Dreaming of Owl

The dreaming of owls is thought of as one of the most potent predictions that has a secret mystery that can only be opened by the person who dreams.

Because of its nocturnal nature, the owl draws you to your MOON or, in the language of dreams the feminine energy of your unconscious which is pulling you toward her. Owls appear in dreams as guides who guide us to unleash your creativity, psychic abilities as well as hidden wisdom are not visible to you.

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The mysterious bird gently guides through the dark of the night (unconsciousness) in the hope that you can use these abilities for your benefit. However, if the person who dreams does not follow their own instincts, the owl they see in their dreams could appear injured or even strike them.

The wise owl has been watching you for a long time before you even observed its presence. Actually, the Owl in your dreams is your guardian when you venture into the unknown. It is an image that must be cherished and revered because it will guide you to wherever you are.

    1. Third Eye – Psychic Abilities
    2. Moon -Feminine
    3. Shadow – Unconsciousness
    4. Water – Emotions

Owl Dreams Ancient Symbolism

These fascinating birds attracted the attention of a variety of cultures for many thousands of years. The Sumerians are among the first civilizations to portray the owl as a guardian for Inanna in the underworld, around 4500 BCE. Inanna Inanna, who was believed to be to be the Sumerian Mother Goddess Queen in Heaven as well as Earth is depicted as having two owls alongside her.

It is believed that the Native Americans feared the owl because they believed its presence to be a bad sign. Based on Native American legends and myths of certain tribes, the owl symbolizes that death is coming. Owls in dreams can be viewed as a symbols for death but it is followed by a resurrection.

The story of the owl is told in Greek mythology, Athena was the god of war and wisdom was depicted as an Owl. It was believed that the Romans believed that a person would divulge all the secrets of their lives during their sleeping if an owl’s feather was placed on their bed. Owls are referenced throughout the Bible as an emblem of wisdom and intelligence and also.

Owl Dreams: Psychic Abilities

Owls are known to appear in dreams during moments that are unsure in the course of your lives. It is a sign to trust your gut and allow it to guide you through the darkness. It is a symbol of protection against the forces that are difficult to perceive with your eyes by rotating their necks behind their heads.

The ability to perceive and navigate through the dark can be linked with the third eye. In addition, they have the third eye lid which moves across the sides. A picture that encourages you to discover the inner dimensions and the spaces that are higher in consciousness.

Dream Metaphoric Symbolism

  • Psychic ESP
  • Ending
  • Guides
  • Wisdom
  • Mystery
  • Transformation
  • Messages
  • Intelligence
  • Mysticism
  • Protection

Owl Dream Attacking

The common dream can give you clues about locations as well as people and the way you were attacked by it. If the owl shifts its focus away from your adversaries ( rats & mice) and perceives you as a threat , you have to wonder what the reason.

With its close connection to the moon and its feminine, nocturnal nature, it is possible to explore your hidden or suppressed emotions. Owls can be a reflection of feelings of doubt, unworthiness and sadness, guilt and negative thoughts. What’s stopping you from changing?

The emotions are hidden deep inside however they are projected onto other people or to protect yourself. The owl could also be seen when you aren’t believing in your own intuition. Are you one who makes bad decisions in friendships and relationships?

The goal of the owl is to lighten the dark areas of your life. The resolution of this issue will help you balance your core, resulting in an overall feeling of balance. Through Yoga, Qigong or mindfulness meditation can help you connect with the Owl.

Baby Owl Dream Meaning

The sighting of a baby owl is a good sign that indicates the beginning of a stage or a new stage of development that relates soul psychic, rebirth, and creative. It is a signification that you require patience and time to grow into the person you’ll be.

Dead Or Injured Owl Dream Meaning

The common dream prompts you to discover the unexplored aspect of femininity and fertility. Because the psyche is androgynous, it can be applicable to males as well as females. There may be a death within your own mind, possibly related to spirituality, wisdom and intellectual.

A wounded owl could indicate minor setbacks, or may be linked to your intuition , it is time to look into the areas that are removed or is not being used.

White Owl Dream Meaning

The white owl is renowned for its intelligence, purity guidance, intuition, and foresight. The color white is associated with purity and purity in dreams that relate to knowledge and wisdom

Owls: Spiritual Development

Owls’ capability to find prey, such as mice and other bugs could be connected to nagging thoughts or irritations in the course of one’s daily life. It is a perfect predator that you can’t see approaching as it waits for the right moment to kill. Dreams of death are described as endings or new beginnings.

The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said “new beginnings are often disguised as painful endings”. Dreams send messages through our unconscious that guide us and assist us on our way.

If one chooses to move into the inner world to find peace, one must confront the death of the self-image. This is a significant change in one’s life, which could mean the end or dying of your personality. The owl and the psychic consciousness (third eye) are a combination of the inner vision which is only observed by a small number of.

Owl Interesting Facts

The reason the owl is symbolic in your dreams isn’t solely based on its appearance, but also its unique capability to hunt. In order to penetrate your dreams, we need to figure out what is it that makes the owl an omen of great power.

  1. They are able to blink just like humans. They have the “third eyelid” that sweeps across the sides to aid in cleaning and lubricating their eyes.
  2. They are active at late at night (nocturnal). They rarely are seen during the daytime.
  3. An owl group is known as a parliament.
  4. Owls are the most common predators of insects, small mammals , and other birds.
  5. Some owl species hunt fish. This could be linked to the spirituality of those who dream.
  6. With strong Talons (claws) that help capture their prey and eliminate them.
  7. Big eyes and a face that is flat.
  8. The ability to turn their heads up to 360 degrees.
  9. Owls are farsighted. This means they are unable to see objects near their eyes.
  10. You’ve never seen them coming.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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