Why Do You Suddenly Have Vivid Dreams?

In the last year, there’s been something odd happening on Google’s search engine’s keywords.

People are experiencing an increased number of bizarre vivid dreams, which are leaving people confused and wondering how they can stop these nightmares.

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Scientists have been studying dreams for a long time but something else you don’t know about may be the cause in vivid dreaming. If you’re someone who experiences vivid dreams each night and would like to end them at all costs, then you’re in the right spot.

What is the cause of vivid dreams?

Although most dreams aren’t noticed (we can lose as much as 90% of our dream recall in just a minute after awakening) vivid dreams are often closely linked to the REM phase of sleep during which your dreams are vivid and easily remembered.

Although scientists aren’t sure what drives us to dream at all, they believe it could be connected to memory. The brain may benefit from dreams by helping eliminate negative clutter, kind similar to a computer that has deleted files it no longer need for. This could be the reason why people feel refreshed after a night of sleep, even though they may not remember having dreamed.

However, one question remains the reason suddenly vivid dream can appear from the blue. Researchers aren’t sure, however it could be connected to certain events in the lives of people.

Then suddenly having vivid dreams about of themes

In contrast to the typical routine dreams, vivid and sudden themes tend to be more intense, like you were watching an HD film with 3D glasses. Strangely enough, there are some vivid dreams that replay repeatedly.

  • or chase or getting away
  • teeth falling or breaking dreams
  • floating or floating
  • Experiences outside the body

  • insomnia as well as ghost figures within the space
  • tornadoes or natural disasters
  • Strange symbols in your home
  • within the buildings or apartments
  • death or dying

What is it that you’re dreaming about at once?

The reason you’re having so many dreams suddenly has many explanation. The sudden intense dreams could be due to a few of the factors that are listed below.

#1. An increase in stress or anxiety

Stress and anxiety for long durations may suffer negative health effects. However, these negative emotions appear to be rearing their unpleasant head within our sleep. Stress and anxiety that is not controlled is among the main reasons for an increase in vivid dreams.

People suffering from the post-traumatic disorder ( PTSD) are more likely to experience the onset of frequent intense dreams than other people.

#2. Psychological effects of covid 19

The coronavirus pandemic swiftly spreads throughout the globe and is causing significant amount of fear and anxiety. According to the APA, there are the changes to personality, such as depression, fatigue and withdrawal, as well as irritability, anxiety or frustration. In addition, it can alter a person’s sleep patterns and dreams, as well as vivid ones and a rise in nightmares.

The vivid dreams that occur during quarantine may be due to the possible being in your home for prolonged periods of time, causing our dreams to be distorted by the reality. The stress of the pandemic could cause an increase in vivid dreams that occur suddenly.

The article: What happens when covid 19 is in our nighttime

#3. Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are characterized by issues with the quality, duration and quantity of sleep which can cause depression and anxiety during the daytime. A sudden rise in vivid dreams could be due to sleep apnea, insomnia or narcolepsy, as well as restless legs syndrome.

#4. Medications

The use of medications can cause vivid dreams each night. Antidepressants, beta blockers and blood pressure medication and Parkinson’s disease medications and medications to quit smoking.

  1. Blood pressure medication – beta blockers.
  2. Antidepressants – SSRIs.
  3. The sleep aids as well as allergy medication such as antihistamines.
  4. Steroids: Prednisone and methylprednisolone.
  5. Alzheimer’s disease medication – donepezil and Rivastigmine.

#5. Vivid Dreams & Pregnancy

It’s not unusual to have vivid dreams when pregnant. In fact, certain of the more bizarre topics are often seen in certain trimesters. It could be due to the change in hormones that are recognized to alter the patterns of sleep in pregnancy. The hormones do not only cause an unpredictable cycle of lows and highs, however, some researchers have also suggested that the rise in vivid vivid, precise dreams could be due to higher amounts of progesterone 9 that are forming in the later stage of pregnancy.

Article: Unusual Dreams during pregnancy

#6. Spiritual Meaning Of Vivid Dreams

Many report having vivid and intense dream that leaves to them feeling content and in good mood. If you’re among the fortunate few who continue to dream of vivid dreams, it could indicate that there is something positive coming up in the coming months.

Most, if none of the vivid dream experiences revolve on a dark and frightening theme which could be a reference to subconscious memories or events from the past which need to be worked out with the person. It can be different when you are struck by a string of vivid, positive dreams that suggest an underlying shift or significant shift within your own life. The way the dream unfolds , and the symbols contained in they will help you pinpoint the place where this rebirth takes place.

Bonus: How To Stop Vivid Dreams

If you’re wondering how to end your vivid dreams, you might be interested in examining your diet. Food choices can affect your dreams. Indeed, certain foods like cheese, or eating before bed are known to cause vivid dreams..

Maintaining an appropriate weight and getting the proper amount of sleep and maintaining a consistent schedule is only half the fight. It is also important to reduce stress to a manageable level. Through practicing Qigong and yoga and mindfulness, you can reduce stress to the low level.

Article last updated on October 7, 2022

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