Dreaming of Mirror

Mirror and mirror in the mirror, who’s the most fair of all? I’m sure you’re aware of the classic fairytale story as well Snow White and the seven dwarfs, when the queen demanded to the mirror ,”Who is the most beautiful of the fairest of them all”? The mirror isn’t lying and it confirmed to the old lady she is Snow White!

Wouldn’t it be great to have mirrors tell you the answer to all your queries? In dreams, there’s a good thing for you. It actually does happen, but literally.

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Mirror Dream Meaning

Dreams with mirrors are usually extremely symbolic and focus on reflection of self, a fresh perspective on your life. Mirrors are symbolic representations that reveal aspects of our identity that are now visible. Mirrors appear to reveal messages, they could give you wisdom and truth, or even deceive you.

Mirror Dream Symbol

  • Does the mirror appear to be damaged?
  • Know them self
  • What do you think you’re seeing?

Psychoanalytic psychotherapist Carl Jung viewed mirrors as an enchanting symbol, it was a “knowledge mirror” just like snow white and the seven dwarfs. Dream language employs our everyday objects as a metaphoric symbol that connects to a more profound part of our being. Mirrors play a significant function in our society because they reflect the way we are perceived.

Mirrors in dreams can be negative and positive symbols according to the setting the dream is taking place in. Mirrors can reflect aspects of your mind and also your personality traits that are narcissist; from your the inside to the outside.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

From a psychological perspective, mirrors could be a gateway between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. By looking through the lens, you’re just one step away from understanding the true you, or, in other words, unconsciousness. It is a signification that creates

When looking at a mirror, one can look into the depths of their unconscious. The reflection of mirror is symbolic of the conscious and unconscious processes.

Mirrors have always been an important element in literature, and are often used to examine an broader context. Mirrors have been proven to symbolize a variety of things in both the spectrums of thought and images. The Goethe’s Faustmagic mirror, it is not seen as a reflection of him as much as a reflection of the qualities he admires, removing his conscious persona.

  • Unknown or unobserved aspects
  • Reflection
  • Narcissism
  • Or fool
  • Persona

Common Mirror Dreams

Broken Mirror

Like cracked glass Broken mirrors in dreams are usually interpreted as negative images. The dreamer might want to think about the broken parts of their personality, image or self. If the mirror is in your home, it draws you to the mind/psyche or a space of your mental state. Broken or damaged in connection with something that you think about. It could be a sign of unconscious thoughts of luckless within your own life.

Seeing Someone Else

The dream of seeing yourself in your mirror, and seeing another person are typical dreaming. These are fascinating dream experiences that cause you to know more about the person you observed. What you see in others may not reflect the person you perceive in your own eyes. Males who see females could be a reflection of his anima, the feminine part of the male, whereas a female could be the animus.

Teeth Falling

Sometimes we see teeth breaking or falling out in mirrors. One of the most searched-for dream symbols that connect the dreamer with the loss of image, loss and failure.

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