Dreaming of Seeing A Third Eye

The sight of a third eye in your dream could be thought to be extremely rare, but an incredibly powerful dream symbol that symbolizes wisdom, the soul, and the inner vision. It is an indication that something is emerging within you that others are unable to perceive.

Third Eye: The Third eye is the gateway to the inner realms and places that are higher in consciousness. It’s not thought of as “new age spirituality” but something that goes to the year 6,000 BCE in the ancient times of Egypt.

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The image is cut the hieroglyphs and pyramids of Egyptian hieroglyphs, which represent an Eye of Horus. The third eye was observed on the forehead of Buddha as well as on the Indian God Shiva The dot or opening in the middle of the forehead.

Dream Interpretation:

  • Greater psychic abilities
  • Separation of self from spirit
  • Believing in your gut
  • Spiritual awakening
  • More foresight
  • The ability to access the spiritual world

Third Eye Dream Meaning

The picture of your third eye that you see in your dreams could be visible on your forehead, or you might even see the same thing on another person. typically, it appears on babies. The meaning of the third eye may differ on the individual. It is not logical to claim that all “third eye’ dreams are the same since there are no two people who share the same experiences in life.

But you can also use the locations, moods, and the people you see in your dreams as clues to determine the significance. Understanding if the dream is connected to your spirituality or some recently-discovered insight that you might have gained in recent times.

However, this could be a sign that signals a change within and a conscious change that is about to occur. Reflection of something that was inactive for so long and is now being activated. What does that mean in your daily life?

What Does The Third Eye Mean To You?

  • Have the skeleton of your existence begun to unravel?
  • Are you seeking inner awareness?
  • Could this be an indication of hidden esp capabilities?
  • The communication with spirit realms
  • Have you reached the peak of your energy? your Ajna chakra?
  • Ability to discern other people’s energy
  • Experiencing an ego death

Spiritual & Psychic Awareness

It is believed that the Third eye is often associated to the pineal gland, the tiny endocrine gland located situated in the middle of the brain. Philosopher Descartes believed that it was the place of soul’, or what people refer to as the center of your sixth sense. The dream you are experiencing could be a hint to explore the capabilities you possess beneath the surface.

Does the dream indicate that you are gifted with psychic abilities you’re not aware of? Third eye is the gateway to psychic abilities, including telepathy the ability to see, lucid dreaming and astral projection.

A symbol of becoming less materialistic and focus on your goal of what you’re doing on earth.

Dreaming Of Baby With A Third Eye

The majority of dreams involve a third eye are usually observed on babies. Because dreams are encoded in metaphors, they draw your attention to the new growth or the awakening the child within. Babies may be portrayed as a signification of something that is developing in the body, as if the new phase of growth is about to begin.

Babies are innocent and filled with joy and love, this is the way to take the first step towards awakening. Trust the movement and trust your gut instincts by not letting your self-interest hinder your progress.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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