Should You Reveal Your Dreams to Someone?

There are many superstitious stories floating around on the internet, or maybe an old-fashioned tale that you shouldn’t share with anyone your hopes or dreams because it could bring you an unlucky outcome.

The issue of why we dream has fascinated scientists, philosophers and psychologists for many years. Despite the vast amount of research conducted by contemporary science over the years, we are not able to find an answer that is definitive to the purpose that our dreaming can have. Although there is still a lot of uncertainty about the meaning of dreams, do we really need to share our dreams with others?

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If the analytical psychology Carl Jung is right about dreams being the Psychological Attempt to Communicate important things to an individual, perhaps we need to be cautious. Be aware that the people who you share your dreams may quit the room, or even squint, in anticipation of your ability to finish the story quickly. Because our dreams are private to us and as many people, they may not comprehend the language that our unconscious communicates to us, it’s best to remain quiet.

It happens every day when you tell a acquaintance ” I had a dream about my teeth falling out” then they come back and tell you that it could mean you’re going to die, because it has occurred to one of their friends. Is there a right moment to share about your dreams? Based on the pro boxer Sugar Ray Robinson it might have saved his opponent’s life If he believed in his dream prediction.

Article: Sugar Ray Robinson Preminion Death Dream

Is It Bad Luck To Tell Someone Your Dreams?

You will need to prove that bad luck is really true. Based on British psychology expert Richard Wiseman, he has examined this phenomenon in depth and proved that we are able to influence luck. However, it’s not necessarily a form of magic black, but it is based entirely on your attitude toward your life. Have you noticed that people who are lucky are more open and happy While those who aren’t lucky tend to be buried in their worries, feel negative and unhappy.

This could be applicable to telling people about our Dreams We should be sure to select the most suitable individuals in our life that don’t judge us or give us something that is negative. They are the ones who are generally interested in your personal development and well-being. They are the best people to share your stories. They may have a different perspective on your goals than those who believe that the bite of a snake is instant death.

Why Snakes Are The Most Powerful Dream Symbol

Is It Weird To Tell Someone You Had A Dream About Them?

The mysterious coded language of dreams usually employs symbols or people as metaphors, but rarely actually relating to the individual. If you are in a world where left means right and up is right, it’s better to attempt to unravel the dream by yourself prior to trying to describe it to the person. In addition, telling someone about your dream could make them feel uncomfortable, especially when the dream has an esoteric or sexual meaning associated with it.

Many people believe that dreams are just a piece of brain that is circulating through the night. Whether whether they are true or not, certain people may think you’re insane. If you believe you’ve been given a vision or a warning, it will be your choice to inform the person or not.

When Telling Other People About Your Dream Might Save Their Life

There are many theories in science about dreaming however all is required is just one dream that is realized the following day which puts all of their theories to the wind. It is said that Abraham Lincoln Predicted His own death through telling closest acquaintances about his dream of being shot. The dream came to pass and he was killed 10 days afterward. What do you think of Sugar Ray Robinson telling someone about his dream? Maybe if he had listened to his own instincts and didn’t listen to the opinions of his opponents, he would be alive today.

When you are sharing with others your dreams you must make use of your judgment and intuition. If you believe in your heart you believe this dream is one you ought to tell someone, you need faith in your gut.

Common Superstitions

  • Knocking on Wood to bring luck
  • The Evil Eye to protect you

  • Walking Under A Ladder

  • Trimming Nails at Night
  • Friday the 13th
  • Whistling
  • Sitting at the Corner of a Table
  • Money in the ground

Do you need to tell a man you admire about your ideal?

It is an ideal idea to are able to tell your crush that that you had a dream about him? In the majority of cases, dreaming about your crush is connected to wishful fulfillments or maybe a desire that you wish to be and he manifests in your dreams. It could be an chance to step into the door and observe what he thinks of it. If he is interested, your fantasy could come true.

If a man says he had an idea about you in a dream?

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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