Psychic Dreaming

Precognition is a term that describes the situation when you imagine something, and later it occurs in reality The ability or direct ability to anticipate things before they occur by using ESP.

If you’re one of those whose dreams were realized the next day, the entire theory of the reason we dream is dismissed. Modern research has found that everyone has some degree of psychic ability, however some people’s antennas appear to be higher than others.

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The idea of being able to predict the future has been a part of the minds of people for thousands of years. Similar stories of dreams can be found in Biblical texts that include Jacob as well as Daniel. The phenomenon of psychic dreams has fascinated people for many centuries. recalling your dreams can help bridge the gap between the two worlds.

Are Psychic Dreams Real?

A clear mind is helpful in decoding psychic dreams. It’s not often that dreams give you an explicit message or warning. The symbols are hidden in the form of a labyrinth that is made up of parables and metaphors.

The language of the past was utilized to encourage insight into the future, future events, integration, and a map of the soul. Unfortunately, this method is a neglected old instrument. As we continue to concentrate on the world outside, we are unable to focus on the mystery of our inner world. The realm of dreams is only available to those who are willing to look within.

Each night, our astral body leaves the boundaries of the realm of consciousness and moves into the mysterious land of the unknowable. In this realm, our souls go missing and are returned. We connect with our spiritual self, with people from all over the globe, and with people who have passed away. This is the place of meeting which connects consciousness and the unconscious.

It is normal to be skeptical of dreams that are psychic if you have had never experienced one. That’s why it’s crucial to remember your dreams and capturing the events that occurred. It’s like learning to ride a bicycle or learn a language. It takes some time, effort and patience.

Once you have this information, the next step is to connecting the puzzle. It will be apparent that your dream and the symbols within the dream will be unique to you because your personal experiences will differ from others. When you write down your dreams,, you will see a bizarre pattern of dots that are connected to each other.

Famous Psychic Dreams

One of the best known stories of precognition is that from Abraham Lincoln. Prior to his assassination, he spoke to his wife and other acquaintances about a dream which he had. In the dream, he was attending a funeral in the house that was white. He approached the guardsman and inquired who was inside the casket? The soldier said “the president of the United States of America”. A week later, after the dream, the soldier was killed and shot at the point-blank distance.

Edgar Cayce was an American self-confessed clairvoyant who was reported to be in an altered state when sleeping. Cayce recorded more than 14,000 psychic readings which answered questions about subjects such like healing, the reincarnation process, and the future in dreams. He also discussed the evolution of humanity from its beginnings until the time when humanity are able to harness their supernatural abilities.

Dreaming Of The Deceased

There is an ambiguity between thinking about loved ones who have passed away or the unconscious thoughts sorting themselves out. The distinction between the two could be to be a difficult job, but there are a few clues to can help you determine if you have really made contact with them.

Dreams that are disturbing or nightmarish involving those you love are typically thoughts that are filtered out of your mind and not a direct message. There is a slight change in appearance when you imagine the dead, or might be the lucky recipient of a gift from the dead. received a present by the deceased.

  • Looking younger and healthier
  • They will send you a text message
  • The dream is clear or vivid feeling to it.
  • It is possible that your energy will be exhausted upon awakening
  • Bright colors, symbol of transformation
  • Reappear on specific dates or at important dates or important times (birth or death and rough times in life, anniversaries and birthdays)

Remember Your Dreams

The most difficult thing people face is trying to recall their dreams after they awake. It is a fact that we can lose as much as 90% of our dream recall within the first few minutes of awakening. This is why it’s essential to build your dream muscles and keep as much as you can.

We tend to think of our day-to-day tasks prioritizing them first at the beginning of each day. It is important to focus your attention to the events in your dreams, even when you only remember an the event, object or a symbol. As time passes, your memory of dreams will grow.

  • A dream journal can help to track your progress and also getting a better understanding of the pattern or code that is revealed
  • Keep your mind open.
  • The symbols you place in your dreams have significance.
  • Grounding and meditation techniques can help to make your dreams more vivid.
  • You may request to talk with loved ones who are deceased prior to your sleep.
  • Open your third eye.

Why People Have Precognition

Even today, research studies are unable to determine the reason for precognitive dreams. There are numerous theories on the subject, but there is no solid evidence. Below are some theories to explain the reasons behind them.

  • One theory suggests that the precognitive experience releases a powerful psychokinetic PK force which brings the imagined future to reality.
  • The present, past and the future are all the same.
  • It could be a glimpse of the future dependent on current circumstances and data.
  • Your mind can explore an undiscovered force field
  • It is possible that your brain produces more DMT within the Pineal gland.

Third Eye & Psychic Dreaming

Third Eye: The Third eye is an esoteric and mysterious idea of an speculative, invisible eye. The eyes that see are located within the Pineal gland, which is depicted as being situated in the forehead. The third eye, also known as the sixth chakra acts as the source of self-awareness, intuition and foresight.

When your third eye becomes activated by any kind of spiritual practice your sense of intuition grows because your dreams get more vibrant. In addition, the third eye helps bring the dreams you have in your mind to life, as your dreams become more vibrant and lively.

Premonition in contrast to. Precognition

A lot of people mistake precognition and premonition as the identical thing. There is a subtle distinction between them, but they are they are similar in their nature, they both have the same result. Premonitions are a mix of random sounds, images or thoughts that flash within your head at any time. Precognition, on the other hand is portrayed in dreams making use of various images, events or bizarre sensations.

Biblical Psychic Dreams

Deuteronomy 29:29.

“The secret things belong to the LORD our God, but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law”.

  • Daniel who was famous for his ability to interpret dreams was doing this for 500 years prior to Christ. Daniel was able to study dreams of people, especially for the king Nebuchadnezzar.
  • The Bible says in Genesis 28:12 God spoke to Jacob while he was in a dream. He imagines the ladder which is set in the earth (earth) reaching towards the heavens. He wanted to inform him that God spoke directly to him by using his symbol, the ladder to indicate the link.
  • Genesis 31:24 in this verse God appeared to Laban the Syrian in a dream at the night and told Laban, “Take heed that you speak not to Jacob either good or bad”.

Precognition Dream Facts

You can see from some psychic visions below, there must be evidence. Although it’s very difficult to prove that the dream was actually true and the majority of people will have a difficult to believe it.

If you are able to recall your dreams , you stand greater chances of putting the pieces together. Dreams can be metaphorical and understanding the meanings helps you understand the future scenarios that could occur.

  • A minimum of 1/3 of general population has precognition during their dreams
  • There is no reason the reason we experience psychic dreams.
  • 60 % to 70% of our precognition occurs in our dreams.
  • You’ll be able to tell the distinction between a normal dream to a dream that is psychic.

Types Of Psychic Abilities

There’s no one kind of psychic, just like professional athletes, they be found in a variety of dimensions and shapes. It is evident that the ability of a baseball player is different from the football player, however they’re still playing an activity. A clairvoyant may have a different dream meaning than someone who is clear-sensed.

People with an increased abilities to dream will experience dreams that are more vivid, with increased symbols and colors. The psychic abilities are also linked to experiences in the outer body and projections from the astral plane.

  • (clear seeing) (clear seeing)
  • Clairsentience (clear sensation)
  • Clarity of hearing (clear hearing)
  • Claircognizance (clear being aware)
  • Clairscent (clear scent)
  • Clairgustance (clear tasting)
  • The concept of Clairtangency (clear touching)

Telepathic Dreams

It is the ability to discern what’s going on in another’s mind or to talk to people in a mental way, without words or other signals. In the realm of dreams, people who are telepathic may detect people’s health, their future plans or messages from deceased people. Telepathic dreamers are employed as a conduit or can detect subconscious psychic grid.

Premonition Dreams

They are among the most popular psychic dreams in which you can discern the future of happenings. The events typically take place in the days or months following the dream occurs. The dream’s contents may be precise or mixed up with parables and symbolic symbolism. Precognitive dreams are dreams that could be either positive or negative in their result. The most famous stories of recorded precognitive dreams is that of the murders of Abraham Lincoln and Sugar Ray Robinson.

Clairvoyant Dreams

Dreams of clairvoyance can pick up on situations or events that are happening in the present. The information they receive could be from a different country that the dreamer does not possess access.

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