow your advancement.”

Hinduism: In Hinduism the image of the elephant god Ganesha radiates across India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Thailand, Indonesia and Bangladesh. Ganesha is widely regarded as the one who removes obstructions, as the protector saint of sciences and arts, and the god of wisdom and intellect.

He is highly adored by his followers prior to starting any new endeavor in their lives and thus the removal of obstacles. But he is also believed as the destroyer of self-centeredness, pride and vanity. In relation to meditation practices, it is believed that Ganesha is a resident of the first chakra, which is known as Muladhara.

This chakra is connected to the principle upon which the manifestation or expansion of the primordial Divine Force is based. The chakra that is the first or energy wheel is the one that controls upon the chakras, and symbolizes the communication process, survival, and physical well-being.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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