14 Signs of an Angel in Your House

There are 17 indicators of the presence of an Angel at your home that are watching over you and guarding you. I will discuss the spiritual manifestations.

Have you ever thought about whether God has created someone who would take care of you? There are times in your life where you feel alone and feel like no one in the world is there for you. This is the time to have your angel of protection when you need them most.

guardian angels together

Angels are created to help protect and heal you. But, they aren’t able to speak directly to you and resolve your problems.

They keep giving you signals and all you need to do is listen to them, think about and connect the signals to your current circumstances. What are the signs? These are the 17 most frequent signs that an angel is at your home. In addition, you’ll be able to ask many more questions about the subject and you’re in the right spot for answers.

Are I blessed with an Guardian Angel? What can I do to find out?

Everyone has an angel of protection who watches out for them and helps clear any future obstacles and helps to overcome the current issues you’re confronting.

They will give you signs every now and then based on the situation. They can help you stay clear of situations that could cause problems in the future.

What do you be sure? Your guardian angels are there for you and supporting and assisting you once you begin to get closer to spiritual beings and your family members. You’ll realize that you are more valuable than ever before and you’ll never back away from any challenge.

How do you know whether you are Guardian Angel is with you?

In the event that you are a believer in angels you’ll be unable to explain the reason you feel them all around. What’s the cause of this sensation?

The answer is easy: your Guardian Angel! Your guide and protector can sometimes make us forget their presence, but there are numerous signs that they are there. Are these 17 signs a sign the angels are there with you?

It is evident that he is there.

The first indication that your guardian angel is around is the fact that you feel the presence of him. Sometimes it happens that you suddenly notice the presence of this angel.

We might not see or hear anything, but all we are aware of is the presence of some one in the vicinity.

  • Perhaps he spoke to us?
  • Did he inspire us?
  • Maybe she got us?

These signs may not be evident, but we can definitely feel the presence of the angels.

You are safe

An indication that your angel of protection is present and watches over you. is the supernatural protection he provides. You are protected from disasters and accidents. We often imagine our protector angel as a young child and think that we want to snuggle him.

But, this is not the only role of our angelic guardian.

Our angel of protection also shields us from every kind of bad things. Through his cloak, he protects our entire body and shields us from all the harm that is wrought all around us.

If you are experiencing an impression that your angel of protection is protecting you, the most logical explanation is that he’s!

Divine intervention in our lives

The third indication that your guardian angel is present and is watching on you is the divine intervention of his. If we’re struggling or require help in a particular area the guardian angel is there to help us, without asking for anything for recompense.

He interfers with us and luck, which is why miracles can occur. If this has occurred to you, the most likely reason is that your guardian angel is there with you.

The power to change

The fourth symbol is the power of our guardian angel’s ability to change. He is able to make the impossible possible, and he holds supreme authority over all material objects!

If this kind of thing occurred for you, this is a sign that your protector is in place and is in charge of everything that happens around you.

You will feel his presence

The fifth indication that your guardian angel is present and is in your life is the presence of his angel in joyous feelings. Have you ever experienced a sudden feeling of joy when you thought of him? The feeling is usually triggered by the belief of our guardian right there with us.

If you are experiencing this feeling, be aware that your angel of protection is likely taking great care!

It is easy to sense his presence upon waking up

Are you looking for a sign that your angel is real? You are able to feel his presence upon you wake up.

It’s one of our hopes to have a angel at our side at night while we rest. However, you may also experience this sensation when you get up! If you feel the sense of being monitored, it is a sign that your angel of protection is right there!

There’s something mystical going on.

Each time you notice a odd incident, you can be certain that something supernatural is happening..

This symbol indicates that your angel of protection is in place and is watching over you! Have you ever experienced an unusual feeling when you are in fearful situations? It could be your guardian angel trying to help us remain calm and strong.

You’re happy

The eighth indication of your angel’s protection is in existence is the sudden bursts of joy! Have you ever felt overwhelmed by an unimaginable joy? If this isn’t a simple coincidence, it means the guardian angel of yours is looking over you and telling you that you’re in his care.

You can dream about your Guardian Angel

What is this ninth symbol? This one has to do with dreams. be related to dreamsHave you ever imagined yourself as being an angel? This means that your angel of protection is in the room. He may want to send an encouraging message!


The tenth sign is existence of premonition signs. If you have this sensation, it’s a sign that your angel is giving you important detailsthat something significant and significant could happen in the near future! You can be certain that he’s right there looking out for you!

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms this means that your angel of protection is right there. He is there and loves us with a lot of love!

17 Signs of a Angel of Protection Angel looking out for you

If you’re interested to learn about the signals that let you feel that angels are watching over your life, continue reading to learn about the following 17 indicators:

1.) White feather

A feather that isn’t yours may be a sign, but when you see an unmarked white feather within your home, you could imagine it as an invitation card from the guardian angel.

It is also possible to keep a record when you discover it in a strange location. For instance, in your bag , bathroom or in your the bathroom. It’s an expression of confidence and motivation.

2.) Finding pennies

If you’ve found an unintentional penny or dime in a strange place, it’s a sign from angels telling you that they are there with you and are loving and supporting you.

But, it could also be a signification for you personally when you’ve been through the midst of a major crisis in your life, or are faced with a crucial decision to take. What they represent might be able to think about the thoughts you had when you came across the image.

3) Light flashes

This could be another indication from the angel of your protection. It is possible to witness the flash of light in a variety of ways.

There is a glimpse of light on the corner of your eye and also an unexpected illumination in your photo or even a light beam on your face even when there’s no sun.

4) Rainbow

If a rainbow appears particularly in the absence of rain and is thought of as to be a sign from an angel. Rainbow is a symbol of optimism. It is a reminder that you can be successful when you wait, don’t give up.

You’ll be successful and get out of this mess in the near future. They also represent power, success, and wisdom.

5.) Direct message

The belief is that the guardian angel could also send you a direct message regarding your issue in written text or in voice.

For example, you could find a quote or phrase in your journal or on a board which will provide an immediate solution to your issue.

In other instances, you might meet someone who’s phrases or words could give you an answer to your issue or make you feel better about your problems. Your guardian angel is watching out for you.

6) Chills or goosebumps

In heaven’s presence, you experience suddenly chills, tingling sensations and the foot ceasing to sleep, as well as goosebumps.

They usually occur when you are feeling low and unconfident. The belief is that the angels use it to boost your energy and confidence to their own. This indicates that the way you feel or doing is correct and in the right direction.

7) The sensation of being felt

Angels connect with you through touching your. You may feel someone touching your back, hugging you, or even a stroke across your neck or face. Additionally, you may feel a sudden warmth when you are praying. This indicates that your angel of protection is near to you.

8) Images or symbols that appear in the sky

Many believe that angels make use of clouds to relay messages to humans since they are beautiful to behold and simple to create.

They could send you messages from other objects which can be easily reshaped. As tea leaves, foam as well as shadow. These are signs of love from the heavens and angels.

9) Pleasant scent

Angels are known for their ability to bring you to feel their presence through delicious smells of flowers, food, and scents and so on.

In instances where you notice something pleasing suddenly and you don’t know the source. If you are struck by an inscrutable scent, you imagine the person you share it with, and you wonder what’s going to take place the next.

10) Tapping ear

It could be another indication that you have an angel surrounding you, since angels frequently communicate with us by tapping our ears by their holy hands. It could be a gentle or a powerful knock, but it’s always good news from above.

11.) At your next hearing

Another method your guardian angel can contact you. You might have heard sounds in your sleeping or awake. For instance, sounds, music, engines, cars and so on.

These are messages from angels that want to impart some important information. It is important to be attentive to the messages you receive during these times and connect the events of the past to them.

12.) Shells and seashells at the beach

There are many occasions when you’ve walked along the shore with loved ones. You have seen seashells everywhere, but did no idea what significance they hold to the seashells.

Perhaps they were intended to you by an angel of death , or an departed loved one could be communicating to you via these symbols.

13) Letters

Angels frequently leave messages near your home, regardless of whether they are in your mailbox or books, on your walls, or even in your cupboard. The angelic letters are clear signs of an angel’s desire to talk with you. They can also be seen as stars or words written in the earth, or a name written in sand and so on.

14) The sensation of being observed

Sometimes you may feel that someone is watching over you and watching out for you, it means that a the angel of protection is safeguarding you from any unimaginable obstacles you may encounter in the near or in the future. This could be a positive indication that things are likely to improve soon.

15) Coincidence

If you’ve been working to accomplish something for a long time and then suddenly, it’s done in of the blue. It is an indication that your angel of protection is watching out for you and is removing all obstacles for you.

16) Number that is angelic

If you’ve been experiencing certain sequences or numbers repeatedly. This is a sign that the angels of your soul are trying to communicate with you. For example, if you noticed that you were seeing the numbers 4545 and 77. Take it as a sign. Angels are known to love playing with numbers.

17) Beauty moments

There is a chance that you have experienced lots of stress recently in your personal or your work. For example, you have just been promoted to a new job however, it increases the stress on you or you’ve been constantly fighting with your parents or friends and then you experience an instant of calm that allows you to appreciate the beauty in everything surrounding you and just relax.

Many people have seen the angelic signs all around them, but don’t observe them until it’s late. It could be possible to save them had they been aware of what these signs were trying to communicate.

Is the message that my Guardian Angel seeking to convey to me?

You are loved by everyone:

Your angel of protection always cares for you and is watching over you 24/7. Do not forget that no matter how difficult one day or several days in the same row, they are always there to help and cherish you.

All will be fine soon:you are going to overcome your rough patches. Angels will tell you that things aren’t going well but not that bad, and that they will improve in the near future.

Be patient:

It’s all in the hands of God: Sometimes, even angels are unable to assist us when the moment isn’t right, since all is in God’s hand who is the only one who can decide what’s best for us. Therefore, don’t lose faith in the words of God.

Take good care of yourself:

When you’re having a difficult time or things aren’t going as planned with you, the angels appear to remind them that the most effective option is to take good care of yourselfand calm your soul and mind with pleasant things such as food, music, friends and family.

How do you know whether your angels are speaking to you?

Angels communicate with us constantly. They communicate in a subtle and sometimes physical way. They attempt to communicate with us frequently using symbols. But, we don’t always recognize their messages and don’t always take them into consideration. Here’s how to determine if angels are speaking to you:


Your guardian angel could be any person. It could be your grandparents, parents, grandparents, or another person you lost as an individual.

They are also admiring you as an angel. They may show up in dreams to warn you against making wrong choices or be there for you when you are when you are at your lowest. However, you’ll be able to feel their presence whenever they appear during your dream.


If you have someone you are deeply in love with however, you haven’t communicated with this in a long period of time due to a reason. The angel of your guardian is made up of those who wish to promote an item you cherish or would like to inform your about the experience.

If you were a naturalist but then suddenly you start to ignore it. Your guardian angel might send you a few people who are extremely attracted to nature and are trying to spread that message.


Your angel of protection appears with bright lights whenever they appear to alert or assist. For instance, if they suddenly appear in the form of headlights in the direction of trees while driving at night, they’re trying to stop something dangerous from occurring. It is possible to stay clear of it.


If angels appear to say that everything will be fine soon and that things won’t be so dark anymore in your life.

They appear in the form of sunshine shining onto you in a bright day in the shadows of clouds. If it’s raining and they appear to you as shining sunlight that shines across the clouds.


If things aren’t working out for you as a result of your bad decisions and choices. They can appear as fog or smoketo signal to you that you need to make adjustments before something truly disastrous occurs.

If they look like that they usually mean that you’re about to make an unwise decision or don’t have enough caution about things.


Your angel of protection loves nature , and they are likely to speak to you through various scents, like blossoms or even trees.

Anything natural can be their method of speaking to you when things are difficult for you. They want you to that they’re there, and will be there to help you.

Pains in the body:

Your guardian angel could appear as a an abrupt body pain or headache. It might seem odd, but it’s true.

If you’ve been contemplating something extremely difficult or have made a few wrong choices, they’ll attempt to grab your attention with headaches or other forms of intense body pain that starts abruptly.

A sudden urge to pray:

It’s a bit odd, however this was something that has happened many times to me as well as others I have known about..

If things seem to be getting too difficult for your life Your guardian angel appears with an overwhelming desire to ask for assistance. If you don’t pray during that moment, your situation could become worse, and it’s certain that a sudden change occur within your life once you begin praying.

Do I have a question for my Guardian Angel?

Your angel of protection will always be there to assist you. You can also ask them any questions you’d like answers to. Particularly when it comes to helping you get out of difficult situations or getting you closer to the mighty.

It is possible to talk with them and ask them questions whenever you pray. The belief is that the angel of protection is closest to you when you pray. And they respond to you by displaying signs, as they typically do. It is just a matter of paying the attention of their messages and think about the message carefully.

Final Words

Your angel of protection will always assist you in times of need , if you feel they are close. They are there to help and protect you, while certain signs might be simple to comprehend while others aren’t so easy.

Things such as the pain in your body, the an urge to pray, or a bright light that appears in the darkness around youare the most obvious signs that someone has left you an angelic message to direct you.

You may also feel your guardian angel’s voice through your thoughts and emotions. If you find that things seem to make sense this is due to the angels making things easy to comprehend.

If you are feeling happy or relaxed after a stressful event which made you anxious before, perhaps they’ve helped you relax and not been noticed by anyone in the vicinity.

Do you have all the songs of the Guardian Angel in your house and keeping watch over you? Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below!

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