Dreaming of Pig

When we hear the term “pig” it is synonymous with greed or being fat. The Pig in your dreams could appear for a variety of reasons. It has a positive and negative symbol that may change depending on your interactions with the Pig.

A symbol of metaphoric meaning that represents patterns and behaviors that are unconscious such as sexuality, luck wealth, or anything else prohibited within your own life. Pigs can be friendly or threatening in your dreams.

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To fully comprehend your pig’s dream first, you’ll need to integrate your previous experiences as well as your religious beliefs and cultural connections. Consider how pigs have influenced your life through literature and popular culture – The Three Little Pigs, Charlotte’s Web and Babe.

A person that is Jewish or Muslim faith may view the pig in a different way than those who are not religious. The people who adhere to the Abrahamic faith may depict an image that resembles the one of the pig as being not right or moral in their daily lives. Greed is among seven sins that are considered to be deadly found in the Bible. They can give you the ringworm which is a parasite that in your dreams that feeds on your energy after being consumed.

Pig Dreams: Happy As A Pig

The pig could appear in your dreams, revealing aspects of your intellect and uncaring nature. grounded in the earth, they are closer to Mother Earth. The symbol of the bringer of fertility, and a source of food to many . They are often associated with the wealth of the world, piggy banks or even a pig in clover. It could be connected to luck in obtaining cash or having lots of things.

  • Highly Intelligence
  • Wealth & Abundance
  • Social
  • Fun and be carefree
  • Abundance
  • In mythology, it is a sacred concept (death and resurrection)
  • Vision, communication and senses

Pig Dreams: Disgust

Understanding if the image of the pig is a representation of hidden shadow characteristics that you could inherit. The negative characteristics (see below) when not recognized, the pig is unconscious in your dreams.

The same way that you consider pigs disgusting and dirty is common approach to confronting our own shortcomings. The general attitude of the pig will determine whether these characteristics are acknowledged or not. Observing the pig’s behavior rather than being snatched away or pursued

Pigs would like you to look into your hidden vices and negative behaviors that could be affecting your life. The pig is essentially a reflection of the adolescent behaviors you engage in that aren’t under control. This includes sex, materialism and gambling, as well as drugs; health problems to name just a few. The vices are disguised to soothe the unresolved conflicts of the past and emotional trauma.

  • Overindulgence or gluttony
  • Laziness or weight gain
  • Unclean or dirty
  • Sin
  • Selfishness or greed
  • Materialism
  • Sexuality (urges and urges,)

Common Pig Dreams Interpreted

The pig that was chased: Being chased is an everyday dream, however the thing that is being chased you is an indication. It is a symbol of escape from or avoiding the issue the issues in your life. The pig is determined to devour you. It can eat your entire body. What is the reason it can be able to do this in your own life? Does it reflect your shrewd habits or be related with your food habits?

Pigs Attacking: If you’ve had a relationship with the aggressive side of the pig, it could be a reflection of people or the unconscious characteristics you have. The pig was provoked and been able to come out and attack. The question of what provoked it to strike you, the person in the vicinity and where are all clues. The pig could represent people with these traits. Have you questioned or provoked these traits in them?

Pig Bite: Most of the time, bites are associated with people who are inclined to cause harm or offence to you. They are those who exhibit pig-like characteristics and bite their hands which feeds them. Biting your hand indicates someone has benefited from you.

The color black is a Pig: The color black is often used to connect the dreamer with its shadow, the hidden and unnoticed side. The image will help you know these characteristics that you don’t know exist.

Killing Pig: They are a good symbols of a dream that suggest that you have taken down negative characteristics or behavior of you or in others. They will no longer be a part of you.

Roasting a Pig: These dreams could bring your attention to being sucked in at both sides. The flames and heat of the fire draws your focus to rebirth, passion, energy and transformation. It may signal to rid yourself of these characteristics.

Wild Boar: These are untamed wild animals that link you with your instincts. It is a state of consciousness because it must be integrated in order to not cause harm to anyone else.

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