Dreaming of Snake

Did you realize that the most ancient dream symbol that has been documented is the serpent. Perhaps you’ve observed the coiled serpent engraving on hieroglyphs from early Egypt Perhaps you might have seen the Buddha contemplating in the cobra’s midst? However it is true that according to the Bible the snake is regarded as to be a symbol of evil or temptation in the Adam and Eve story.

What do snakes actually represent in our fantasies?

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Anyone who offers an answer in a few words on the meaning behind a snake dream is in deceitful. The infamous, yet mysterious dream symbols contain two elements that heal KUNDALINI, or a threat or hidden danger in the event that you’re unaware of the existence of something. The snake that we dream about is a symbol that can be confusing to the person dreaming, usually being connected to their desires, instincts or behavior.

Learn the significance that the snake signifies in your nighttime dreams before it is too to late.

Dreaming Of Snakes

The cold-blooded reptiles have an unpopular reputation because our brains are wired to be terrified by snakes. The fear we have of snakes is an ” genetic phobia” because of our long-standing evolutionary history where pythons ate humans.

In the realm of dreams the snake is an unification of the state of consciousness and unconscious which is our vital force or energy, also known as fertility. Because of its two extremes, what can you tell whether the snake is to be a positiveor negative symbol?

Sometimes, your encounter with the snake will determine the result in your dreams. However, the good news is that your dream can give you the correct number of clues that could be taken literally. It’s not an simple task, even though there are small details like the location of your dream, kind of snake, symbol or being bitten, attacked or pursued.

Snake Bite In Dreams

snake Bite are typical dream symbols that raise your awareness toward deceitful individuals within your life. It is considered to be a sign of bad luck when a snake that is poisonous is tangled with your. This is a signal to be aware of people and situations that could be a danger to your life.

The symbolism, the location and the people in your vicinity are clues that help you identify the danger. The bite of a snake could be a result of unconscious desires or behavior that you have.

  • Beware of behaviors, people or reactions that are characterized by an unbreakable force.
  • The venom will determine the degree of paralyzing this attack could be.
  • A deadly force hidden from view that you do not know about.
  • The temptation has its own sting.
  • People with negative intentions, bad will or hate for you.

Type Of Snake In Dreams

The snake’s type will give the dreamer clues to identify the theme of the dream. With more than 3000 varieties of snakes around the globe, it is impossible to decipher the meaning of each snake, but each snake has distinct features that alter its significance.

We know that venomous snakes are classified are referred to as ” pit vipers” an image that symbolically reveals an imminent threat because its fatal strike can shut down the the central nervous system.

  1. Rattlesnake appears as a small threat in a metaphorical sense, to rattle or shake you up.
  2. Cobra Cobra – The symbol for personal transformation unintentional fear, or an adversary you’ve caused.
  3. Black Snake– Connecting to the undiscovered (shadow) one of the more lethal.
  4. Boa Constrictors Metaphorically, it means restricting the lifeblood out of you, thereby depleting the energy and life force.
  5. Python is fast and able to wrap itself around you , so it is impossible to get away.
  6. Anaconda Anaconda HTML0 Provides clues to your fears of the emotional that require exploration.
  7. White Snake White Snake an unusual color that is often associated with innocence, light, goodness pure, and purity.
  8. Rainbow (or Multi Colored – A threat that mixes in or is connected to your emotions and feelings, or even your unconscious energy.
  9. Snakes all over the place connected to your fears or subconscious energies that are growing.
  10. The Killing Snake is considered to be as a positive sign of the times, but because of its complexity, there are many snakes that are considered a negative symbols, and in actual fact they have fertility and healing properties.
  11. Two-Headed Snake Two-headed snake has aspects of conflict or rebirth in the course of one’s life.

Snake Bite Location Dreams

From Behind

Certain areas of your body, such as your back could indicate the possibility of an assault from behind. This is an attack that could surprise you or perhaps you don’t be aware of who is planning things in the back of your head. The word metaphor is used to refer to something has been neglected or not thought of and turning away could be a risk.

Snake Biting Hand

A snake that biting the hands is a sign of false friends who you might meet or those near to you. The adage ‘ bite the hand’ suggests what good actions you can perform to help others won’t be appreciated, and in turn being a threat to you. This could be a sign of bad-minded people who don’t wear a mask and pretend to be somebody they’re not. The right hand indicates an individual close to you, the left hand suggests something dirty.

Snake In Hair

If you have noticed the presence of a snake in your hair, it could be a sign of trouble with your mind; things comes from your scalp. Medusa is known to have snakes gushing out of her head could be connected with the feminine, eating her mothers.

Dream of Snake Biting Neck or Throat

A neck injury or throat is a sign of concern for the ability of your voice to express your opinion, or lack of. This could be a threat to your ability to communicate or to express your feelings. If the snake is blue, it could be a connection to the stuck energies which are centered around your throat chakra.

Dreaming of Snake Biting Face

The bite of a snake on you in the face may be a personal or linked with your Shadow. Because of the mask we wear when in the public, our identity (ego) is in danger. The position of your face or head is a sign of your image or mind that’s under threat. If it’s close to your throat or mouth, it could be a threat at your communication.

Dream of Snake Biting Foot

The position on your foot is a metaphor for the direction you are taking or the path you’re on that is blocked. The bite represents an attack on your progress or progression as you progress in your daily life. It could be that something you are putting on the line or your system of support being attacked.

Snake Locations

Snake In House

Snakes that are visible in your home link the person dreaming with the psyche/mind; they have they have a positive and negative connotation in the situation that the dreams are taking place. Different levels of the house translate different ways.

Snake In Bed

Beds are often associated with sexuality. mattress is usually linked to the sexual aspect that the person is dreaming. The snake could also be the phallic signification or be perceived as an indication of danger. It is a place of tranquility and peace that is disturbed by the unconscious. For exploring personal romance sexuality, or the repression of desires. The snake symbol being under the bed is a reference to hidden things and are a source of danger or inattention.

Biting Family

The snakes who bit the family members of yours could be a sign of a perceived threat that you are aware of. To look into the possibility of threats they pose and their behavior, or changes in behavior or emotional issues. The snake’s type along with its color and the location can provide clues to help identify the dream. If the venom has penetrated the skin, it will determine whether the attack has impacted the person emotionally.

Snakes Dream Analysis

Snake Chase

The idea of being pursued are often associated with the fear of running away from things that is happening to you. Being pursued by a snake may be a reflection of people who could be a threat to you, or negative aspects of you that you do not know about. You want to confront the snake and get rid of it. You may also must reflect on how to be less likable, or to be aware of the traits that are present in yourself.

Biting Animals

Animals that bite snakes could represent a reflection or a hindrance to your subconscious instincts. The common dream of the bite of a snake on your pet or cat connects you to the feminine or instinctual part that the person who dreams. The most common dreams involve your own pet is victimized by a snake, the connection to a loved one or something that gives unconditional love. Check out the alligators as well as the spiders.

Water Snakes

If you see the presence of a snake in the the water,this draws focus to your emotional aspect of the person who is dreaming. Dreams could indicate the threat of a metaphorical threat to your subconscious emotional state.


The appearance of snakes within the back of your car draw your attention to the road or the road ahead. There could be something that comes your way which could be an obstacle to your progress forward in your life.

Killing Snake

If you’re eliminating the snake is a good sign that you are stopping the threat from attack. This could be related to situations, people or even aspects of your shadow which have been eliminated as threats.

Dead Snake Dream

Dead snakes in your dreams could appear in the event of an end to a potential threat in your life. They may also be connected to your life force energy and feminine energy, or heal that has been buried within.

Snakes Everywhere Dream

The sight of Snakes everywhere in your dream prompts you to consider the risks or dangers you encounter in your daily life. Find out if the snakes are connected to negative thoughts or behavior and toxic people or locations you are a part of. It could also represent unconscious energy that is being harnessed.

Baby Snakes Dream

A symbol that can manifest into healing potential, non threat; fears that appear to be small, but could be risky.

Three Headed Snake

A dream symbolizing three distinct beings could represent or be a triad that never appear in a collective. The collective mind as one archetype of femininity Triple goddess mythology, hydra and Cerberus.

Snake Dreams: Behaviors

Shedding Skin:

If you notice a snake shed its skin, it’s an indication of death and resurrection. The process of ecdysis could be translated as the growth of new life, change and transformation happening within your mind. Eliminating the negative elements to allow the positive aspects to emerge.

Snake Eggs:

Most often, serpent eggs are seen in dreams as changes are about to take place. Rebirth and death, change, new beginnings. Connection to the feminine

Turning Into Human:

A snake that transforms into a human could indicate the possibility of transformation or an threat to the underlying cause. Based on the context and what the individual means to you, it could change.

Wrapped Around Body:

The symbol of the healing process or rebirth. If the snake poses an imminent threat, it could be a signification for those who take the lifeblood from your.


The most famous symbol of the ouroboros snake, devouring its tail. These dreams could represent your personal transformation, completeness or even infinity.

Crosses Path:

If a snake is in your path or you aware of its presence, it indicates the dangers lurking in the vicinity. They could be people who pose a threat who may not be an issue for you, but they are a part of your everyday routine.

Colors Of Snake Dreams

Multiple colored or rainbow colored snakes can be seen for a variety of reasons. The colors may be connected to the CHAKRAS CHAKRAS connected to the blockage or opening of these vortexes of energy.

  • Red is a sign of emotion, anger, passion Passion, rage, blood and passion.
  • green – greed, envy financial harmony, renewal, harmony and growth.
  • Yellow – Wisdom, prudence and jealousy.
  • The black – the shadow or the dark aspect of the dreamer undiscovered; awareness of shadow archetypes. dark archetype.
  • White – Pure, innocent transform, light and security.
  • Brown – Connects you with Mother Nature, the earth and female energy.
  • Orange – bright, witty and generous. enthusiastic, eager and brave.
  • Golden – Connects with the self or soul as a symbol of wisdom and understanding.
  • Purple – Strength, imagination and wisdom. It also symbolizes arrogance, dignity, grandeur and the status of royalty.
  • Pink – Stands for love, friendship, harmony and harmony, childhood, feminine and inner tranquility.

Snakes Dreams: Healers

Many Eastern traditions believe that the snake as an indication of awakening or the life force. The energy of the snake is in a coiled form at the base of our spine, in the sacrum waiting to be time to release. The kundalini is depicted as being “coiled” at the base of the spine, as an incarnation of a goddess waiting within the body.

This kind of movement represents the complete union of masculine and feminine in the heart. If this is complete, healing energy may be present throughout your body.

This could mean that you require spiritual direction. It is possible that you are in an area of your life when you have to pay attention to your spirituality since change may be coming soon.

It could be a good idea to be more open in a spiritual way so that you could possibly be healer or something of the sort.

Snake Dreams: Primitive Fear

Research has concluded human beings have developed an instinctual capacity to detect snakes. This fear has guided our development. The fear of snakes was the first thing that provided us with the ability to live and reproduce in the time when reptiles were in charge.

The snake may be a manifestation of unconscious fears that could pose a threat to you. It is likely that you will be shocked to learn that even the ruthless leader Saddam Hussein had a dream about trying to kill the snake when he was kept in prison.

  • Rejection
  • Change
  • Control issues
  • Anxiety
  • Failure
  • Uncertainty

Snakes In The Bible

We’ve all heard the tale of Adam as well as Eve and the enticement of the serpent that forced them to rebel against God and his doctrines. In chapter 2, the serpent is able in chapter 2 to persuade Eve that God didn’t really mean the words he spoke to Adam about eating only from the same tree. after a careful examination of the tree, Eve is tempted to try the fruit.

She is awed by the taste and says it’s an “delight to the eyes,” and that it is “to be desired to make one wise”. The snake is used to signal an opportunity to satisfy desires or urges that we may not be able to manage in our everyday lives.

Snakes In Mythology

Ancient Egypt

The snake symbol is to as early to 3000 B.C. in the early Egyptian hieroglyphs. In the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Hindus, Christians and ancient Greeks recognized the significance of this serpent’s mysterious nature – it appears in your dreams due to reasons that are specific to.

Greek Culture

The symbol that referred to medicine was two snakes hanging from a rod which originated from the an ancient Greece. Caduceus is an elongated staff that has the two serpents wrapped about it that are associated to The Greek god Hermes who was the messenger of gods, the conductor of the dead, and protector of thieves and merchants. The symbol could be used as to heal depending on the situation in the dreams.

The Ouroboros (snake devouring its tail)

The ancient symbol of a serpent eating his tail indicates the possibility of a total integration of the mind. The fusion of the unconscious and conscious mind. This could be a symbol of the cyclical Nature in the Universe Creation from destruction, and Life out of death.

The ouroboros eats its tail to maintain its existence in a perpetual process of regeneration. Alchemy is the symbol of the spirit of Mercury and the ability to penetrate all matter into its existence. It is transformation and rebirth.

Native American

It is believed that the Native Americans refer to this special symbol as having an masculine significance. It is believed to be connected with the lightning phallus, that is believed to be a healing staff with a powerful forceful power.


For the early Celtics these symbols were considered as a source of wisdom, and cunning but they could also transform the dreams of the dreamer. If you are familiar with the tale of Patrick who was who was the saint patron of Ireland. He was credited with removing all snakes from Ireland and, to this day there is not one snake is found in Ireland.


Nagas, or snakes, enjoy an enviable importance within Hindu mythology. The Snake symbol represents the rebirth, death and immortality because of the cast of the skin as well as its symbolism of “reborn”.

Carl Jung Snake Dreams

Carl Jung was also intrigued by the symbol and experienced an extremely bizarre experience that inspired him to study further. A young , 28-year-old customer of his revealed to Jung she was carrying an animal in her stomach. She then said she felt that snake the moment was asleep, lying there.

A few days later, it began to become active and began to move slowly upwards, eventually coming from her mouth, where she noticed the head was golden. He connected the snake with the unconscious collective which was linked with the Kundalini.

This image depicting a snake’s abdominal cavity, Jung says, “is well known in India.” Even though this woman “had nothing to do with India” and this image “is entirely unknown to us,” Jung says “we have it too, for we are all similarly human.”

The snake is the symbol for the wisdom of Nature because the too straight route isn’t the most effective way to go; the more crooked route, also known as the detour, is the more efficient route.

– Carl Jung

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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