The Human Shadow

Shadows are a mental concept that encompasses all the unwelcome, unrecognized or undesirable traits we don’t recognize in ourselves.

In the words of Carl Jung, theory, the shadow is ” the dark side” of your personality , which is often hidden behind your disguise (persona) to shield the self-image. The image or illusion that is projected to the public becomes the spotlight for an actor who is selling themselves to the public.

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Behind the curtain are undesirable and unattractive traits that are a result of suppressed ideas and weaknesses, urges, weaknesses, and instincts. In the utter terror of revealing these negative traits, the person cannot only convince other people and themself that they’re a good person in society.

Jung recognized that if the shadow was suppressed, it could transform in our dreams into diverse shapes. The subject matter is usually intense and revolves around reptiles with cold blood or monsters or aggressive animal such as a devil, dragon or any other wild, dark, or exotic character.

The process of examining your shadow can result in more authenticity, creativity, equilibrium, harmony within, and personal growth. Shadow work offers us an opportunity to develop a greater feeling of power in a constantly changing and often limited world.

Carl Jung Shadow Work

If the pendulum only pulls toward those “good” sides of their lives – the ones that is filled with love, light, joy and happiness life becomes chaotic and apathetic. If you look hidden behind the curtain of one’s personal life, you can be able to see laziness, anger, anxiety, fears, and insecurities as well as co-dependency.

The practice of shadow work refers to the process of separating the unconscious and recognizing its limiting beliefs to bring them into the conscious fields of awareness. A path that is not explored or explored is a way to bury the shadow in the dark corners of our mind, and is often used to project its weaknesses and weaknesses onto others. In psychology, projection, it is an effective defense mechanism that project our hidden negative traits onto other people.

Turn The Lights On Please

As the years pass by, humans are becoming more civilized as compared to our forefathers. The shadow is still full of sexual rage and aggression that are a result of our evolutionary process. The urges to be sexually active are suppressed in order to conform to our social standards.

Of course, how we were brought up can shape our shadow of our personality in various ways. Personal traits or desires that cause anxiety from your parents instantly can become an issue.

In a state of darkness, unable to see the dark aspects of your personality, that make you a victim of your self-imposed mind. The way Carl Jung would describe this as is being controlled by your shadow, an enraged claw that drags you into a never-ending darkness.

To bring light into the darkness, one has to bring these feelings of rejection into the light. Accept these feelings with compassion and love regardless of how uneasy you are.

Human Shadow Examples

  • Either way,
  • Sexual deviance,
  • Limiting beliefs,
  • Rage, hatred and anger,
  • Homophobia or racism,
  • Violent tendencies,
  • Behaviors that are neurotic.

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