Dreaming of Mountain Lion

What does mountain lions signify in our fantasies?

In our imaginations In our dreams, LIONS are often thought as a symbol of the qualities of courage, strength, assertiveness and power.

Mountain lions have the same characteristics as felinae’s predecessor, however due to its geographical habitat, location and temperament, it has an additional meaning.

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The way the mountain lion walked towards you in your dream , determines whether this is a threat hidden from you or a subconscious urge to be a feminine force of courage, strength and intuition. It makes sense to understand why in Native mythology, the Algonquins and Ojibwe consider that the cougar was a part of the dark side and could be evil and considered a sacred animal for the Cherokee.

Whatever its behavior regardless of its behavior, regardless of its behavior, the mountain lion that you see in the dream is a message from the unconscious . It must be given full attention otherwise an attack could occur.

The secret meaning of the mountain lion’s hidden meaning

Their normal habitat is mountains, and in our dreams, the mountains are connected to our challenges in life as well as protection and spirituality. When the mountain lion comes to its new residence, they are an emblem of what’s wild or incompatible with the dreamer who isn’t completely comprehended.

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A mountain lion that you see in your dreams is usually an expression of our inner nature or desires — anger, aggression, desire to hurt; and fear for these emotions either in ourselves or others.

Mountain lion dreams & hidden clues

Mountain Lions are silent, solitary and inscrutable They are known to stay away from people in the wild. They could hear you approaching from a distance , long before you even noticed it’s presence. When they appear within our dream, usually in our homes they connect to the brain of the dreamer.

Inviting them into your home lets the dreamer explore your inner fears, temper and the strength of your physical power. Based on how gentle or abrasive they appear, it can reveal the strengths of your character or weakness. The floor or the room they’re in can alter the significance the dream. For instance, if the mountain Lion was in your bedroom (bed) it is pointing to your relationship, intimacy and relationships; in contrast to the kitchen, which changes the dreamer.

  • inspires dreamers to investigate the hidden fears
  • individuals who pose a threat
  • Inner strengths that need to be activated
  • an unconscious aggressive nature that is yours or someone else
  • Power and power
  • feminine or feminine energy or

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If the mountain lion is attacked, it is a sign that the aggression is yours or an outside feminine force waiting until you turned your back.

Biblical significance of mountain lions in dreams

The Bible mountain lions symbolize strength and courage which is a requirement Christians must possess in relation to God.

5:5: One of the elders told me “Do do not cry! Look, the Lion from the Tribe of Judah is who is the Root of David has won. He has the ability to unlock the scroll and the seven sealed.” The link to 7 seals indicates that the lion could be activating the inner energy of these people.

Like our dreams, in mythology, the lion has positive and negative meanings It can also be a threat to the lion. For instance, in 1 Peter 5:8 “Be alert and with a clear mind. The devil’s enemy is prowling all over like a roaring lion seeking a person to take on “.

The mountain lion you see in your dream could represent a biblical symbol that of God trying to test your faith. Remember the time when the king threw Daniel into the the lion’s den? The king told Daniel, ” May your God, whom you serve continually, rescue you!” … My God sent his angel, and He shut the mouths of the lions. They did not harm me because I was found innocent before his eyes.

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